Optimization solutions

Energy Solutions is a reliable partner for customers also in the area of optimization of energy processes.

The company carries out activities for the promotion and development of energy management systems and audits for systems.The fact is that most of the power consumed for energy production is still not processed. It is therefore important to secure the needs of the investor in conjunction with a reduction in production costs. It is now a key challenge for all sectors of the economy.

When planning investments in specific areas based on a proper analysis and monitoring can be adjusted energy input and its consumption and design energy recovery in industrial processes. In this way, we limit the costs of power.

Optimization in the field of thermal energy enterprises

In offer Energy Solutios is also a service in the implementation of the concept, design and realize of investments related to the modernization of heat infrastructure company ( heating, coolin and ventilation installations), public buildings (hospitals, office buildings) and manufacturing plants (production halls, factories, mines).

The company takes measures which improve energy efficiency and energy saving, through the implementation of modern, high performance, and sometimes even very innovative solutions.

Projects completed

District Hospital in Mielec

The development plan for the modernization of heat and electricity infrastructure in District Hospital in Mielec in terms of reduction of the current costs of energy production.

Stalprodukt S.A. in Bochnia

Turnkey construction of water boiler plant with a capacity of 9.5 MW, natural gas-fired, with connections technology and building on the site for heavy industry steel processing.

Strunbet in Bogumiłowice

Preparing concept, documentation, design and installation work for the construction of heating and humidification tunnels for steam production in a hall made of pre-stressed concrete in Strunbet in Bogumiłowice.

Optimization of energy consumption of electric power receivers

The aim of optimize the energy networks is mainly a reduction of electricity consumption, which the direct result are financial and environmental benefits. However this process is complicated, requires a professional approach and appropriate measurement tools. In this respect Energy Solutions offering its customers proven solutions and provides a fully comprehensive service.

Optimization of energy networks consists of several stages:

1. Preliminary assessment – determine the current state of energy networks;

2. Technical and energy analysis – to measure the current parameters and survey the real energy needs

3. Energy audit – It presents specific solutions to reduce electricity consumption or improve the functioning of the network, for example by creating a new load distribution and a proposal for a new network nodes.

After completing these tasks begins the process of implementation of energy-saving solutions.

The benefits of optimization of energy networks

Optimization of energy networks carries many benefits, which include mainly:

1. Reducing the cost of electricity consumption

2. Reduce the risk of production downtime or failures

3. Reducing of CO2 emissions

Projects completed

Gamawind Sp. z o.o.

Installation of the power facility, CHP units and the production and recovery of thermal energy for newly built power plant in the framework of the project ” Integrated Distillery-Biogas power plant.”

District Hospital in Mielec

The development plan for the modernization of heat and electricity infrastructure in District Hospital in Mielec in terms of reduction of the current costs of energy production.

Wieliczka Salt Mine SA

Reconstruction of air conditioning system (cooling, heating, dehumidification) in Daniłowicz tourist shaft, including modernization of the electric power station and control/SCADA system.

Optimization of processes through control systems in order to improve operating efficiency and reduce costs

Equipping installations in the new control systems obtain stable, more reliable and more user-friendly, during programming, algorithms process. New tools and systems greatly reduce the technological cycles, allowing increase of production capacity. Overall, we get more and faster.

Although at first glance buying new control systems may seem expensive and unprofitable, in fact, this investment will allow for the return of the money invested. It also enables the future development of the system (production line), introducing further, innovative solutions that currently, at dizzying pace, become standards. Competences of Energy Solutions staff allow present for investors comprehensive solutions in this area.

The main benefits of the introduction of new control systems:

1. Increase reliability of the system.

2. Increasing control of production.

3. Increasing the production efficiency.

4. Reducing of energy costs.

Projects completed

Elektromontaż Rzeszów S.A.

Preparation of project documentation and installation work for the transport system to receive poles with roller conveyor for Elektromontaż Rzeszów SA

Elektromontaż Rzeszów S.A.-Building unit in Mielec

Modernization of the control and visualization system of longitudinal milling machines IMA on during the post forming for Kronospan Mielec Sp. o.o.

Izo-blok in Chorzów

Implementation of technology and electric industry projects of steam boiler house 8,3 t / h, 10 bar and 400 kW cogeneration unit in Chorzów.