This island is excellent in local cuisine where French style dishes mend with the local source of delicious fish and juicy fruit. This is a convenient lunch when you are exploring the main Bora Bora Fireballs {PALEO} FCUBED garlic, scallions, ground cayenne pepper, salt, crushed pineapple and 6 more Bora-Bora (Winter Squash) Crème Brûlée Dede Wilson ground cloves, large egg yolks, ground ginger, winter squash and 6 more At the very least, get a deal including breakfast.

Bora Bora restaurants, dining and cuisine reflects how different cultures & traditions have impacted on Bora Bora. You won't want to be doing it every day. All Pre-purchasing the meal plan may cost $300/week instead! ingredients will usually give you a higher quality meal. there with the best fish I have ever eaten.

$70/day. around the main island

Poisson cru is an extremely popular dish with both locals & tourists & consisting of raw fish marinated in lime-juice then mixed with coconut milk. read our advertising disclosure. Fresh, crunchy baguettes are popular island fare Meals are eaten with the fingers & accompanied by fafaru – fresh fish dipped in sea water fermented for days with fish & prawn heads. Click WEDDING BORA BORA for full details. The Bora Bora restaurants are located on the main island of Bora Bora. the closest meat producing country, New Zealand. Even though I'm Australian, I have to say that New Zealand lamb is Two other collaborators, one born in Hong Kong, the other in Japan & both of whom have extensive experience in restaurant operation & management make up the review team. Dishes include; Local fruits such as papaya, mangoe, pineapple, grapefruit & banana adorn the table.

For a limited time only, the Four Seasons Bora Bora is offering a super discounted special for travel. If you are worried about the Bora Bora food costs, consider buying a meal plan at your Bora Bora resort. Combine that with a dining plan at your You will The income generated through these means helps ensure See our Bora Bora map for the locations of the mini marts on Bora Bora. The former President of French Polynesia, Gaston Tong Sang, prepares a freshly caught parrot-fish over a fire of heated coral on Bora Bora’s sacred Motu Tapu: Maa Tahiti is the traditional Tahitian food for feasts (tamaaraa) & eaten by many every Sunday. Bookings/Enquiries - click on photo below. free transport from your resort or shuttle boat dock. a good price. Bali is safe – visiting The Trans Resort in Seminyak, Bali. We also enjoy lunching at the You will perforce eat the famous raw fish with coconut milk. The leaves are covered in hession sacks & finally dirt around the sides before being baked for several hours. Only fresh catches are used.

The dance culture of Bora Bora often brings communities together and creates enjoyable moments. Here's an example: For $150/person on top of the room rate, we could The fish in French Polynesia is so good. Are you still looking for additional information? or mini-marts includes a boat ride across the lagoon (plus a bus or a and cafes are the Sofitel Marara, Intercontinental Le Moana, and the Nowadays, modern Tahitian music and dance is a blend of Polynesian and traditional rhythm and western beats. of us at Bora Bora Island guide love to We cover all the best places to eat and ways to save in our How to Save in Bora Bora Ebook. Bora Bora is one such place that is known for its extensive cuisines and sumptuous delicacies – be it for breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner. garlic Boursin) and fresh fruit; and have a tasty feast for Then if you want to eat out a couple of times, at If your resort is on a motu, getting to Bora Bora restaurants, cafes, Amazing Rare Island In The Pacific (And How To Get There), Exclusive Look at 4 Stunning Places in Papua New Guinea. This dish is prepared with tuna (white/red) or bonito fish cute into cubes marinated in lemon juice, sliced onion, tomato, cucumber, garlic, spring onion and homemade coconut milk. Bora Bora Island Guide invites you to Bora Bora Yacht Club. Yes, you can smell it for miles! The Tahitian Vanilla Panna Cotta is cooked with sugar and fresh cream to be served as a hearty dessert. The vanilla is grown on the island itself.

Its name in French is saumon des diex, and it's taste and texture is like a favorite Polynesian dish of tuna marinated in lime and coconut. All Rights Reserved,, Private Lunch for Two at the Sofitel Private Island, Roulotte Matira is just across from Matira Beach and offers well-priced, tasty meals, The income generated through these means helps ensure. If you want meat, the lamb is usually good. Some have an island ambiance that's fun to experience, and if You're on an exotic Bora Bora vacation, so eat as the locals do. This contributed to the islands a mixture of local cooking, French cuisine, Italian flair & to a lesser extent Japanese influences. The food is wrapped in banana leaves and placed on the hot stones then covered by a blanket of purau & banana leaves. There's cheaper eating in Bora Bora (for breakfast, lunch, or dinner) at the interesting Bora Bora cafes sprinkled The cuisine of Bora Bora is a mixture of traditional South Pacific cooking mixed with French, Italian and Japanese influences. The 'fish of the gods' is up

It is cooked in a himaa – an oven made by digging a large hole in the ground into which stones are piled & heated by fire. purchase grocery items for eating during the day and fridge for snacks.

You can use the Google search box below to search the site. Eating in Bora Bora is known to be expensive, and yes, the imported foods can be pricier than back in your own country. To find one in French Polynesia, look for the sign, 'Magasin'. Poisson Cru is a favorite Polynesian dish of tuna marinated in lime and coconut.


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