Reading stories gives children a chance to learn new things and develop their personality. Kids love short stories with morals and every child loves stories for different reasons. Because wealth unused might as well not exist. She should have waited for the owners if she really wanted to enter the house. The story is based on the moral, that if someone is a good person, people will be able to see that in him and if he is not people will be able to see that also. All Rights Reserved. here, we are presenting “the horse and the snail – moral story for kids in english || english animated stories – storytelling” by kids hut. The story is about the bird who had two heads and their relationship. Hasa has a BA degree in English, French and Translation studies. Because of her arrogant behavior, other animals in the jungle decided to not help her in need. The story will teach how to always remember good things about the relationship and friendship, and forget all the bad ones. The moral of this story is, that we should never let the ego come between relationships. However hard the horse tried, the snail was still ahead of him. The moral of the story is the need to respect the privacy and property of others and how your actions hurt others. This story is about the little girls lived near the forest with their mother. Ha Ha Ha Ha! The story will teach you, that it’s always more sensible to share the burden than to not help others.

Molly was a milkmaid. This is the story of Panchatantra. Since all the snails looked alike, they decided to confuse the horse with their intelligence. So she requests the kingdom queen for a place to stay for the night. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Her areas of interests include literature, language, linguistics and also food. What is the Difference Between Flash Forward and... What is the Difference Between Antigone and Creon. We have collected some of the most beautiful Animal Short Stories for kids that every child can enjoy in their bedtime stories. Join kids had family is everything fine tofu no how can everything be fine we win the gym class when josh and his friends came to me and started making, fun of me they made fun of you why because they all are taller and faster than me well they should be they're much older to you tofu everybody knows that, but it was so embarrassing tia what are you going to do now what can I do hmm well let's get your mind off this nonsense I read something interesting in, school today should I tell you I guess one day a horse saw a snail in the middle look at you you are so slow thus name did not like the way the horse, spoke to him but he decided to ignore his mean comments but the horse went on and on where are you going and when do you think you reach there I don't, understand why you need to make fun of me all the time well look at yourself it takes you so long to get from one place to another I would run miles in that, time I suggest we both get on with our business and day here no I have an idea let's race the snail thought about it for a moment he had a plan okay shawn, let's do that how about the sunday morning okay we will race this sunday after the haas had left the snail gathered all the other snails and told, them what had happened he also told them his plans everybody agreed and when sunday came they met very early in the morning okay everyone spread out from, the starting point of the race till the ending point everyone hide all along the racetrack and so the snails spread out when it was time for the race the horse, arrived soon the race started the horse took off striding after a while he looked down and he was surprised to see this name right in front of him how did, you get here I must run faster and so the horse started running after some time he looked down and yet again saw a snail ahead of him how is this possible, how can you be ahead of me I will run even faster the horse started running even faster when he looked down again after some time he saw the snail there, again this is impossible I will run the fastest I can now the horse took off as fast as he could as he neared the finishing line he looked down but he saw, a snail crossing the finishing line tired and humbled the horse gave up I am so sorry I underestimated you and made fun of you please forgive me for my, arrogance all the snails who had hidden along the racecourse and fooled the horse into believing that they were the same snail that he was racing hard this, and laughed quietly from the hiding spots what a wonderful story tia isn't it I love to do and you know what tia I know what to do about josh and his, friends i'm feeling so much better oh really what will you do I won't get into a fight or get upset by what they say I will just use my brains instead of, muscles well that sounds like a good idea to me tofu thanks tia i'm going to my friend's house to make a plan bye bye toby for your favorite crimes stories, and more join github family subscribe here. He was very proud of himself. The Horse and The Snail Funny Short Story For Kids The Horse and The Snail Funny Short Story For Kids. The arrogant lioness never used to behave well with other animals in the jungle. “Okay! Seeing how slowly the snail moved, the horse started teasing him. This story will teach you, that People who take-up another person’s identity are wrong and they finished up making trouble for themselves. But as time went by the prince stop liking rose and went around the universe in search of good friends. In this tale, the horse challenges the snail to race with him. The pied piper helps the town to get rid of the rats but with twist at the end!


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