The name is most commonly anglicised as Thingvellir, and might appear as Tingvellir, Thingvalla or Tingvalla in other languages. The tectonic plates are drifting in opposite direction at the rate of 2cm (0.8 in) annually. This was the case since there was no court or judiciary system in place and even though something was decided in Althingi, it was the responsibility of those concerning the case to fulfill the verdict. Lake Þingvallavatn is particularly deep and thus does not … Entrance into the park is free of charge however the parking cost 750 Kr per day. Executive power was in the hands of the chieftains and parties to individual cases. These offences had not always been punishable by law, since they were the result of Stóridómur or the Big Judgement, which became a law in 1565 after the Danish King ratified the law. A second type of char shares this habitat, but primarily eats plants, Murta, the plant-eating, or planktivorous charr. If you have a chance to stay in one it′s certainly worth a stay! In 2004, the park was put on UNESCO’s preservation list as a world heritage site, the first in Iceland. The first Icelandic þing was Kjalarnesþing, a regional assembly established by the son of Ingólfur in present day Reykjavík shortly after 900. This is located very close to the waterfall Öxarárfoss, Fact 7: It is a national burial site and Icelandic literature. Lake Þingvallavatn is particularly deep and thus does not attract as many waterfowl as do shallower lakes such as Lake Mývatn. Thingvellir was declared a national park in 1930. Tents and huts were erected in the fields below Almannagjá gorge to house the guests. The majority of the catchment area is covered by lava and water easily drains through. Although the duties of the assembly were the real reason for going there, ordinary people gathered at Þingvellir for a wide variety of reasons. For instance, you might be prompted to "dive into" the habitat of lake Þingvallavatn and view unique close-up footage of fish in the lake, such as the brown trout. One of Iceland’s most beautiful destinations, and the first stop on the “Golden Circle” is Þingvellir National Park. Trees commonly found in the park include willow, birch, dwarf birch and many others. In this way Þingvellir became the birthplace of a unified Icelandic nation. It′s also interesting to mention that the National Park of Thingvellir is an UNESCO World Heritage site.

Þingvellir played a central role in the history of the country, and its history runs almost parallel with the history of the Icelandic Commonwealth. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. In other languages Thingvellir is written as Tingvalla, Thingvalla, or Tingvellir. It is also interesting to keep in mind while walking in Almannagjá that one is walking in a rift between the two tectonic plates and can thus experience the unique geology of Iceland while standing on its own two feet. Thingvellir National Park) One of the most popular places in Iceland to visit, both for Icelanders and foreigners, is Þingvellir National Park. Almost nine-tenths of the water inflow comes from springs and fissures on the bed of the lake or at its shore. In the final decades of the Commonwealth, there were clashes between chieftain families, which resulted in Iceland coming under the Norwegian crown. Thingvallavatn is also a good fishing lake for arctic char, but in the lake are four different types of arctic char, more than any other lake in Iceland. You might catch charr for dinner or even one of the lake's famous brown trout. Anyone attending the assembly was entitled to present his case on important issues from the Law Rock. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. When hiking in Þingvellir, you may encounter a variety of spectacular fissures in the ground. The Þingvellir area was chosen for this reason and for its accessibility to the most populous regions of the north, south and west. Although the Alþing had largely lost its function Icelanders continued to visit the assembly to keep informed and socialise, although they were no longer obliged to attend. Office of the director and secretariat Austurstræti 12, 101 Reykjavík Tel (354)-552-1730 Fax . District assemblies were set up with a general assembly, the Alþing, which first convened at Þingvellir just before 930. [citation needed], Þingvellir was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site based on cultural criteria. When Iceland swore allegiance to the King of Denmark as absolute monarch in 1662, the last vestiges of independence disappeared. News were told from distant parts; games and feasts were held.

It was therefore a deeply symbolic act that the Icelandic parliament in 1928 approved a law declaring Þingvellir a National Park in the year 1930, on the 1000 anniversary of the foundation of Alþingi. Merchants, sword-sharpeners, and tanners would sell their goods and services, entertainers performed, and ale-makers brewed drinks for the assembly guests. 90% of the lake’s water comes from Langjökull glacier through underground channels. [16] There is an information centre near the camping grounds. The fact that the settlers of Iceland came from various different Norse settlements in Scandinavia and the British Isles, each bringing with him a his own customary laws, made it even more pressing to have a unified law for the entire new nation.


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