A loose remake of the film, titled Silent Night, was released on December 4, 2012, starring Jaime King and Malcolm McDowell.

10 years later, in the spring of 1984, a now-adult Billy leaves the orphanage to find a normal life, and obtains a job as a stock boy at a local toy store, thanks to Sister Margaret. Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation and Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker, however, are entirely different, and each focuses on a different Christmas-themed horror story. As the dying Billy lays on the ground, he utters to the nearby children "You're safe now, Santa Claus is gone."

That works for the film, but if we're judging his fashion sense in comparison to the other Billy's, he just doesn't measure up. That night he sees a killer dressed in a Santa suit murder his parents. He was Ricky's older brother and Jim and Ellie's oldest son. Ricky tries to comfort him but is stopped by Sister Margaret and Billy is once again punished by Mother Superior.

He'll kill in front of an audience with no problem, and then find others to punish within the audience. Tommy - Thrown through the 2nd-floor window by Billy Chapman.

Three years later in 1974, Billy and Ricky are celebrating Christmas in an orphanage run by Mother Superior, a strict disciplinarian who persistently strikes children who misbehave and considers punishment to be a necessary and good thing. In addition to receiving negative reviews, it was pulled from theaters a week after its release. This finally, psychologically, triggers his insanity; he hangs Andy with a string of Christmas lights and stabs Pamela with a utility knife, uttering darkly that punishment is good. He forcibly removes the mother, attempts to rape her and slashes her throat with a switchblade. Serial homicideTortureVigilantismBreaking and enteringTrespassing Billy

Officer Barnes - Killed in the stomach with an axe and falls down stairs. and then says what he's going to do to them - "Punish."

Ira Sims - Hammer claw is driven in the head by Billy Chapman. After this, he witnesses bullies picking on two sledding teenage boys and decapitates one of the bullies with his axe as the other screams in horror. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

He then proceeds to kill two teenagers that were having sex on a pool table, after killing them, he meets the little sister of one of the 2 teens and gives her the box cutter he used to kill Pamela. After the store closes, the staff has a Christmas Eve party. The film was released three times on DVD in the United States by Anchor Bay Entertainment. Oddly, despite the first two Silent Night Deadly Night films having little or no big names, the next three straight-to-video sequels had bigger names, those being Richard Beymer, Robert Culp, Maud Adams, and Mickey Rooney. The film was released theatrically by TriStar Pictures on November 9, 1984,[4] opening in 398 theaters in the North East and Midwest United States. [20], On September 16, 2014, the film was released on Blu-ray by Anchor Bay/Starz Entertainment. San Diego Comic Con Two very different approaches to bringing these men and their crimes to the screen. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After Billy drew a violent picture of Santa and a reindeer getting murdered, he was sent to Mother Superior, the strict head nun. [8] The PTA fought to have this film removed from theaters due to its subject matter and the fact that it was shown around Christmas, although an earlier film with a similar premise, Christmas Evil, had gone unnoticed. As the children gather around, Ricky, coldly staring at Mother Superior, utters "Naughty". [18] The first two Region 1 releases are currently out of print. Any hint of a back story - including his name - comes from the insane, multi-voice phone calls that he makes to the girls who remain in a sorority house over Christmas break. } She taunts Billy due to her disbelief in Santa Claus and just as he prepares to kill her with his axe, Richards appears and shoots him in the back, much to Sister Margaret's shock.

Whether it's his fascinatingly insane telling of the baby Agnes story, a calmly chilling "I'm going to kill you", or sexual references that can't be repeated here, Billy's calls are truly an incredible piece of this movie and may be the best thing about it.

} [15] Leonard Maltin also denounced the film, calling it a "...worthless splatter film", giving it zero stars and asking: "What's next, the Easter Bunny as a child killer?" There has yet to be a release of the full, uncut print from a single source.[21].

Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. It is noticeable (and noted) on both the 2003 DVD release and 2014 Blu-ray. [5] The film itself was also withdrawn shortly thereafter, due to the controversy. |

[10] In response to the public outcry, producer Ira Barmak told People magazine: "People have taken offense at Santa being used in a scary context... Santa Claus is not a religious figure, he's a mythic character. AITH Horror Videos of the Week: Wes Craven, Deadly Friend, Seven, The Fly 2! - (We Want to Believe), Detention (2011) Joseph Kahn, Horror Comedy- Best Horror Movie You Never Saw. Captain Richards He kills people while dressed up as Santa Claus, a fact which drew a lot of attention to this film and stirred up a lot of controversy. The Grudge, Advertise on this Site | Privacy Policy | Contact Us | Site Map | Links | Shopping, © 1998 - present JoBlo Media Inc., All Rights Reserved | JoBlo® is a trademark of JoBlo Media Inc. Known Aliases Film Horror Highlights: The Good Things Devils Do, Let’S Scare Julie, Etheria, 30 Seconds In Hell. The film was originally released on VHS in 1986 through USA Home Video. If you want to become a horror icon, you have to have something unique and memorable about yourself - a ghoulish visage, a certain kind of mask, a trademark weapon.

By 1991, the film's home video rights were transferred to Avid Home Entertainment, which was released that same year. This Billy has no motivation that we're aware of, driven solely by madness and perversion. Billy walks around the store trying to find her and, at one point, Mrs. Randall jumps out and trips Billy, stealing his axe. https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Billy_Chapman?oldid=4023704.

Since its release, it has developed a cult following[3] and spawned a series, consisting of four sequels, with the fourth and fifth installments having no connection to the original film, as well as a loose remake in 2012.

The Good Things Devils Do- Kane Hodder, Linnea Quigley, Bill Oberst Jr Official Trailer, 14 August 2020 margin-top: 10px; Billy survived by running out of the car and hid in the bushes.

The print ad material also replaced the original 'Chimney' picture with one that talked about the controversy. He moves forward like an unstoppable force - once he has someone in his sights who he believes deserves to be punished, he goes after them relentlessly and isn't afraid to make a door-busting spectacle of himself. BLACK CHRISTMAS and SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT are very different films, and I love both of them for what they are. margin-left: 0;

Powers/Skills With Eric Freeman, James Newman, Elizabeth Kaitan, Jean Miller. Billy turns off the store's lights, causing his manager, Mrs. Randall, to go check out the back room. BLACK CHRISTMAS Billy has an edge in this category because of the phone calls he makes throughout the film. Haunted Dolls! 79 min The film was released by TriStar Pictures on November 9, 1984, where it received substantial controversy over its promotional material and content, which featured a killer Santa Claus. However, it was a success during its opening week, grossing $2.5 million on a budget of $750,000. Nick Groff Investigates... Death Walker and Halloween Haunts! When the children are seen singing "O Come, All Ye Faithful", their mouths are off-sync with the vocals. Billy walks after them and sees Andy trying to rape Pamela. Gene Siskel also said that all the money the filmmakers were making off of this film was blood money.

Crimes Later that night, Billy has nightmares of what happened to his parents and gets out of his room but Mother Superior catches him and ties him to his bed. Year of Birth Killing.Spending time with his brotherHunting for "naughty" people to kill. Killer Santa: Age Portrayed by The story concerns a young man named Billy, who suffers from posttraumatic stress over witnessing his parents' murder on Christmas Eve and his subsequent upbringing in an abusive Catholicorphanage.

Share your thoughts on these films and characters in the comments section below. New York Comic Con, Customer ServicePress InquiriesSales DepartmentNECAllector. Billy wasn't exactly prepared to wipe out the residents when he crawled into the attic of the sorority house, but he finds a way to rack up some kills with the items at his disposal.


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