To play, all you need do is say: “Alexa, start the Great Game.”.

Click here to find out more about the project or head over to Audible to plunge into the murky world of Victorian London. Investigating a crime seemingly unconnected to the Royal Family, Holmes & Watson uncover a conspiracy to kidnap Queen Victoria and destabilise the British Empire.

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There is a plot to […], Today is Dooku day!

At first, Holmes believes Moriarty is responsible for the abduction, but when the Napoleon of Crime is proved innocent, Holmes must work with his arch-nemesis to rescue the Queen.

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READ MY LATEST EMAIL NEWSLETTER: OCTOBER 2020 – Great Scott, it’s time to transform and roll out! As Holmes, actor Nicholas Boulton creates a haughty, heroic, and hammy presence.

and others, By:

With a ticking clock to her next public engagement, Holmes and Watson must discover who is behind the plot and locate her majesty, while Mycroft tries to keep the monarch’s disappearance a secret from the British people.

Which I just couldn't get into. There are no upcoming events at this time.

I couldn’t listen to anymore!

I'm a huge fan of Kobna Holdbrook-Smith but even he can't salvage this turkey!!! Clive Merrison, It was like swimming in waves - every time you come up for breath there's another one looming!

And there were these awful sound effects that were at a frequency that literally hurt my eardrum.

He’s written several novels featuring a 1920s vigilante known as 'The Ghost', as well as best-selling Doctor Who novels, a Star Wars book and new adventures for Sherlock Holmes.

Original Radio Broadcast, Narrated by: By: There is a plot to kidnap Queen Victoria and only Sherlock Holmes can stop it…or can he?

And she can use this invisibility to her advantage. But that’s not all!

Emma escapes the chaos of her dysfunctional family by dialing up random numbers on the phone in her bedroom, just to see who'll answer. Andrew Sachs,

They seem so bitter and angry over the film being pro-England during World War II. Every once in a while it was fine, but about an hour into the book, the performance was jumping back and forth, with the present actors speaking about a past event, and that past event being acted out every few seconds within the dialogue of the present. Episodes from 1939 through 1943 were written or adapted by Edith Meiser from the books of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Her best scene is when she gives a rousing speech to her fellow criminals and lowlifes, enlisting them to help Holmes and England.This is a solid start to the Universal Holmes series. Les Adams .

I've no idea how the plot would have turned out... 10 minutes in, I couldn't persevere any longer. An over-reliance on flashbacks quickly grows wearisome, however, and continues through to the very end. Written by January 1905: Holmes and Watson are summoned by Holmes' brother Mycroft to undertake a clandestine investigation.

Download and keep this book for Free with a … I really wanted to like this but the voices and acting made it impossible to listen to.

Sherlock Holmes: The Voice of Treason is a full-cast Audible Original starring Nicholas Boulton as the Great Detective and Kobna Holdbrook-Smith as Dr. John Watson.

There is a plot to kidnap Queen Victoria and only Sherlock Holmes can stop it…or can he?

Like most media, it’s simply adapted, notably through some Audible Originals.


Reluctantly, Sherlock Holmes agrees to assist Inspector Lestrade who is being hounded by an obnoxious nobleman whose jewel-encrusted dagger has gone missing. Basil Rathbone,

The best I can say for this is that at least it was free.

Avoid avoid avoid at all costs including if it's free.

$7.95 a month after 30 days.

Some of the other actors do double-duty, and occasionally sound effects are just noise (like during a fistfight), but that’s part of the charm. Nigel Bruce,

Leonard Goldberg, Narrated by:

When love reigns supreme in Northridge High just outside Chicago, by the lake, it happens beneath the soft, pink-infused spotlights hovering over that most special night of the year - prom night.

This is the worst SH book I have ever read / listened to.

Matthew Derby, Narrated by:

The supporting cast is great, with the likes of Henry Daniell, Reginald Denny, and Thomas Gomez giving solid turns. Jim French,

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One of the criminals, a particularly frightening thug Sherlock put away years before, approaches the duo and we're led to believe any second now he will try to exact some violent revenge on Holmes.

Gillian Jacobs,

When a Nazi saboteur jeeringly predicts to the nation new depredations via the radio 'Voice of Terror', the Homeland Security Inner Council summons Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone) to help in the crisis. Investigating a crime seemingly unconnected to the Royal Family, Holmes & Watson uncover a conspiracy to kidnap Queen Victoria and destabilise the British Empire.

Thankfully he wears a hat for a lot of the picture.For his part, Nigel Bruce is a great sidekick.

Passable in Pink is an Audible Original from New York Times best-selling author Mike Sacks (Stinker Lets Loose!).

Surviving through her smarts and street scams, Aliyah struggles to get by until she loses big time to a mysterious older man, Gavin Banks.

These original adventures flesh out those unrecorded cases to wonderful effect.

Like the mystery story, even though our lives are filled with distractions and false trails, we can know how our story will end, with justice and redemption.

Jim French, Sherlock Holmes investigates a series of deaths at a castle with each foretold by the delivery of orange pips to the victims.

With a ticking clock to her next public engagement, Holmes and Watson must discover who is behind the plot and locate her majesty, while Mycroft tries to keep the monarch’s disappearance a secret from the British people.

He summons Holmes for help and the master detective proceeds to solve the crime from ... See full summary ».

We had a ball diving into Arthur Conan Doyle’s world together and yes, this was the plot we were trying to work out while in San Diego last July.

The girl was also eviscerated and her organs placed around her body.

Nicholas Meyer. Use the HTML below. He was also the co-writer of Doctor Who Who-ology, the first Doctor Who book ever to become a Sunday Times best seller. The case is filled with twists and turns that are arguably soap-operatic, though still fun.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. When the sinister Voice of Terror taunts England over the radio with news of acts of sabotage against the Allies, the Inner Council of British Intelligence has no choice but to turn to England's greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone). I listen to Audible products every single day. Kobna Holdbrook-Smith is a film, stage, television, and voice actor. In the skill, you control the action, making decisions for the Great Detective and, of course, Dr. Watson.

Sherlock Holmes The Voice of Treason.

Richard T. Ryan.

Written by George Mann, Cavan Scott, narrated by Nicholas Boulton, Frances Jeater, Don Gilet, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, Ivanno Jeremiah, Amy McAllister, full cast.

It's wonderful stuff. I nearly gave up early on but as a fan of Holmes of nearly 60 years I listened on. It’s well performed, but the authors don’t seem to know what goes into a successful radio play. $7.95 a month after 30 day trial.

Emily Rankin, By:

Old Time Radio. This was worth the gamble: the characters feel true to Conan-Doyle’s vision, the story is full of intrigue and twists, and the ending ties everything up perfectly. Holmes, with help from his criminal underworld connections, investigates and uncovers the true identity of the Voice of Terror.After two fine films at Fox and a three-year gap, the Sherlock Holmes series movies to Universal. The key essence of any audio production is the casting & this is woefully adrift. It is tedious play badly acted with misshapen characterizations.

All is relatively breezy until famed billionaire and avid guest, Mr. Wagner, goes missing within a virtual simulation.

This unfortunately leads to character lines that are overly engineered to let the listener know what is happening. Featuring a story by me and art by Derek Charm, Nick Brockenshire, […], 2000AD publishes its fourth Regened all-age takeover today, which includes my latest Anderson Psi-Division story that sees me teaming up once again with Paul Davidson on art, Len O’Grady on […], Your mission, should you choose to accept it: weigh your options carefully as you try to guide our heroes through their mission in Star Wars Choose Your Destiny: A Finn […], If you’re a print lover who has been waiting for Dooku: Jedi Lost, your wait is over! Holmes and his companion, Dr. Watson (Nigel Bruce), receive a visitor on the first night of their investigation; a man falls dying from a knife in the back on their doorstep. Here’s the blurb: Delve into the history of the sinister Count […], View Privacy Policy

Out today, we take our third annual visit to monstrous Mustafar for Shadow of Vader’s Castle from IDW. During her training, Banks tells Aliyah of the centuries-old battle between the Assassins and Templars, imploring her to help him decode a secret message inscribed on an illegal form of currency during the Great Recoinage of 1696. Richard T. Ryan, Narrated by:

That's it.

This cunning locked room mystery is sure to be enjoyed by fans of Sherlock Holmes. Holmes is recruited to escort the heir to a European throne safely back to his homeland after his father's assassination.


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