"He just doesn't understand the real challenges that families are facing. His height is 6 Feet 2 Inches tall, and his weight is 78 kg. Justin Trudeau net worth and salary: Justin Trudeau is a Canadian politician and teacher who has a net worth of $10 million. He was the 2 nd youngest prime minister of Canada holding the job role at the age of 43. Some of his other statements include the legalization of marijuana and reform of both the senate and the election process of ‘first-past-the-post’. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prime_Minister_of_Canada. He has also inherited wealth being the son of ex-Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau. From his Birth, Justin Trudeau, or popularly known as Justin Pierre James Trudeau, is a Canadian politician who has served as the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada since 2015 and the leader of the Liberal Party since 2013. [on husband Pierre] He was never a player like Nixon. I'm willing to work extremely hard.

Canadians aren't yet certain when Parliament will reconvene. While working at a school in Vancouver called West Point Grey Academy, he infamously wore blackface to a party. He had a big grasp of how the world was going to change. You know what? The list of indemnities, salaries and allowances doesn't show what politicians will make in 2016. Can I actually make a difference? Daughter, Ella-Grace Margaret Trudeau, born February 5, 2009. 2 oz. Trudeau made the jump from teaching to politics in 2008 when he won an election to Canadian Parliament for Papineau. Your email address will not be published.

His son was Pierre Trudeau, 15th Prime Minister of Canada, and his grandson is Justin Trudeau, 23rd and current Prime Minister of Canada.. Life and career. In total his salary is $357,800 CAD which is equal to around $270,000 USD.

Justin Trudeau was born on the eve of Christmas Day 1971 at 9:27 pm EST at the Ottawa Civic Hospital. According to reports, he also earns a significant amount of money from public speaking, apparently as much as $450,000 from some engagements. Apart from this, he has also implemented several revolutionary regulations in his country to make Canada Prosperous. All of these have contributed to the current position of his wealth. And there were flower petals and just joy and colour, and marching bands and noise. Submit a correction suggestion and help us fix it. I'd never seen anything like it! As of 2020, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau’s net worth is $100,000 - $1M.

Besides her father’s Scottish heritage, Margaret has Nias and Malaccan ancestry on her mother’s side of the family, due to the family’s long history as colonists in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. He eventually campaigned against Mary Deros and Basilio Giordano to get a Liberal nomination, which he easily won. Have you ever wondered how rich Margaret Trudeau is, as of early 2017? Being a popular Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau has several achievements during his career. Required fields are marked *.

As of November 2020, Justin Trudeau’s total net worth is nearly $12 million.

It involves him with many charity groups to develop society. As a party leader in the House of Commons, he was set to earn a salary of $224,000 this year (an MP's base salary is $167,400, while a party leader makes an additional $56,800), according to a 2015 list of Parliamentary indemnities, salaries and allowances.

Besides her father’s Scottish heritage, Margaret has Nias and Malaccan ancestry on her mother’s side of the family, due to the family’s long history as colonists in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. “I’m not middle class. This is not a whim or a lark or a chance for me to enter another popularity contest. Trudeau first met Sophie Gregoirewhen they were both children growing up in Montreal and going to be his wife shortly; Gregoire was a classmate and childhood friend of Trudeau’s youngest brother, Michel.  Later both of them reconnected as adults in June 2003, when Grégoire, by then a Quebec television personality, was assigned as Trudeau’s co-host for a charity ball; they began dating several months later.


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