But that does not mean our future is dead! We see sin as something that os outside of us, not who we are. I’ve been here for weeks. This message took on new meaning for me theologically and personally in the wake of an interfaith clergy trip to Israel. you were bought at a price. How many here today know what S&H Green Stamps are? In fact our Sin nature means we can’t succeed, but God already knows that! And yet, we killed the Son of God through the sin that is part of who we are. Saying thank you was policy. And, Jesus’ teachings recognize this reality.

God has something better in mind; and is determined that we will achieve all that was intended for us from the very beginning. If you were poor and had no land, you basically sold yourself. All are just as loved by God as we are; and all anyone needs is a revelation of this Love; a love which heals us from all of our iniquities. Redemption brought you out of bondage. It is this part that God treasures, the part that is “Very Good.”. Slavery was more like indentured servitude. We design our summer messages as a series, yet ensure that each sermon can stand alone, given the vacation habits of New Englanders. Ten years ago, and I spent 4 weeks in the hospital, and I can be an unpleasant patient; I remember receiving daily visits from the chaplain, and he would ask the same question every time: “How are you doing?” It annoyed me. A relative was obligated to redeem their land. As the worship team comes forth, let’s prepare our hearts and minds to sing the song “Redeemed.”. But it’s even more complicated than that.

Only God is in control of our future; just as he was in control of Jesus’ future. In other words, our flaws and our failures are not counted in God’s judgment of us.

(I don’t care.) To me, “Charging Bull” says that those who already have power will not tolerate being challenged. Thank God as someone whose life has been saved. I believe there is a third category: I think people can struggle with guilt that really doesn’t exist. …our flaws and our failures are not counted in God’s judgment of us. Guilt keeps us from relationship with God and people. He did not come to anoint those in power, nor those who aspire to power. Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ. But, Fearless Girl is standing there, confronting that future. Pastors make hospital visits, and you get better with experience.

Yes, we are, ultimately, Very Good: beloved children of God. Sickness, sin, evil was not God’s plan for creation. The sort of future a Charging Bull envisions for itself, on its own terms.

Christ has redeemed us.

He purchases us from death. “ ‘If one of your fellow Israelites becomes poor and sells some of their property, their nearest relative is to come and redeem what they have sold. Biblically speaking, death was not in God’s original plan. It can also be a complex word to unpack biblically and theologically. You, Lord, took up my case; you redeemed my life. Now, I’ve been thinking about the “Fearless Girl” Sculpture which was installed on Wall Street on International Women’s Day a few weeks ago, confronting the famous “Charging Bull” statue that has been there for some time.

It is how those with power see themselves, but it’s not an expression of what we hope to become ourselves. It’s a creature that conquers and dominates others. We are no longer slaves to guilt and shame. Sign Up For Our Newsletter However, today's Bible passage says we all sin. So, how do we reconcile all this? Thank God for the wealth He has given us - the spiritual blessings. I have sinned against God and people. ( Log Out / 

It was a way of staying out of poverty.

Sin-filled creatures is what we are.

We have been purchased from slavery. This morning, I thought we should tie up some of the loose ends I’ve left from our last two sermons. We are redeemed. Game is cancelled. Once that future died, then the Messiah, God’s Messiah, not our Messiah, could come. And yet, we’re still here, and so is God, and God even sent Jesus to help us along! She talks about the feelings of shame and guilt that abused persons experience, that she experienced, and they weren’t just feelings.

Those who followed Jesus felt lost and betrayed because their Messiah was not the Messiah they thought he was. As it turned out, one of the rabbis from the trip "happened" to visit us that day, and was quite intrigued by what I shared.

If this weren’t true, then why are we here? At the last minute, I jettisoned some other material I had and shared a bit of that experience to drive home the wonderful truth that our God is a Redeemer.

We don’t have to be in bondage to sin and evil, because we have the Great Redeemer who will purchases us from these things. When someone was in need of redemption in biblical times, there was a common sense assumption that things are not. Romans 3:23-24. is unfailing love and with him is full redemption. God’s love for Jesus transcends death.

We must have the right to fail. These messages are somewhat at odds with each other. To us that sounds like a bailout, but it ancient Israel, it was a way to keep someone from living in abject poverty. 1) Abram and Lot. Guilt, whether we feel it or not, is a bondage. Last week, on Palm Sunday we remembered that we’ve all betrayed Jesus, even God betrayed him. For Jesus to remain alive meant he’d be endorsing the future we want for ourselves. Sermon Series: God's Provision for Humanity. 9) In that case, one was redeemed through the efforts of someone else. ( Log Out /  We are controlled by sin. It will mow you down if you get in its way. The Meaning of Redemption - purchased; bought; ransomed; change of ownership; you were bought out of slavery; you had lost your home to foreclosure (modern terms) and a relative bought it back for you; you were in a bad place, and needed someone to redeem you. The purpose of this series is to issue a Thanksgiving Challenge to everyone here: Be particular with what you thank God for.

We have been purchased from slavery. When we do wrong, we are sinning, but the Bible teaches that Sin is an inherent and inescapable part of human nature. 8) One could also be redeemed by having a superior force come and conquer the conquerors.


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