Merchant Marine and made several sea voyages, delivering supplies as part of the war effort. The matter of whether or not he was an actual member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) has long been debated, with the consensus being he was simply not party material. In Los Angeles he performed, got noticed, and landed a job singing on a local radio station. Many recordings of Woody Guthrie are still available (today on the popular streaming services) and his archives are housed at the Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Just before her high wire performance at the 2016 Super Bowl, Lady Gaga sang the opening lines of Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America,” before segueing into Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land.” That Guthrie’s song was written in angry response to Berlin, and that its incorporation into such a corporate spectacle likely would have caused Woody no small amount of distress, appears to have been something Gaga was unaware of. His obituary in the New York Times noted that he had written as many as 1,000 songs. Deep-throated Odetta delivers the definitive version of "Pastures of Plenty," and Guthrie is spotlighted solo and with pals Sonny Terry and Houston.

Guthrie became friends with the actor Will Geer, who was very active in radical political circles. In other words, admitting he was in the Party, after claiming otherwise, could make him vulnerable to criminal charges. Following his time in the Pacific Northwest he returned to New York City.

In response to it, he wrote a song which declared, in simple yet poetic terms, that America belonged to its people.

Guthrie began to play the guitar. He felt great empathy for the farmers whose lives were upended by the severe weather conditions, and began to write the songs that would comprise a body of work about those affected by the Dust Bowl. He recorded a collection of songs he had written about the Dust Bowl and the "Okies" of the Great Depression who had left the devastated farmlands of the Midwest for a grueling trip to California. He had been inspired by a newspaper article that didn't provide the names of the victims.

The list of artists joined Woody's own friends and peers with the next generation of songwriters and musicians just coming into their own. Woodrow Wilson "Woody" Guthrie (July 14, 1912–October 3, 1967) was an American songwriter and folk musician. On a general level this is correct, but not wholly so. Near the end of the war he was drafted and spent a year in the U.S. Army. There he met Ed Robbin, a writer for Peoples World, the party’s West Coast newspaper.

Interviewer: You were both members of the Communist Party then?

Woody Guthrie.

That is why Pete Seeger and Bruce Springsteen could safely perform it at Barack Obama’s first inaugural celebration. Guthrie slowly lost his ability to control his muscles, and had to be hospitalized. She probably said, I’ll see Woody acts responsibly.’ And so Woody was briefly in the Communist Party. And countless other young people, hearing Guthrie's old records, were energized and inspired. When Guthrie finally reached New York he sat down and wrote, “God Blessed America for Me,” which would become “This Land is Your Land” — with its melody taken from the Carter Family’s “When the World’s on Fire.” Guthrie’s song, rather than extoling God’s special relationship with the United States, asked how it could be that He blessed a country where people were standing in the relief lines, hungry and out of work. Woody Guthrie Song list. American folk singer Woody Guthrie performs on a stoop for an audience of predominantly children, New York, New York, 1943. As the disease attacks brain cells, the effects are profound. She was suffering from undiagnosed Huntington’s chorea, the same disease that would, decades later, afflict Woody.

After finishing high school, Guthrie took off to travel about the South, essentially choosing to live as a hobo. In a span of a few months in New York, Guthrie met new friends including Pete Seeger, Leadbelly, and Cisco Houston. He wasn’t the kind of guy you’d give a Party assignment to. He was a valued fellow traveler.” Seeger, however, continues: On the other hand, Sis Cunningham, who was a much more disciplined person than either me or Woody, was in a Greenwich Village Branch of the Party.

As Guthrie put it in his lyrics, "The newspaper said they were just deportees."

Guthrie and his family headed to New York. Gordon: I’m not sure I was actually a member. Woody Guthrie museum was wonderful and it also had a terrific John lee Hooker exhibition.

All of which is testimony to the long reach of the Second Red Scare. The song has been mired in ambiguity for decades. When Guthrie was 7 years old his mother’s mental condition began to deteriorate. What is notable about this story is that it is one that had been told elsewhere, by music critic Robert Shelton in his biography of Bob Dylan. I was driving thru on Route 66. A folk-music delight from beginning to end. His sister perished in a kitchen fire, and following that tragedy, his mother was committed to an asylum. Guthrie's musical legacy consists of hundreds of songs, ballads and improvised works covering topics from political themes to traditional songs to children's songs.

Such confusion is not especially unique.

The resulting album (folios of 78-rpm discs) titled "Dust Bowl Ballads" was released in the summer of 1940 and was notable enough to receive a very positive review in the New York Times on August 4, 1940. However, given the politics of its author, and in the interests of showing a little respect for the dead, it would seem a modest request — all due respect to Lady Gaga — to ask that the song not again be sung as part of a medley with “God Bless America.”.

But his life took a dark turn when he began to be afflicted with the onset of Huntington's chorea, the hereditary disease which had killed his mother.

In 1937 Guthrie was restless to get out of Texas, and managed to hitch rides to California.

I thought I was. c. 1940, New York, New York City, Almanac Singers, L-R: Woody Gurthrie, Millard Lampell, Bess Lomax Hawes, Pete Seeger, Arthur Stern, Sis Cunningham. In a new car he'd been able to purchase, he drove his family back to Los Angeles, where he discovered work was scarce.

The odd assignment prompted him to write songs packed with his trademark wordplay, humor, and empathy for working people.

Woody Guthrie, Soundtrack: Drop Dead Gorgeous. In the spring of 1940, while based in New York, Guthrie traveled to the Victor Records studio in Camden, New Jersey. Many lyrics he never got around to setting to music, including "Deportees," a song about migrant workers killed in a plane crash in California while being deported to Mexico.

Author Update (10/9/2020): After this article published Ronald Radosh helpfully reminded me that he too discussed Guthrie’s membership with Gordon Friesen, this in 1970. The Pandemic Is Dragging On.

Woody Guthrie hit the road as a teenager, and hardly ever settled down, anywhere, thereafter. Guthrie's words were later put to music by others, and the song has been performed by Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, and many others.

Some have endured, including "Grand Coulee Dam," "Pastures of Plenty," and "Roll On, Columbia," his ode to the mighty Columbia River. He enlisted Guthrie to sing some of his songs at rallies, and Guthrie became associated with communist sympathizers. He eventually returned to Pampa, and at the age of 21 he married a friend’s 16-year-old sister, Mary Jennings. Arlo Guthrie was born in Coney Island, NY, in 1947, the oldest son from Woody's marriage to Martha Graham dancer Marjorie Mazia.

Notably the lines usually excluded, talk about encountering a sign reading, “No Trespassing,” while the other side of the sign, “didn’t say nothing.” — that being the sign that was “made for you and me.”. Alternately still, and not without basis, it can be heard as a proclamation of American chauvinism — in fact the song has been criticized as justification of manifest destiny and even the theft of native lands because of its lines extolling the US landscape achieved through no small amount of blood and conquest. All of which explains the orientation of the song. That separation would mark the end of Guthrie's first marriage.

More moderately it can be heard  as a liberal-secular hymn, in which all people ought to share in the country’s bounty. 1913 Massacre (1949) Deportees (1948) Do Re Mi (1937) Grand Coulee Dam (1941) Jesus Christ (1961) Lindbergh (1944) Ludlow Massacre (1949) Old Judge Thayer (1945) Pastures of Plenty … Inspired by Guthrie, Dylan began writing his own songs. He was's first-ever history editor and has bylines in New York, the Chicago Tribune, and other national outlets. Robert J. McNamara is a history expert and former magazine journalist. The Bureau tracked Woody Guthrie for over three decades, compiling files adding up to 593 pages.

He kept singing and playing guitar wherever he went, picking up various songs and beginning to write some of his own. The Folk Singers and the Bureau: The FBI, the Folk Artists and the Suppression of the Communist Party USA, 1939-1956, An Election Law Expert On What He Sees In Trump’s Lawsuits, Classic Sesame Street - Ronald Grump Builds The Grump Tower, Watch This 1897 Snowball Fight for a Jolt of Pure Joy, New Senator Tuberville Seems to Lack Basic Knowledge of World War II, What Black History Should Already Have Taught Us About the Fragility of American Democracy, In Memoriam: Jenny Tone-Pah-Hote (1980–2020).

In a paper published in 2015 Radosh wrote.

The song collection also contained "Tom Joad," Guthrie's rewrite of the story of John Steinbeck's classic Dust Bowl novel, The Grapes of Wrath. A two-record set released on one CD, this collection of great Woody Guthrie songs performed by some of Guthrie's apostles, as well as by Guthrie himself, serves as a nice overview of his music. Based in New York as the city began to mobilize for war following the Pearl Harbor attack, Guthrie began writing songs supporting the American war effort and denouncing fascism. After more than a decade of hospitalization, Woody Guthrie died on October 3, 1967, at the age of 55. An eccentric character often viewed as something of a hobo poet, Guthrie created a template for songwriters which, carried along by admirers including Bob Dylan, helped infuse popular songs with poetic and often political messages.

With the mix of performers, it's like a hootenanny featuring some of the top American folk music artists who had fallen under Guthrie's spell. Despite his success, Guthrie was restless in New York City.


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