Doc watched as Buford crushed his hand on Marty's chestplate and was knocked unconscious into a load of manure. Doc waits until Marty reports success in retrieving the almanac and in preventing another paradox (involving Biff's gang attempting to mug the other Marty), before taking off from Lyon Estates.

His plan is to bring Hitler back from wartime Germany to the present-day US so that the Führer - who will become immortal during teleportation - can forever rule the world. Doc realizes that this was the Temporal Field Generator Mk II, which allows one occupant to return to any hour between its activation and the present. Newspaper reporter Jim Crandell (Britton) is covering the shooting.

), (Nick is trying to foil Robertson's attempts to jump back to the present inside the transport. We won’t be able to verify your ticket today, but it’s great to know for the future. This analogy reaches a terminal point when, late in the film, the scientist pulls out a chalkboard and begins drawing diagrams to help the captured reporter understand the workings of his machine and time travel in general. Doc loads his sniper rifle and shoots the rope hanging Marty. David Giancola Doc's work is successful, and he sends Marty back to the future at 10:04 pm on November 12. As for himself, Marker said that he made "a few thousand dollars" from The Yesterday Machine. He gets into the DeLorean and waits for Marty to reach the Twin Pines Mall parking lot. Upon finalizing its design and construction in 1893, the first test is a failure and Doc begins to make a smaller, temporary time machine out of a steam tricycle. He typically wears a top hat and round eyeglasses, and has a thin white beard on his chin. In demonstrating the inputting of a date, Doc had set the controls to November 5, 1955, a time when Emmett Brown's murder was in the distant future. Unfortunately, he has made the mistake of shoeing a horse for a man named Buford Tannen. Pages: You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Regal Upon hearing him outside, Doc triggers the rear gate to open on the van and he backs up the DeLorean. It has everything you could hope for in an enjoyable bad film. During the month of August, Doc completes his scheme, which involves (a) hiding the DeLorean in an abandoned mine; (b) drawing up a detailed letter, along with a schematic diagram and repair instructions (placed in the car itself) that 1955 Doc will understand so that the time machine can be repaired; and (c) instructing the Western Union company to hold a letter for seventy years, and then to follow detailed instructions to deliver the package to a specific person at a specific time and a specific place (Marty McFly at the Lyon Estates development shortly before 10:00 pm on November 12, 1955). He would work on the DeLorean for thirty years until the night he demonstrated its capabilities. But if a traveling salesman knocks on your door, don't be afraid to pause it. He arrives sometime after 10:28 a.m. that morning, betting that Marty will be rested and still at home. When he comes to, he has "a picture in his head" and makes a drawing of what he will call a flux capacitor. Later, Doc and Clara find each other and dance, however Buford finds him in the crowd and shoots him with his derringer. He falls in love at first sight. Doc hops out in his 2015 clothing, demonstrates the Mr. Fusion reactor that will someday be invented, and tells Marty that he needs to come with him "back to the future", until Marty points out to him that Jennifer is there as well. Partane and Lasky go down, where they find Von Hauser trying to teleport himself in the still-working time machine. Doc catches it with his feet and saves Clara just as her dress rips free. When he comes to, he has "a picture in his head" and makes a drawing of what he will call a flux capacitor. Servo sings it as part of a seeming mishmash of lyrics from other movie love ballads. Intro: Tom (and Crow) want(s) Mike to use the phrase "Lost In Space", so that they can reenact Lost In Space. He has brought Einstein with him, who happily jumps on Clara, as Doc hugs his sons. Upon looking at the photograph of the tombstone, they notice that the name has been erased, and Doc theorizes that history has been altered, with "Clint"'s name showing up on the tombstone. Was this review helpful to you?

Released in 1963 “The Yesterday Machine” is a low budget virtually unknown “B” movie written, directed and produced by Russ Marker. It was stale when it was fresh. Enjoy yerself!!! Unfortunately, Jennifer is discovered by the Hill Valley Police and flown to her future home in Hilldale. Doc spends the next month or so upgrading the train with hover capability, as well as allowing it to time travel before derailing. Segment One: Mike docks the SOL with The Widowmaker and has an unusually neighborly chat with Pearl. This was the first film from the 1990s to be featured on the show. Marty asks him if he's going back to the future, but Doc declares "Nope, already been there" and smiles. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. There he talks about the future with the saloon patrons while holding onto a shot of whiskey. A young college student arrives in a sleepy Massachusetts town to research witchcraft; during her stay at an eerie inn, she discovers a startling secret about the town and its inhabitants. Boggy Creek II: and the Legend Continues…, Doc preps the time machine inside his van before Marty arrives. Somehow Doc knew to time the arrival of the train with Marty and Jennifer being on the tracks at the death site of the DeLorean. At Letterboxd, 42 viewers give the movie a composite score of 2.6 of 5 stars. At the Festival, Doc has his photograph taken in front of the clock intended for the Hill County Courthouse. Doc and Marty chase down Locomotive 131 before it reaches Carson Spur and hold up the Monday train engineer, but claims it is a "science experiment". It "appears to have played Texas drive-ins as late as 1974" but was perhaps not shown outside that state. Don’t worry, it won’t take long. Doc thinks it's a mean practical joke, until "Futureboy" describes both the accident and the flux capacitor.

Doc preps the time machine inside his van before Marty arrives. Buford announces that he lost a bottle of Kentucky Redeye and shot the horse, equating to eighty dollars that he should be reimbursed.


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