Energy Solutions is an innovative technological solutions provider on an European scale used to upgrade existing and newly planned industrial and energy installations.

Individual approach, taking into account the specific nature of the object and user feedback, allows us to customize projects to meet the needs and requirements of the investor.The high quality of work organization and a team of qualified engineers, using the best available technological design, is a guarantee of performance, documentation at the highest level in accordance with applicable regulations and technical expertise.

Technologies used by us during the planning and realization of the investment is a set of dedicated solutions and also a range of information about the complex dimension offer from Energy Solutions company.

Electric power engineering
and I&C

Energy Solutions activity includes very wide range of services for electrical and power market. The company's projects are based on proven solutions, while leveraging the latest technical solutions for apparatus and appliances.

Continuous expansion of the scope of activities by the company and the use of innovative technical solutions allows to adapt the projects and need for investors to dynamically developing electric and power market. Comprehensive implemented projects, supplies and commissioning, guarantee the professional execution of all tasks.

We carry out tasks related to:

design, reconstruction, modernization of power supply systems (direct, semi-indirect);

design, construction and commissioning of transformer stations;

construction of power lines for renewable energy sources (wind farms, biogas plants);

modernization, repair, adaptation, expansion and installation of electrical installations;

modernization of MV switchgears;

reconstruction, expansion, replacement of LV switchgear;

emergency power supply systems in buildings;

preparation, implementation and supervision of investment in electric power sector, full service of electrical and power devices installation, including UPS and power generators;design, prefabrication and installation of LV switchgear;

design, prefabrication and installation of MV switchgear;

design, implementation and inspection of emergency lighting installations;

implementation and inspection of lightning protection;

design and technical advice;

implementation structural networks;

design and implementation of control systems and intelligent buildings control (BMS).

Energy Solutions has a wide range of services provided in many sectors of the economy.

The company has been working in public and commercial buildings, residential and large industrial plants.


Rational use of energy from renewable sources is one of the most important elements of sustainable development, bringing tangible, ecological and energy effects. The increase share of renewable energy sources in the energy balance of the enterprise, helps to improve efficiency and saving energy resources, improve the environment by reducing emissions and reducing the amount of waste produced.

Energy Solutions offer in the field of renewable energy is dedicated in particular to:

agricultural biogas plants,

wind power plants,

heat plants and power stations powered by biogas from municipal waste dump and from waste water treatment plant.


Control systems are used to automate production processes, and specifically to increase speed, improve the quality and efficiency of the manufacturing process. The basic components of a complete control system are: industrial controller responsible for the implementation of the control algorithm, the system SCADA responsible for visualization of work and parameters adjustments and input-output system which collection signals from object.

Energy Solutions develops projects based on the most efficient control systems designed for medium and large industrial applications, operating in the energy, food, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industry.

The offer of the control range includes:

selection of the controller;

control algorithms;

implementation of algorithms;

visualization creating

Used PLC controllers:




Schneider Electric,

Mitsubishi Electric.


Energy Solutions offers implementation of investments in design, supply, construction and service of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. All of this is based on the latest proven transport and cooling air technologies, for purposes of living and technology.

Installation of supply and exhaust mechanical ventilation provide adequate air exchange in buildings and rooms. Their operation is based on the air handling units or ventilators in different forms, distributing fresh air by ventilation ducts for rooms and draining of them contaminated air. Circulation plays an important role in the proper operation of buildings. It prevents moisture, mold in rooms and has a beneficial effect on the well-being of people.

Air-conditioning is a comfort for people staying in rooms – it allows to adjust the ambient temperature (especially in summer), which it has a positive effect on mood and work performance, and also provides the right conditions for industrial and energy equipment. Air-conditioning systems are based on chilled water systems and freon systems with variable (VRF) and constant flow of refrigerant (Split and Multisplit). The chill is produced in outdoor units and distributed to the indoor unit with using a special piping. Suitable system is selected depending on the size and use of facilities.

CHP and trigeneration

Energy Solutions develops projects in the field of design, supply, construction and maintenance of CHP and trigeneration installation, used for energy combined production fuel like: natural gas, biogas and various post-process gases.

CHP installations are system power solutions for electric and heat energy, through high - efficient combined production.

Trigeneration systems are used for the combined production of electricity, heat and cooling. They consist of two basic circuits of devices that are the heart of the whole system: the module of cogeneration (CHP) and absorption chiller.

These solutions are particularly recommended for municipalities, industry, public buildings, hotels and similar establishments, where there is total demand for electricity, heat, and in the case of trigeneration – to cold.

Water and steam
boiler house

Energy Solutions provides comprehensive work on the design, supply, construction and maintenance of steam and water boiler house used for the production of steam or heating water: natural gas, biogas or alternative fuels like oil, propane, etc. in various configurations.

The proposed solutions are based on devices from renowned manufacturers and the latest technologies. Boiler houses are carried out comprehensively with the installations and auxiliary devices like heat substations, pumping systems, tanks, heat exchangers, boiler water treatment plants.

Water boiler houses are used for heating purposes in industrial plants, biogas plants, production halls and warehouses, office buildings and residential services.

Steam boiler houses are widely used, among others, in the food industry (for example in the process of food production, pasteurization of dairy products, in meat plants), in the paper industry, for epoxy resins preheating, in fermentation processes in distilleries and brewing, during production of polystyrene, while production of concrete products (for example prestressed concrete) and in hospitals (kitchen, laundry).

Mechanization of processes

A result of dynamic development of the company and the desire to offer for customers a comprehensive service throughout implemented installation and technology work, Energy Solutions has extended the range of services for construction of structures and works related to the installation, modernization and relocation of machines and production lines.

The range of services offered by the company includes:

implementation of general construction works like:

execution of complete constructions i.e. halls, sheds, containers, prefabrication and installation of steel trestle bridges and supporting structures, assembly and welding of pipelines, assembly of mechanical installations, assembly of pumps, tanks, apparatus,

relocation of production lines and equipment like:moving machines inside and outside of company, dismantling devices, preparation for transport and the transport, unloading, connection and commissioning of the equipment, installation, modernization of machinery and production lines,

supply and installation of industrial fittings and drives;

supply and installation of pneumatics and power hydraulics.

Energy Solutions has a specialized team of assemblers and welders who constantly cooperate with engineering and technical staff with extensive professional experience. All work is carried out with the use of equipment that allows you to carry out tasks even in hard-to-reach places