Realization of investment in the EPC formula

Energy Solutions is an experienced and responsible business partner offering complex execution of investment projects in the „design and build”. Each project ensures the highest standards of service in the conceptual and the executive dimension.With our experience, proven know – how and advanced technical capabilities, the company undertakes even the most difficult projects. Knowledge and competencies of our staff guarantees the success in the realization of customer investments

Sample implementation

Turnkey construction of water boiler plant with a capacity of 9.5 MW, natural gas-fired, with connections technology and building on the site for heavy industry steel processing.

Implementer in EPC formula

Energy Solutions develops projects as a contractor in the EPC formula. This formula responds to the need for comprehensive customer service, especially for large investment projects. In this way, the company becomes a partner in the investment. Within the project Energy Solutions offers preparation of project documentation for any industry.

From the beginning of the investment the company has full control over the successive stages of the work. We agree to project, perform and commission individual objects and installations. Only that comprehensive approach to the task is able to guarantee the precise execution of the investment at the highest level and conforms to the expectations of the investor.

Each turnkey contract conducted by Energy Solutions has been adapted to the individual requirements of the investor.

The company meets the demand for complex projects, especially with regard to solutions ensuring the investor required scale savings during operational objects. Carrying out those investments with appropriate and thoughtful manner provides significant and measurable gains resulting from the reduction of energy consumption.

Supervision of construction and administration of the comprehensive service investment.

In the framework of investment services Energy Solutions provides the appropriate course and the overall coordination of work in many areas of investment at the same time. It offers the investor comfort in the form of professionally organized construction process and substantive support.

Cooperation with the investor continues until the completion of the investment and the transfer of the facility to use.

Offer of the service

Energy Solutions provides specialized services, especially in the power installations industry.

Carries out inspections, repairs and electrical measurements at the request of individual clients. The service staff represents qualified employees with all the necessary permissions of energy and appropriate experience.

In our offer of service, we include:

Electrical installations:

removal of electrical installation failure;

repair and replacement of damaged appliances;

fault location in system;

review of the installation, electrical appliances and I & C;

control measurements;

service, operation and maintenance of transformer stations;

analysis of electricity quality;

selection of capacitor banks;

measurements of thermal imaging;

measurements of electrical installations performed in accordance with applicable standards;

performance of post-assembly tests and trials of switchgears and installations in accordance with standard PN-E-04700;

Ventilation, Air Conditioning:

periodic inspections systems and equipment – warranty and post-warranty;

current maintenance and repair of installations and equipment;

control of automation systems work, control – measurement devices and the correct operations of security systems in devices and installations;

Technological lines:

comprehensive functionality control of technological lines in terms of: electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, ideological, control;

carrying out archiving and backup software drivers and HMI panels;

perform a full diagnostics of PLC controllers and I&C actuators.

Technological support:

power generators, CHP;

assessment of the technical condition of used power generators and CHP;

services in the field of maintenance and operating consulting in this: preparing reports of periodic and additional inspections and development of maintenance recommendations;

perform of periodic, warranty and post-warranty maintenance intervals of power generators (diesel, gas);

the company offers permanent technical supervision of power generators and CHP units for the repair of current failure, remove defects and replacing consumables;

carrying out the modernization of the emergency power supply system’s consisting of equipment in the automatic start-up of power generators and equipped switching station in systems of Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS).

With a range of boiler house offer includes:

periodic inspections of industrial boiler house – warranty and post-warranty (steam and water boiler, technological installations);

current maintenance and repair of boiler and technological installations;

Control of automation systems work, control – measurement devices and the correct operations of security systems in boiler devices and installations.