ART: A CAVE • A CANVAS • A WALL • A MUSEUM. Two great leads in Humphrey Bogart as a painter and Barbara Stanwyck as his second wife are let down by this film’s late revelations as it turns itself over to schlock horror movie conventions.

The period of the first Mrs. Carroll's illness arguably resulted in Geoffrey's greatest works, including a portrait of her as the Angel of Death. This means the old version of…, Every feature film on the program at the New Beverly Cinema since Quentin Tarantino took over as programmer. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Plot; Cast; Production; Box office; Critical reception; Themes; References; Bibliography; External links; Plot You really do, and you feel a sense of triumph as she grabs the gun. The studio considered cutting or refilming the scene in which Bogart pounds on Stanwyck's bedroom door, demanding that she open it. Meanwhile, Geoffrey is being blackmailed by Horace. the plotline goes like bogart(mr. carreols) as an artist who is having illict affair with stanwyck who is unaware that he's a married man. Madsen, for example, states the one well-written and well-acted scene in the film occurs when Stanwyck breaks into Bogart's studio and sees his demonic painting of her. [12][14] According to Warner Bros. records, the film earned $2,292,000 in the U.S. and $1,277 in other markets. [32] The Two Mrs. Carrolls is also one of several murder/mystery films and film noirs—such as A Double Life (1947), Experiment Perilous (1943), Gaslight (1944), Laura (1944), The Paradine Case (1947), The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945), Rebecca (1940), Scarlet Street (1945), A Woman's Vengeance (1947)—made in the 1940s in which a portrait (usually of a woman) plays a major role, by obsessing a character, by depicting a clue to a mystery, by summoning up bad memories, by acting as a catalyst for action, or through some other means. They met while Stanwyck starred in the Christmas comedy Christmas in Connecticut in 1945, which Godfrey directed. The Two Mrs. Carrolls is an intriguing experiment in casting against type that doesn’t quite pay off as expected. Film historian Andrew Spicer notes that these were quite effective in evoking a sinister feeling in the picture.

The film also features Lyle Talbot, Humphrey Bogart, Allen Jenkins and Edward Arnold. The period of the first Mrs. Carroll's illness arguably resulted in Geoffrey's greatest works, including a portrait of her as the Angel of Death. [11] Then on February 9, 1945, the studio announced that it was placing its production of The Fountainhead on hold due to the high cost and unavailability of materials to construct the large architectural sets for the film. Christine, the Carrolls' housekeeper, judgmentally sneers, "When you work for an artist, you can expect just about anything." © Letterboxd Limited.


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