There are several scenes in which Bart appears to be both the perpetrator and the victim of the violent crimes that occur at the hotel. Detective Munch's 'SVU' Retirement Was Not the Last Time Fans Saw Actor Richard Belzer, John King Played an Important Role During the 2020 Election Night. It appears at this point that Andrea always knew that Nick was the murderer and had been playing Bart all along. For Bart, the only option left is to exonerate himself by revealing his dark secret. By the time he gets there, the man, Nick, is gone. BGN works to feature strong, unique content from writers who speak to our niche. The movie is a dark crime drama and its stars Tye Sheridan, Ana de Armas, Helen Hunt and John Leguizamo. The film was released on February 21, 2020. Get notified about exclusive offers every week! He has locked his self in the room, But when his mother saw him, she tries to encourage him. No One Saw the 'Reality Z' Ending Coming (SPOILERS! He places hidden cameras in a room at the hotel where he works as a night desk clerk, and uses the live feeds and recordings to overcome his social awkwardness by imitating the speech and mannerisms of the guests. The Night Clerk is a 2020 American crime drama film, written and directed by Michael Cristofer. No, Bart didn’t shoot himself as is clear from the scene at the mall. *Warning: Spoilers for The Night Clerk ahead.*. The film was released on February 21, 2020, by Saban Films. Learn how your comment data is processed. While there is blood on his hands and he is being interviewed by the detective, viewers can believe that he is guilty of something.

Bart also speaks up by going against Andrea, the girl the audience is led to believe he would run away with at the end by leading detectives to the perpetrator. Viewers see Bart interact with outsiders by attempting to make cordial greetings. Bart places cameras in Andrea's room and later shares a kiss with her near the hotel's pool. [2][3][4] In June 2018, Johnathon Schaech joined the cast.[5]. He enters via a side door, and soon afterwards Bart's co-worker Jack hears a gunshot. Bart Bromley (Tye Sheridan) arbeitet als Nachtportier in einem Hotel. He is watchful and has cameras placed where they shouldn’t be, and that in itself is a criminal act. The police arrive at Bart's house and find that Bart is not there, but has left the gun and the camera storage cards along with a note for Espada. On his nightly shift, Bart watches Karen, who has recently checked in.

The movie traces the story of a hotel clerk who becomes the subject of a murder investigation. The final scene in the mall shows that Bart has come a long way from his surveillance days. Unlike other dramatized films with a semi-predictable plot in which a male protagonist wins the heart of his love interest through his heroic work, Cristofer’s The Night Clerk separates itself from this overused narrative. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

One may ask, why is this important? Nick and Andrea are pulled over and arrested. This all happened quickly. On his first shift, he meets Andrea Rivera, who recognizes that he has Asperger's, flirts with him, and checks into a room. [8], Helen Hunt, Ana de Armas & John Leguizamo Join ‘The Night Clerk’ Thriller,, "The Night Clerk Trailer Starring Tye Sheridan and Ana de Armas",, Films with screenplays by Michael Cristofer, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 3 November 2020, at 08:12. After Espada leaves, Bart retrieves a hidden hard drive which contains a copy of the recording from Karen's room. This is where most audiences have been asking, wait, did Bart die? When the man starts to beat Andrea the same way he beat the other woman before shooting her, Bart rushes over to the room to save Andrea. That said, things take a turn when Bart watches a woman being murdered in the room and rushes over with the intention to help her. Bart also happens to have Asperger’s, but that doesn’t stop him from loving his job and the opportunities it affords him to practice everyday conversations with … It is directed by Michael Cristofer. The unknown man Bart saw with Andrea is Karen’s husband Nick, a detective who has been having an affair with Andrea and wants her to kill Bart so he cannot identify Nick to police. Bart returns home and finds police have taken all his computer and camera equipment. Bart only arrives to hear the sound of a gunshot and upon being discovered over the dead body, he becomes the prime suspect in her death. But unlike the famous Hitchcockian motel owner and peeping tom Norman Bates, Bart only watches the footage to study human behavior and improve his own social awkwardness.

While he knows what actually happened and who the real killer is, revealing the truth also means revealing a dark secret about himself that will no doubt place him under greater scrutiny with the police.

On top of that, he also must have realized that Andrea was playing him all along. On June 6, 2020, Netflix released the film on its platform.

The next day, Bart is questioned by Detective Espada and claims he went home after buying ice cream, then returned to the hotel because he forgot his wallet. Ultimately, The Night Clerk is a film that presents itself as one that has a predictable plot but surprises viewers as the film concludes.

Bart is on the spectrum and is still discovering details about himself as the film progresses, and so are the viewers.

Watching evil unfold through the eyes of a young adult on the spectrum intensifies the film by filling the plot with feelings of manipulation, trickery, and deceit. Our site uses cookies. As he begins to re-watch Andrea’s tape, there’s an off-camera gunshot. The Night Clerk was released on February 19, 2020, on the OTT platform Netflix. These tactics contribute to and challenge viewers’ thinking. Andrea begins to cry and goes to sleep in Bart’s bed. BGN works to feature strong, unique content from writers who…. — We Admit We Were Surprised, Tayshia Adams Is Part of a Seriously Unorthodox 'Bachelorette' Season. The effect of escaping from this narrative allows the protagonist to grow and learn something from himself and Andrea. Bart is a young man with Asperger’s who works the night-shift at the Mercer Hotel. While relying on internal senses and worldly observations to scope out hotel guests, Bart finds himself uncovering way more than he bargains for when he becomes a suspect in the crimes he’s spent his shifts observing. What is the ending of the Night Clerk : As we see the boy who is who works in the hotel name Bart His heart was broken when he saw Andrea with nick. As Bart watches the cameras in Andrea's room, he sees Nick argue with her and start to beat her.

In this crime-drama, there are several occurrences in the movie that make it appear as if Bart wins the love and affection of Andrea.


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