“On the Oxidative Nature of the Nerve Impulse.” Science 72 (1930): 583–584.

/ Patterson, Robert P. T1 - Otto Schmitt's contributions to basic and applied biomedical engineering and to the profession.


He was proud of this private little society. Most online reference entries and articles do not have page numbers. The Neurosciences: Fourth Study Program. New England Lutheran Federation. They agreed to form a governing board, the “Associates,” to serve as the guiding council of the new organization. The annual conferences had started three years earlier and were primarily oriented toward x-ray technology and medical physics concerned with ionizing radiation. %PDF-1.5 %����

In Schmitt's later years, he became increasingly focused on social and humanitarian applications of science. From then on things moved rapidly, ensuring a good future for the interdisciplinary field.

Hysteresis here means it provides two different threshold voltage levels for rising and falling edge. Also in Schmitt’s lab during that period Jean Hanson and Hugh Huxley developed their sliding-filament model of muscle fiber contraction, James D. Robertson developed his unit membrane model of the cell membrane, and Betty Geren Uzman, prompted by observations of myelin ultrastructure, proposed the “jelly-roll” model of myelin assembly. Thus he became a leader in the effort to broaden and reformulate the developing field of biophysics.

In fact, Schmitt's most famous invention, the Schmitt trigger, was a direct result of his study of squid nerves. Neuroscientists may examine the nervous systems of humans and higher animals as w…, Gall, Franz Joseph I.

He maintained his commitment to the importance of interdisciplinary and interpersonal interaction in research, even in informal ways. Vol. As a young man, Schmitt's zest for invention often led to somewhat shocking results. hf%��ݕd�MwSƐ����W�)gqfeQ�I3 ��1-C`�(��V䎏�5�kɴ�5| m1;К�ؒʠ��)::�.��,�F׏y��G��ʪv,�Gzf�b�����D�&7Ÿ�g�Ct�=|͋�}Ō��I���t�M����i9����Ɂ�e%�=R���fyt]���/�_������es�� �+Σ�*�w��d�3}˳q1�0%���GHIP�U���D��4�(�r�U�+4. “Electrotonic Processing of Information by Brain Cells.” Science 193 (1976): 114–120. “The Structure of Human Skin Collagen as Studied with the Electron Microscope.” Journal of Experimental Medicine 88 (1948): 555–568.

From an early age German physiologist Jacques Loeb (1859-1924) was interested in the question of whether or not free will e…, Chargaff, Erwin

Otto told David B.Geselowitz that RCA infringed on the patent, but when his attorney approached RCA, he was advised to sue. The invertebrate nervous system was a good place to start, but it was only a start. With Richard S. Bear and John Z. But none was more interesting and productive than the squid and its axon. The National Institutes of Health established a Biophysics Study Section in 1955 with Schmitt as its chairman, thus officially recognizing this field.

As if all these activities were not enough, Schmitt served for more than forty years as a trustee of the Massachusetts General Hospital and of the McLean Hospital (Harvard Medical School’s affiliated mental hospital). . OTTO HERBERT SCHMITT died on January 7, 1998, in Minne-apolis three months shy of his eighty-fifth birthday. As an inventor, Schmitt relied on a process he called "nonreplicative redundant thinking" to guide his work. He was an excellent and inspiring teacher who took a real interest in his students—as he always had in everyone with whom he worked.


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