Here are some examples.

It clings tenuously to the stony mountainside in a thin line of hairpins before dropping out of sight. She shrank at the sight of him. They take their time testing doors, windows, faucets, floor boards and anything else that can produce similar sights or sounds that match the residents' claims of the paranormal. 13 3 Jenn didn't let herself remember the sights and sounds of that day. The idea of love at first sight, though attractive to women in theory, terrifies them in practice. Of his astronomical studies he left a proof in the "heliotropion," a cave at Syros which served to determine the annual turning-point of the sun, like the grotto of Posillipo (Posilipo, Posilippo) at Naples, and was one of the sights of the island. Along this road nature lovers will enjoy the sounds and sights of numerous birds in the many large trees, including nightingales. Such were the sights in use with smooth-bore guns in the first half of the last century. Definition of Sight. He had sunk out of sight and hearing of such life. For the last 15 years, I have led trips almost every winter to some Caribbean destination where our group can do yoga classes, swim, walk, and experience the local sights and culture. possessed many of the attributes which all good leaders, especially religious leaders, should set their sights on. Disney's photographers take about 200,000 photos of guests each day, and even more visitors take their own photos in front of the memorable sights at all of Disney's Florida theme parks. She was able to display remarkable energy in visiting the sights of the city, and even went as far afield as San Gimignano; and her visit had a notable effect in strengthening the bonds of friendship between the United Kingdom and the Italian people. Orchards and vineyards are popular sights along this sailing. Adding to the mystery of the series; however, the author has slipped some new sights to see within her story, mostly places visited through memories, and continues to show off her talents at perfected ambiance. 141- She could not bear the sight of the mean man. Passengers enjoy a variety of sights, sounds, foods and celebrations along the way.

The sights themselves fit into sockets cut at the proper angle for drift, and are raised in their sockets the requisite amount for the range by means of a small hand-wheel; they are thus non-recoiling sights. CK 1 953262 Everybody in the room let out a sigh of relief. The ship is in sight of land. At the top, you are treated to breathtaking sights of the entire island. Sensorimotor organization: According to the famous developmental psychologist, Jean Piaget, infants learn, from birth to approximately age two, to coordinate all their sensory experiences (sights, sounds, etc.) There isn't any bus stops in sight. When cordite replaced black powder, and the gun sights and all in front of the gun were no longer obscured by hanging clouds of smoke, it became a desideratum, and, as the automatic sight, it was reintroduced by Sir G. The dead vamp's memories were fresh in her mind, and she sought the sights he'd passed. You are spared the pain of many sights and sounds, which you are only too happy in escaping. A New Zealand gem of scenic splendor, arguably one of the finest sights in the world. Sentence Examples. , The sense of sight is what allows us to view objects and perceive colors, something that we could not describe without the ability to see in the first place.

The creek where the whippoorwills nested, the rolling hills of wild flowers, and the soothing sound of meadow larks - they were all the sights and sounds of a happy childhood.

If you are looking for other activity ideas for Golden Gate Park, your best bet is to ask a local or visit a travel site devoted to San Francisco sights and points of interest such as Rather, many mini-fashionistas had their sights set on what Obama's daughters, 10-year-old Malia and seven-year-old Sasha, would be wearing as their father made history. graduated The introduction of trunnionless guns was followed by that of rocking-bar sights (described above). For a description of Goerz panoramic, " ghost " and other forms of sights, see Colonel H. Bethell, Modern Guns and Gunnery (Woolwich, 1907), and for sights used in the United States, Colonel O.

Sensory issues: He may have an unusual reaction to certain sounds, tastes or sights.

NOW THE LISTS! Slavin started at the sight of it. Looking for sentences with "out of sight"? When I paused to lean on my hoe, these sounds and sights I heard and saw anywhere in the row, a part of the inexhaustible entertainment which the country offers. Aleppo shared, and to some extent headed, the Syrian discontent with Egyptian rule, and was strongly held by troops whose huge barracks are still one of the sights of the city. Fore-sights are made right and left; tangent sights are interchangeable, the graduations are cut on the horizontal edges above and below, so that the sight can be changed from right to left or vice versa by removing and reversing the bar.

Having sensory issues and exhibiting unusual reactions to certain tastes, sights, textures and sounds. Among Hong Kong's most famous sights are the Tian Tan Buddha on Lantau Island; the star ferry, which traverses Hong Kong harbor every seven minutes; and the horse racing at Happy Valley.


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