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One of the worst performances of my…, Watchlist of movies that only you and your best friends might appreciate. Stealing Harvard was dumped straight to video in almost every overseas market and grossed a mere $240,626 across a few countries. Directed by Bruce McCulloch. The amount of v.o. Your email address will not be published. About author. Stealing Harvard is a 2002 American criminal comedy film directed by Bruce McCulloch and written by Martin Hynes and Peter Tolan, about a man who resorts to crime to pay for his niece's Harvard tuition. It’s got a great cast, fantastic humor and a pretty decent storyline. | September 15, 2002. Like was it funny? I'm sure to say, this time around I won't be forgetting Stealing Harvard. It has a good story to tell that it enjoys telling, leading up to the heist scenes. Plays kind of like the longest and least funny episode of My Name is Earl. It’s about a hardworking middle class guy who’s determined to get his niece to Harvard so she can have a better life than he has. Universal eventually put the project into turnaround and in July 2000, Joe Roth’s Revolution … The story revolves around a young man who, after promising to pay his niece's college tuition, is forced to resort to a series of bumblesome crimes to steal cash when his charge is accepted to Harvard. comedy stars Jason lee and Tom green as wellAs Dennis Farina, Megan mullaly , and Leslie Mann also appearances fromChris penn, Martin Starr, and Richard Jenkins. The laugh in "Stealing Harvard" comes early, when we see the name of the company where the hero works. Universal eventually put the project into turnaround and in July 2000, Joe Roth’s Revolution Studios purchased the rights from Universal for seven figures. Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story is an American TV film directed by Peter Levin.First released on April 7, 2003 in the United States, it received three Primetime Emmy Award nominations, including one for Outstanding Made for Television Movie and one for … Original titles were “Promises, Promises, Promises,” “The Promise,” “Stealing U,” “Uncle,” “Say Uncle” and “Stealing Stanford“. Entrapment v. The Thomas Crown Affair.

Most people love their cars. Stealing Harvard was directed by Bruce McCulloch and written by Peter Tolan from a story by Tolan and Martin Hynes. He was maybe 13.

Shit is crazy y'all Anyway onto the review. Tom Green’s studio days were over after this tanked, which was released a year after his fiasco Freddy Got Fingered. IMDb Mobile site. cursed content only. He promised his niece he’d pay for Harvard, but he never thought anyone from his family would get in. casserole. Bruce McCulloch's "Stealing Harvard" is a comedy with enough hits and enough misses to make the entire experience mediocre. Sony would see returned about $7.7 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which does not cover much of the P&A spend. So I think the movie is fine, but it's very strange to say the least. It’s not very funny either and I think that’s the fault of Bruce McCulloch, the director and a veteran of “The Kids in the Hall” troupe. — the purpose of whom going back & forth between providing exposition and keeping the story flowing, reminding us of what we’re literally watching as though we, somehow, are the morons — naturally combined with the stupefyingly short runtime, says to me that Stealing Harvard, even in its rambunctious stupidity, was no easy task to release. Revolution Studios took a $10 million loss on the film. Scenes go on too long after they’ve made their point like when Lee talks to his stern father(Dennis Farina) who he eventually decides to rob. But the minute they achieve their financial goal, John finds out his niece has been accepted at Harvard, and he's reminded of his promise to pay for her tuition (nearly $30,000). ""I heard casserole!". Report this film. For obvious reasons, the title was changed to Stealing Harvard. John's friend Duff convinces him to turn to petty crime to make the payment … but Duff's hare-brained schemes spin quickly out of control. Film data from TMDb. Free shipping for many products! The following is every movie (No shorts, stand-up specials, or DVD supplemental. Its got charm, its got hilarity, and its got a non crude Tom Green, which is good because he sucks in roles that he is crude in.

Kerry Bennett is interested in media from both a journalist and parent perspective. Some people have formed such intense, emotional bonds with their vehicles that they give them names.


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