Let's Stop Gambling on School Performance and Plan for Principal Succession, Creative Leadership Teams: Capacity Building and Succession Planning, Superintendent Succession: The Impact of Applying Succession Management Strategies, Developing District Leaders and Promoting from within an Organization on the Self-Perceived Degree of Preparation and Job Effectiveness of First-Time Pennsylvania Superintendents, Two-Year College Succession Planning: Utilizing the Mission Statement for Selection of the Vice President of Human Resources, Measuring the Value of Succession Planning and Management: A Qualitative Study of Multinational Companies, The Impact of Entrepreneurship Education on Succession in Ethnic Minority Family Firms, Succession Planning and the Imposter Phenomenon in Higher Education, Community College Succession Planning: Preparing the Next Generation of Women for Leadership Roles, Leadership, Diversity and Succession Planning in Academia. Create a file for use with citation management software, in a, Rothwell, William J. Many businesses go to great lengths to develop individuals with leadership…, Descriptors: Superintendents, Administrator Attitudes, Leadership Training, Mentors, Colleges have a critical investment in the proper selection of key executive administrative positions with high quality leadership and character since leadership transitions can be unsettling and costly, and governing boards have a vested interest in getting it right. Whether in the business sector or public education, it is nearly impossible for an organization to acquire and sustain success without strong leadership. Publication Date.

Clance (1978) first identified the Impostor Phenomenon in therapeutic sessions with highly successful women who attributed achievements to external factors even in the presence of evidence to the contrary.

Notes FAQ Contact Us. – Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy, 2011, Principal turnover has the potential to impact seriously school morale and values as teachers attempt to adjust to new administrators and their possible shifts in focus. In an era of mandated school improvement, teachers in schools with new administrators have to deal not only with changes in district, state and/or provincial policies, but also…, Descriptors: Principals, Administrative Change, Politics of Education, Constructivism (Learning), Macpherson, Reynold – International Journal for Leadership in Learning, 2014, This research note reports the views of members of a branch of a professional association about their career paths and the appropriateness of preparatory and succession strategies for leaders in New Zealand schools. Collection. ERIC is an online library of education research and information, sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) of the U.S. Department of Education. As a result, much talent is underutilized. Advanced Search Tips. The authors examine how to reduce the likelihood that an imposter is placed into the succession pipeline and how to reduce imposter behaviors in employees and describe the skills needed for those who manage an imposter. Representatives of multinational companies interviewed for this study revealed that succession…, Descriptors: Management Development, Models, Interviews, Evaluation, Hussain, Javed G.; Scott, Jonathan M.; Matlay, Harry – Education & Training, 2010, Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to explore the impact that entrepreneurship education can have on succession in ethnic minority family firms that operate in the highly competitive UK economy. The problem is that two-year colleges are facing a strategic planning crisis…, Descriptors: Two Year Colleges, Institutional Mission, College Administration, Qualitative Research, Lapovsky, Lucie – Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges, 2007, The president has just announced her plans to leave the college within the next year. Peer reviewed only Full text available on ERIC. Succession planning information is provided as a foundational framework to plan for the next generation of community…, Descriptors: Community Colleges, Doctoral Programs, Doctoral Degrees, Instructional Leadership, Replacement Planning: A Starting Point for Succession Planning and Talent Management, Principal Succession and the Micropolitics of Educators in Schools: Some Incidental Results from a Larger Study, Senior Leaders' Views on Leadership Preparation and Succession Strategies in New Zealand: Time for a Career-Related Professionalization Policy and Provisions, Who's Next? Instructional leadership is the critical element that is missing in efforts to improve America's lowest-performing schools and in moving good schools to great schools. That's because a succession plan had been in place for several years, and it was just a matter of deciding the details of…, Descriptors: College Administration, College Presidents, Strategic Planning, Change Strategies, Kim, Yeonsoo – Performance Improvement Quarterly, 2010, This article proposes a model for planning and operating an effective succession planning and management (SP&M) program and measuring its value. This sample of 12 "seniors" was unusual for its relative professional seniority, span of responsibilities and postgraduate…, Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Leaders, Attitudes, Leadership Training, Schmidt-Davis, Jon; Bottoms, Gene – Southern Regional Education Board (SREB), 2011, The future of public school performance demands that states and districts actively develop and seek strong principals. According to the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), the pace of administrative and other key staff retirements exceeds the pace at which these positions are being…, Descriptors: Community Colleges, Females, Governance, Rural Areas, Gonzalez, Cristina – Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2010, Although academia is becoming more like business in many respects--not all of them positive--it has not borrowed one of the best attributes of business culture: its tradition of developing leadership through succession planning. Succession Planning and the Imposter Phenomenon in Higher Education.

Turnover among principals currently is at an unsustainable…, Descriptors: Public Schools, Principals, Planning, Faculty Promotion, Stoll, Louise; Temperley, Julie – Management in Education, 2009, Creative leadership is an imaginative and thought-through response to the opportunities and challenging issues that inhibit learning at all levels. Outing the Imposter: A Study Exploring Imposter Phenomenon among Higher Education Faculty. – International Journal of Training and Development, 2011, Replacement planning is a process of identifying short-term or long-term backups so that organizations have people who can assume responsibility for critical positions during emergencies. The authors examine how to reduce the likelihood that an imposter is placed into the succession pipeline and how to reduce imposter behaviors…, Descriptors: Higher Education, Employees, Job Skills, Luzebetak, Angela Kaysen – ProQuest LLC, 2010, The purpose of this study was to explore strategies to enable community colleges to develop and cultivate women for leadership roles through succession planning. Creative leaders also provide the conditions, environment and opportunities for others to…, Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Instructional Leadership, Leadership Qualities, Creativity, Hargreaves, Andy – The Educational Forum, 2005, One of the most significant events in the life of a school is a change in its leadership.


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