KB: Yes, that is true. KB: And what I love about it too is that even though it is a romance movie and it’s Hallmark, there’s some really fun and funny moments in the film as well. You know, I’ve always been a team player when it comes to making film and television.

When she responded to my congratulatory comment, she revealed that she was to be the executive producer on this one, and suddenly my exhilaration level rose exponentially. I have the sense that it’s gonna be phenomenal. I am looking forward to Winter’s Dream and more SSD! Thank you for this wonderful interview!!! The Wedding Do Over – a PixL Original Movie. {Kristin and I shrieked with laughter on that one.}. It’s a moment of triumph, and I hope the audiences will enjoy it as much as I did putting it together and seeing it develop.

So I tried to come up with something that would combine the two elements into something that would be organic for my talent level. KB: We went to camera November 20th. I’ve watched them all so far, but I see this one as the grand finale. We were so lucky to get a former Olympian skier to do our stunts. TW: Yes, there is a visual that I can’t wait for people to see. Tim didn’t even get sent to draft–which means starting on the script–till mid-September. So that was pretty cool too. We’re very interested in continuing this relationship with Hallmark and finding a way to bring more great stories to the screen for them.

KB: And what’s great too is the buzz around the Olympics. Dean Cain, Kristy Swanson Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Brendan Meadows. It’s about a former Olympic hopeful and future Olympic hopeful and winter skiing. And we’re hoping that this is just the beginning. Your interview with Kristin Booth and Tim Ware is wonderful.

Kristy Swanson, Lloyd Eisler Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ryan Plummer. I hope everyone really enjoys it. We definitely had a pretty good team on this one. KB: Yes, they already have the built-in chemistry. We hope they enjoy the scenery and enjoy the camaraderie and the ambiance. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.” Of course, I seized the opportunity to pick her brain about Signed, Sealed, Delivered as well (I mean, why wouldn’t it?)! The one coming in February and the next one, they are getting ready to film!

{laughs} I was actually gonna ask you about that. It’s pretty awe-inspiring how efficient they are. My heart just explodes with all the support and love they provide for us. Net recently posted…The Wedding Do Over – a PixL Original Movie!

Of course, we’ll be on social media while we’re shooting, and I’m sure we’ll have the camera rolling behind-the-scenes as it often does, catching all our awkward moments. The entire crew again were just super nice people, and they were all committed to making it as good as it possibly could be. And Net thank you always for your support! In fact, there was a scene where I had to take a chairlift up. TW: Yes, and then for a variety of reasons, the rug gets pulled out from under them. We thoroughly enjoyed working with them. I can hardly wait to watch it!

And having you both involved with the project I think is just great! I was on set as much I could be, but Kristin was the one who was consistently there all the time. And oh my gosh, I have to tell you! So they asked us if we had anything else. I asked the guy at the top, “Where are they shooting?” He told me it was down this one pathway. It looks beautiful, and it’s my favorite visual scene. TW: Obviously, I hope the romance comes through for them.

Kristin Booth’s husband is Tim Ware. It’s the most you’ve ever seen them flirt, I will tell you that. KB: I think for me, I agree with Tim that the last scene of our film is pretty memorable. Those two are friends in real life, and it really translates to the screen. (Save the best for last!). I grew up with more of a sports background. TW: I don’t know how they do it especially keeping such a high level of quality. It was nice to learn about the couple behind it. Thanks for subscribing!

We actually pitched a Christmas movie to them first, and it was a little off-brand for them. Kristin Booth is currently married to Tim Ware. And Kristin, this is your first time being an executive producer, right? Which is really neat because I know sometimes executive producers are not able to be as present due to scheduling conflicts and other reasons. While this network is beginning to highlight the work of so-called “power couples” that are providing us with astounding and authoritative programming, I believe Hallmark may be focusing this weekend on the labor of a couple that is going to become my personal favorite. I’m trying to remember exactly when you filmed this. It’s to do with a memento that the young skier has kept with her over the years. So it’s incredibly gratifying to see something actually make it all the way to the screen. First, I can’t wait to see Tim Ware and Kristin Booth’s movie creation: “Winter’s Dream”! Like I said, we came up with the concept in 2016. Thank you, Kristin and Tim, again. What a wonderful way to finish off Winterfest! My pleasure to share! Born in 1974, now 44-year-old actress, Kristin Booth is undoubtedly one of the most down to earth actresses in the movies.However, her personal life is unlike everyone else with fame, very low profile and down to earth. It was pretty incredible. Kristin, do you make a cameo in this movie? Please know that comment moderation is in effect on this site. TW: It was kind of interesting. Where did this idea come from? TW: I do have to say it’s tough to be competing with #ShOliver. Her first starring role in a movie came with the 2003 heist film Foolproof opposite Ryan Reynolds. At the core of all she does is the strength of her faith. Nothing it competing against it, and I know the Postables and the Hallmark fans will be out in full force for this one. TW: Yes, Kristin was there every day, and I was there as much as I could. You know, as an actor, you often get brought in after there has been months and months of work, and you step in knowing you are there to do your job now. And this really, really cemented that. My pleasure to share! KB: Yeah, practice what you preach–which is what they’re doing, which is great. TW: There was actually quite a gap there because we heard about it in February of last year. And they have been so amazingly supportive of this venture of Tim’s and mine.

I am so grateful for it. Growing up, I wouldn’t say that I was someone who watched a ton of romance movies.

I know I say this a lot, but I think this is Martha’s {Williamson} best work so far. Author. Your email address will not be published. Thank you so much for sharing it with the SSD fans and Kristin Booth/Tim Ware supporters. And to finally have something make it through the whole process is just amazing. We need as much word on social media as possible to get the word out about this next one. Ruth January 27, 2018 Reply. KB: For me, I love the Hallmark family so much, that I wanted to do more with them. But with this movie, Tim and I developed this together.

She married Tim Ware on 16th of September 2006. I’ve always believed it’s not just about one person or the actors or whatever. We have all the favorites in this one, and it’s really a beautiful, beautiful script. He is a American Composer. Hallmark really amazes me at how quickly they get these things out. Without giving spoilers, is there a favorite scene that you are both looking forward to in the film? I am Canadian, so I play a lot of hockey obviously. It’s really amazing how there are a lot of husband-wife teams that work with Hallmark. They have a mutual respect and love on such a profound level that it radiates from within their innermost beings, permeating every word they speak and every task they accomplish. Being the dedicated Hallmark fan and Postable that I am, I can recall when the lovely Kristin Booth sent out an Instagram post about an upcoming movie she and her husband wrote together.

I have no doubt that issues arise now and then as they would in every relationship, but their love and commitment to each other is what keeps them grounded, pragmatic, and ultimately united. It’s Double the fun – 2 people & 2 movies!!! Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. {laughs} Of course, over the last while, I have watched all of Kristin’s stuff. Your email address will not be published. It sounds truly amazing – with so many of the regulars returning! Ruth interviews fellow artists both inside and outside of the film/television industry. So while they passed on that, they really liked Tim’s writing, and they liked our teamwork. Kristin Booth Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ryan Plummer. It’s only a couple hours out of Vancouver, but it felt so remote and sort of pristine and untouched. TW: Yeah, Oliver sets a pretty high bar. KB: Yes, several have been optioned and then put into development. I think we hit the jackpot with them.

I wanted to come up with a story that had more of a sports backdrop for the romance. TW: I think we’re cautiously optimistic that it’s gonna do really well.

I thought I was lost to the point where I was starting to wonder about wolves and cougars. I know it can be a very tough business. It gets a bit steamy. But I also have a scene I really like between Kristy’s character and the young skier who she’s coaching where she tries to get her over her fear, and it all is relating to her past experiences to get her over the hump. {laughs}. And from there, it picked up steam. It sort of helps bring that familiarity and love to the screen. RH: Kristin and Tim, I am so glad it worked out to talk with you both today before the premiere of Winter’s Dream. And that is how I have gotten more of a sense of the structure of those movies. It was really sort of our baby from the beginning, and I was just super excited to see it all coming together. KB: Well, let’s back it up a bit. But we’ll be sure to post lots of pics and post fun tidbits about the one we’re filming. I’ve been working in this business for quite a while now on many different genres and different formats. With The Road Less Traveled, is there anything you can tease about it? That really is quick! “Home and Family Holiday Special 2015” Review. The Canadian TV Actress was born in Kitchener on August 28, 1974. Unfortunately, with writing, things get mired in the development process and more often than not don’t quite make it to the finish line. Then we go to camera on our next one, SSD #10, on Monday. She did such a wonderful job, and the race at the end is just fantastic. TW: With that location, one thing they did not need to do was add in any CGI snow. We brainstormed a few ideas, and this was the one that kept on bubbling to the top. So I think that’s what we’re hoping for. Also, please note that any negative attacks on people, networks, or other comments that are deemed "inappropriate" or "overtly negative" may be removed and/or edited by the administrator.


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