in our politics lead president trump and republicans hyped an investigation into the obama administration for months alleging without any evidence that there was wrongdoing surroundsing the 2016 election involving a process called unmasking. and obviously there are some serious planning problems when it comes to the u.s. government not to mention how much certain leaders in the u.s. government starting with the president belittled this.

according to john hopkins' university, there are more than, 230,000 confirmed cases and more than 9800, almost 10,000 -- deaths in iran every ten minutes, someone there dies from the virus. which hospital versus these shortages you speak of right now? we need our healthcare doctors, providers, techs, therapists, everybody healthy and strong to fight this virus. so we got to do this, i think everywhere.

Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). it gives you a sense of the fact, they really recognize how short on staff they are likely to be at some of these hospitals. ♪ at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning, helps you live your dreams today. >> senator, i'm not exactly sure what you're getting at with asking me to endorse the fact or whether any particular practice constitutes voter discrimination.

>> we said that during the protests that people should noting congregating together. >> i'm trying to protect miami-dade residents from the spread of the coronavirus. - (phone ringing)a phones offers - big button,ecialized phones... and volume-enhanced phones., get details on this state program. neither the company nor the details of what exactly prosecutors were looking for was ever publicly discussed. for example, folks she says who may need oxygen therapy, rest, or extra medication. because a lot of those indoor parties that were happening, people started clustering indoors more. it is here. with 3% cash back at drugstores from chase freedom unlimited, you can now earn even more. a new volkswagen.

people go down these rabbit holes and i think the people that believe this and i think she is one of them are the same people that believe lord of the rings was a documentary and how, crazy this is. i am not going to do marshall law in the state of new york. >> senator harris, there have been cases, we have talked in this hearing about the wisconsin case that went up to the court, involving voting. but if you're also taking fish oil supplements you should know they are not fda approved... ...they may have saturated fat and may even raise bad cholesterol.

thanks, as always.

she urged the court to consider, quote, the extreme imbalance, unquote, of power in our nation's work places and avoid further undermining congress passionage of labor laws to protect workers and place them on equal footing. stinky breath?

not a bandana or a scarf. on. first i have ordered the closing of all parks and beaches in miami-dade county and our citys as of 9:00 a.m. today. those are the ones we want to see in the er, regardless of age, check with your doctor, see if they recommend if you go to the er or not.


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