In 1984, each member of the group involved in the attack was honoured by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and awarded the Resistance Memorial Cross (Verzetsherdenkingskruis)[2], In 2018 the Verzetsmuseum (Resistance Museum) on Plantage Kerklaan in Amsterdam, across the street from the former civil registry office, held an exhibition to mark the 75th anniversary of the bombing. The third and final part started on June 6, 1944 and lasted to May 4, 1945. By the end of May 10th, the Germans had captured Waalhaven airbase and the vital bridge at Dordrecht. While the most famous attack in Netherlands has to be the bombing of Rotterdam, it is worthwhile to note that other cities such as Amsterdam also suffered greatly in the hands of the Nazi troops. This led to the systematic capture and deportation of Jews to the infamous concentration camps where many of them died. One of those Gay resistance fighters was anti-fascist Willem Arondoes. On July 17, 1943 158 civilians were killed and 119 injured when allied bombers accidentally hit residential areas in Amsterdam Noord (North) instead of the intended war industry targets close by.

In comparison to smaller towns, it is plausible to say that Amsterdam was largely spared by the war. They’re bringing in landscaping, adding some interesting features and redesigning these ... Amsterdam's Red Light District is well known worldwide for its rather unique, legalised approach to adult entertainment. Amsterdam was among the cities that endured RAF attacks in 1944, The Westergasfabriek Amsterdam – The past and the present, History of the Amsterdam Red Light District. This was the first cafe in Amsterdam where regular and homosexual people mingled and partied together. Many cities the world over are transforming vacant land into wonderful green spaces. On May 7, 1945, two days after the liberation of the Netherlands people were out celebrating the allied victory on Dam Square, Amsterdam’s main square. It is imperative to note, however, that the attack that resulted in the most casualties and severest destruction in Netherlands did not occur in Amsterdam. She later said that if she had read the journal beforehand, she would never have given it but would have destroyed the pages. The German soldiers were stationed at a corner of Dam Square and fired from the balcony. Only 15% of the records were completely destroyed. [1] However, forged documents could be easily detected because they could be compared against the records in the civil registries. Nevertheless, the action likely saved many Jews from arrest and deportation to the extermination camps. Other historical city centres like Amsterdam’s would be spared the horror of Rotterdam. Unlike in Germany, no people were arrested or prosecuted in the Netherlands for being homosexual. This list contains 5 interesting facts about Amsterdam in WWII and 5 frequently asked questions. Arondeus, who was openly gay, asked her to "tell the world that gays are no less courageous than anyone else. The airfield at Waalhaven was attacked four times by the Dutch (after it had fallen to the Germans) and many German planes were lost. Westertoren is Amsterdam's best iconic church tower in the Jordaan area. [2], The trial against the resistance members who carried out the assault took place in June 1943 at the Tropenmuseum. In total 32 people were killed and 231 injured. When the German Nazi invaded Netherlands in 1940, for instance, this set in motion a series of events that made life unbearable for the Dutch. On the second the day of the invasion a single Junkers Ju 88 bomber dropped four bombs on the centre of Amsterdam at the Herengracht.

[8][9], Commemorative plaque at Plantage Kerklaan 36, Amsterdam, German invasion and occupation of the Netherlands, "De aanslag op het Amsterdamse bevolkingsregister",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 29 October 2020, at 22:23. To really understand World War II Amsterdam requires more than a pilgrimage to the well-known Anne Frank Huis, as inspiring as that is.

Yearly on the 4th of May, Remembrance day is held on Dam Square in Amsterdam. Cafe owner (a lesbian herself) Bet van Beeren hid several jews in the attic of the cafe. This is a fact about Amsterdam in WWII that not many people know. The war started for Amsterdam with the sound of propellor engines on May 10, 1940, around 3:00 am. [7], In 1946, a commemorative plaque designed by Willem Sandberg was affixed next to the front door of the building at Plantage Kerklaan 36, in remembrance of the assault and the resistance members who were executed for their role in it. German occupying forces increasingly lose their grip and also become increasingly incalculable.

This means that buildings were built over it. However, it was only partially successful in destroying the civil registry. De Waag, ... Also known as the Venice of the North, Amsterdam is not only the most populous city in Holland, but also Holland’s commercial hub.

Because it was also located in the Red Light District area German soldiers weren’t allowed to go in the area, because they’d get too distracted. The WWII affected Amsterdam in a number ways. American bombs over Dutch towns in World War II American bombers destroyed the center of Nijmegen and three other eastern Dutch cities on 22 February 1944, mistaking them for German territory on their return from an unsuccessful mission to destroy Nazi industrial targets.

Within a week, most of the conspirators had been betrayed to the Nazis and arrested. As such, the air strikes that targeted most of the cities aimed to destroy strategic infrastructures such crucial offices, bridges, or railway lines. Some civil servants were willing to falsify records in the civil registry so that they would match up with forged identification cards. However the Nazis found a notebook in his apartment listing many of the names, which led to the arrest of most the resistance members who participated in the assault. During our Amsterdam Red Light District tour we visit this interesting little cafe. But, despite their bravery, it was only inevitable that the Germans would be victorious. However, Bakker refuted that claim and was sentenced to death along with the others. The Netherlands maintained its neutrality, but the army was put on alert. Besides bombing Rotterdam, which destabilised the city’s economy, the Nazis also orchestrated a systematic persecution of the Jews residing in the country. For instance, the air strike that affected Amsterdam targeted civil registry offices that were used by Nazis to hold and arrange the deportation of Jews. When they did ultimately come into action, they completely doused the building in water in an attempt to cause additional water damage to the records. There were cases of Jews and resistance fighters being arrested who were dealt with extra severely after their homosexuality became known. [1], Many of the participants were later honoured by the state of Israel with the title Righteous Among the Nations. In total 44 civilians died and 79 were injured. The simple answer to this question is that it was the German Nazi that dropped a bomb in Amsterdam.

Resistance members soon started to forge identification cards at a large scale – the largest such operation, led by Gerrit van der Veen, produced some 80,000 forged documents. Nor have there been so many worker strikes in any other occupied country. Many people keep wondering and asking themselves from whom the Amsterdam canals were built. The attacks mainly targeted specific and strategic structures such as the bureau of civil registry in Amsterdam and a railway junction in Utrecht. [1][2][3][4], Once inside the building, the resistance members pulled open all the drawers, piled all of the documents onto the floor and doused them with benzene. Amsterdam was first bombed in WWII, on the 11th of May. Which Amsterdam airport is closest to the city? Instead, fold that visit into a tour of Verzetsmuseum (Dutch Resistance Museum), Joods Historisch Museum (Jewish Historical Museum), and Amsterdams Historisch Museum (Amsterdam Historical Museum). 75 schools were used to house soldiers. Schiphol becomes Fliegerhorst 561 Schiphol was a fully-operational civilian airport in 1939, at at time when the Netherlands was preparing itself for war. For instance, Amsterdam was among the cities that endured RAF attacks in 1944. The Dutch sat on the sidelines as other countries in Europe first experienced slaughter on an industrial scale. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
. The bombing led to the surrender of Rotterdam the same day and under the threat of bombing other cities, starting with Utrecht, the Netherlands surrendered to the Germans on May 15. Security guards were now posted at strategic locations in the Amsterdam civil registry office. [6] At the trial, the defense claimed mitigating circumstances for Sjoerd Bakker, Arondeus' partner, claiming that Arondeus had encouraged Bakker to participate since they were involved in an emotional relationship. This act of public resistance, which was violently struck down, is still remembered every year in Amsterdam. [1] The mission was particularly difficult because security at civil registries had been tightened up after a similar assault on an office in Wageningen in late 1942. 20 Facts About Red Light District Amsterdam. Gerrit van Veen managed to escape capture and continued his resistance activities until his 1944 arrest and execution following an assault on an Amsterdam prison. But in a sense the World War II had already begun for Amsterdammers as early as August 1939, with the mobilisation. Two medical students then sedated the guards by injecting them with phenobarbital, and the unconscious guards were carried inside the zoo through a back door. Visitors to Amsterdam wanting to find out more about the history of the city and its culture will find the numerous museums and architecture ... Once in a while, travellers come across cities so interesting they simply extend their stay. Two received clemency at the last minute; the other 12 were executed on 2 July 1943. On a per capita basis the Netherlands had the most people hiding from the occupying forces. Then suddenly around 3:00 pm German soldiers suddenly started opening fire into the big crows of partygoers. The Germans also wanted to turn Europe into an impenetrable fortress. Jews had to carry a persoonsbewijs marked with a large J. [1] In total, 800,000 identity cards were destroyed, and 600 blank cards and 50,000 guilders were removed from the building. It was completely destroyed by a German air raid on May 14, 1940 between 13:27 pm and around 13:40 pm. After the invasion on May 10, 1940 to June 22, 1941, the ‘better than expected occupation’ part took place; Germans implemented a ‘velvet glove’ approach and the economic exploitation remained limited. Dam Square is also one of the highlights of the Amsterdam History Tour. The German occupation of the Netherlands and Amsterdam can be divided into three parts. This is because some towns were even hit several times, with some towns like Aardenburg almost being wiped out entirely. [2], Following the bombing, the Nazis immediately offered a 10,000 guilder reward to whomever could identify the perpetrators of the assault. 20 Fascinating Facts About Red Light District Amsterdam, 10 Amazing Accommodations Near Amsterdam That No One Knows About, 10 Best Cheap Hotels In Amsterdam City Centre, 10 Reasons Not To Take A Free Walking Tour In Amsterdam. After this incident the next serious bombing of Amsterdam was done by the allied forces. Your email address will not be published. The March 1943 assault was only partially successful, and led to the execution of 12 participants. It is imperative to note, however, that the attack that resulted in the most casualties and severest destruction in Netherlands did not occur in Amsterdam. Anne Frank is the most famous Dutch person in the world, but she was actually born in Germany.


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