20 terms. As it turned out, the Fundamentalist never came in the house, a few bills were all they needed to forget the whole thing. Thus, she knew of social injustices; class struggle, gender inequality, and had the support of her parents, influencing her positively rebellious personality.

If they hurt you, remember it’s because they’re stupid. Bushwick Asks: Which Critically Acclaimed Books Actually Stink. Women were not allowed to do a lot of things, you couldn't be in a relationship without marring the person and you could go to prison really easily. Marji’s willpower and incomplete knowledge of the cruelty and futility in society, creates the quintessential balance of innocence and empathy. Her teacher made a statement that Marji’s proved false with personal experience. They would need to get authorization for a passport to send him to another country for the surgery, but there were so many people who also needed medical attention. They did not understand the significance and reason for wearing them and wore them carelessly.

[...] I wanted to be a prophet… because our maid did not eat with us, because my father had a Cadillac, and above all else, because my grandmother’s knees always ached” (6). “You must understand that their love is impossible[...] In this country you must stay within your own social class” (37). Ebi is Marji's father. A few days later, after Mrs. Satrapi had gotten the strength to get out of bed, an offensive remark came from the television, disgusting both Marji and her mother. About the revolutionaries of my country” (12). In "The Cigarette" Marjane starts to rebel a bit more. Grandma is Marji's grandmother. We were not in the same social class, but at least we were in the same bed” (37). Maus II, continues Vladek Spiegelman’s journey through war-torn Europe until after the war. The imagination rooted in children, allows them to think in a unique way– rare in adults, which catalyzes innovation. rosie_setter9. In Marjane Satrapi’s novel Persepolis, Marji becomes cognizant of the Islamic Revolution at the age of tender age of 10. When a married man comes to his mistress… he’s always bleached and ironed, his teeth sparkle, his breath is like perfume, he’s in a good mood, he’s full of conversation, he is there to have a good time with you.”. I finally understood why I left ashamed to sit in my father’s Cadillac. One day, she began a distant relationship with the neighbor, and it immediately fell into turmoil once he found out she was merely a maid.

Once Marji discovered the struggles that come between two classes, she “finally understood the reasons for the Revolution, and made [her] decision” (38) on her political stance. Marji believes that she will end all corruption and misery by implying that she will be the last prophet. When the sirens came on, Marji's aunt handed Marji the baby and ran. Marji’s mother called one day crying after being harassed by two men. I don’t like to preach, but here’s some advice. “Your child is disturbed. Hassan, three years old, cleaned car windows. Marji's father talked to Khosro, who knew Uncle Anoosh from prison. ... Marji’s father… This is the product of knowing.

Those that I connected with the most revolve around Satrapi wanting to change both the world and herself through reading and education and being inspired by her family’s struggles. This allowed Marji to create ideas of h. er own and learn about all types of government, leaders, and heroes. Many people believe that censoring sensitive issues from adolescents is valuable and mandatory, but maybe early acknowledgment is more important than savoring such naïvety. Click Here for More. Because my father had a Cadillac. Two days later the young woman, Niloufar, was spotted, arrested, and killed, so Khosro fled the country to Sweden with his brother. Marji sneaks off to the basement. “Reza became a porter at the age of 10. “After the death of Neda Baba-Levy, my life took a new turn. Click Here for More -Marji: Young Marji: In the beginning of the memoir, we meet Marji as a 9-year-old. Marji's father told Marji and her grandmother to go inside while he stalled the soldiers and flush all the alcohol, so they did. Two fundamentalist bastards[...] they insulted me, they said that women like me should be pushed up against the wall and fucked. She took out a cigarette that she had stolen from her uncle and smoked it despite how awful it was. Persepolis. He wanted to be able to see him, but the borders were closed. “To enlighten me they, bought me books.

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”. And then thrown in the garbage.” For the next several days, Mrs. Satrapi suffered in a state of paranoia and depression. “Since the Islamic Republic was founded, we no longer have political prisoners.” said Marji’s teacher. Ebi is Marji's father.

Her parents were curious about Marji’s desires, knowing that they were exceptionally unusual for a six year old girl, but did not try to change anything. Persepolis is an autobiographical series of bande dessinées (French comics) by Marjane Satrapi that depicts her childhood up to her early adult years in Iran and Austria during and after the Islamic Revolution.The title Persepolis is a reference to the ancient capital of the Persian Empire. Uncle Anoosh.

To link to this Persepolis 4th Part Summary page, copy the following code to your site. Anoosh is Marji's Uncle. Years before the Revolution occurred, Marji wanted to be the last prophet. First some older friends want to skip class to go to get burgers. It is evident that Marji intends to do good by becoming the next prophet. When Marji's father came in, he announced that all the soldiers wanted was a bribe, and he was disappointed that all their alcohol was gone. “To enlighten me they bought me books. She was symbolically saying goodbye to her childhood. Click Here for More. STYLE: Songwriting Through Youth Literature Education, https://thebushwickbookclubseattle.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Marjane_Satrapi_Persepolis_Quotes_featured.gif, http://thebushwickbookclubseattle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/2018_BBCS_Logo_900x360_v2-300x120.png, 10 Quotes From Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis, © Copyright 2015 - The Bushwick Book Club Seattle | Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Book Club, Bookshelf Report: Chris Estey and The Temple of Dead Media.

I believe that acknowledgement of the world around us is important, and should only be screened to certain extent. As a result of the collective factors of recognition, Marji grew to be a rebellious and advocated woman. She took up reading and began to notice class differences. Marji’s father explained to Marji why it could not work.

Secondary Characters.

In response for revolting against veils, men attacked the women demonstrators with bats and threatened, “The scarf or a beating!” (76). I knew everything about the children of Palestine. Tieing up all information that Marji learned as a child, is the fact that her parents encouraged her awareness and  rebellious behavior. Well all that is for his wife. [...] How dare you lie to us like that?” (144). The main themes of Persepolis, family and revolution, stuck out to me as I picked my favorite quotes from Marjane Satrapi’s work.Those that I connected with the most revolve around Satrapi wanting to change both the world and herself through reading and education and being inspired by … When I went back to her room she was crying. “She should start learning her rights as a woman right now!” (76) declared Mrs. Satrapi.

She knew that it was important for Marji to understand the truth about Iran early on. Mrs. Satrapi knew that there was a growing side of Marji’s personality that would one day do something to change society for women. She was applauded in class for her bravery.

Mrs. The reason for my shame and for the revolution is the same: the difference between social classes” (33.) From reading about heroes  and meeting her own heroic Uncle Anoosh, Marji intended to be one herself. Uncle Anoosh. “Ma’am.

t Marji learned as a child, is the fact that her parents encouraged her awareness and  rebellious behavior. He worried about his son who had escaped to Holland. He introduced Marji and her father to a young woman whom he was hiding in his house for her own safety. In the memoir Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, it's 1989, and Marji Satrapi is 10 years old and living in Iran.

You’ll meet a lot of jerks in life. And, above all, because my Grandmother’s knees always ached.”, ― Marjane Satrapi, Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood, “I realized then that I didn’t understand anything. Marjane's dad is a photographer, and he often finds himself in dangerous situations, photographing political protests. That’s why women should cover their hair! After hearing of the injustices happening in Iran, she decided she would become the next prophet. She thinks about how the government had a chance to end the war, but they refused. Although the conventional phrase is “Ignorance is bliss,” I disagree.

In "The Cigarette" Marjane starts to rebel a bit more. The imagination rooted in children, allows them to think in a unique way– rare in adults, which catalyzes innovation. https://palysocialjustice.fandom.com/wiki/Ignorance_is_Not_Bliss_In_Connection_To_Persepolis?oldid=4504. “Tomorrow we are going to demonstrate,” habitually, Mehri denied, but Marji would not allow that to stop her, “Don’t worry! When the power went out, they dance in the dark. The soldiers smelled alcohol on his breath, so they decided to follow them home to search their house.

To enhance her intelligence, her parents bought her books about the Revolution, and the history of Iran.

Paly Social Justice Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. It's about how when the siren rang to indicate bombs, they would all hide in the basement. Grandma Satrapi. Years before the Revolution occurred, Marji wanted to be the last prophet. When she gets home, her mother yells at her for skipping school and tells her she will not cover for her again. About the young Vietnamese killed by the Americans. From an early age, Marji and her female classmates were forced to wear veils around their heads. “To be the mistress of a married man is to have the better role. “But that isn’t her fault that she was born where she was born???[...]

“At the age of six, I was already sure I was the last prophet. She knew that it was important for Marji to understand the truth about Iran early on.

She would correct false and biased statements, and became fearless. Secondary Characters.

"The Passport" takes place in July of 1982. Then Marji's mother covered their windows with black curtains because she worried that the neighbors would turn them in for having illegal things, such as alcohol, games, and parties. Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi is a memoir that exposes the revolutionary period in Iran and throughout the very creative glimpse of a black and white comic-strip memoir, Satrapi produces her informative story that presents details of her life since childhood. Leila wove carpets at the age of five. About the revolutionaries of my country” (12). If I wasn’t comfortable with myself, I would never be comfortable.”, ― Marjane Satrapi, Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return, “Once again, I arrived at my usual conclusion: one must educate oneself.”, “I want to be justice, love and the wrath of God all in one.”, “Listen. Click Here for More. Do you realize? She confidently answered that she would be a prophet, which startled and worried her teacher. Immediately, Marji’s parents were called in to have a conference with Marji’s teacher. At school, she was asked the typical question, “What do you want be when you grow up?”, but gave a very untypical response. Grandma is Marji's grandmother. First some older friends want to skip class to go to get burgers. This allowed Marji to create ideas of her own and learn about all types of government, leaders, and heroes. The father stalls with the Fundamentalist officer, while Marjane and her grandmother sneak in the house and get rid of all the alcohol in the house. Marji worried about her as a mother. Her father denied, claiming it was too dangerous, but her mother did not. Anoosh is Marji's Uncle. Ignorance is not bliss. Not until it broke Mehri’s heart.


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