Projects and engineering solutions

Energy Solutions also offers professional and individual project documentation. Starting from concept through construction projects and regulations to full completion post-completions documentation needed to carry out the investment. We provide individual selection of the highest quality equipment and solutions in the energy and electric power for particular areas of investment for our customer’s success.

Sample implementation

Implementation of the project executive steam boiler technology 8t / h, 10 bar, along with a system of cogeneration and heat recovery.

Development of technological, building and implementing projects

We perform project documentation from concept through construction and implementing projects to completion of post-completion documentation in all sectors necessary for the full implementation of investments related to the performance of new and modernization of existing facilities and installations.

Documentation is prepared individually for each investment theme, taking into account demands and requirements of the object, budget and additional customer request. For project’s prepared by us we also provide services related to obtaining a building permit, environmental decisions and eventually other administrative decisions necessary for the realization of the investment.

In addition, we offer individual selection of the highest quality of energy and power equipment and solutions for the individual investment themes. The selection is realized in the framework of exercise documents and concepts and, on request, in consultation with the client.

In our projects, the main emphasis is placed on the use of modern construction and installation technology, enhancing energy saving in new or upgraded facilities.

Scope of services:

basic projects, concepts;

multi-sector construction projects (with obtaining a building permit inclusive);

executive projects (concerning: architecture, construction of building, technological, electrical, I & C, installation);

arrangements of fire protection, Occupational Health and Safety, environmental;

post-completion documentation;

Selection of solutions and appliances

Energy Solutions has experience supported by the realization of complex investment and by knowledge of how important it is to have the right choice of solutions at the stage of planning and design. At a later stage, this allows for quick and precise selection of appropriate equipment and materials.

This is the basis for the proper operation of the facility, conditioning the reimbursement of expenditure on investment and elimination the risk of unplanned modernization.