I don’t think class should matter at all. Note: I didn’t copy Sophan’s quote it was just a coincidence. Please include the name of the person to whom you are responding. The only place i felt safe was in the arms of my friend.” You can then cut and paste it onto the blog. What it says: Her father’s leg got cut off and if he did not confess, they would cut off his arm too. Marjane reads a lot of books by Ali Ashraf Darvishian (born 1941), "a kind of local Charles Dickens." 33)

She’s holding her head with both her hands and has a sad face like if she was about to cry out loud like a baby. Other events begin to occur quickly. If the government was changing a lot and you do not feel comfortable with the change then you should go look for a different place to live. Do you agree: Yes I agree.

The next section is called "Kim Wilde" who was a popular British singer in the 1980's. They just said their goodbyes to their family/friends, because they are leaving the country. Marjane senses that, though she will see her parents again, they will never again live in the same household.

: I think it is true because during that time, they did not have too many rights. Marjane grows up to become a "rebel" and, after a confrontation with one of her teachers, she is kicked out of school. Marji bought a Kim Wilde and Camel tape.

Also the only place she felt safe was with her only friend God. But it’s not Ramin’s fault…….. Anyways it is not for you and me to do justice. A year later, the Iranian government reopens the borders and Marjane's parents are allowed to leave the country on a vacation. Marjane makes friends with some older girls at school and one day they all sneak away "Kansas," a Western style burger diner that the regime has overlooked. The Question and Answer section for Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood is a great resource to …

We were not in the same social class but at least we were in the same bed”. This picture symbolizes anger, which is shown on Marjane’s face. – The illustration is not really symbolic but more so ties in with the last sentence of the quote, the picture is of her wrapped up in gods lap sleeping with a facial expression of feeling safe. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. But it’s not Ramin’s fault… Anyways it is not for you and me to do justice. So as long as the oil is there, others will always try and poke their heads into the regions affairs so that they may benefit from some sort of payment or agreement of some sort. On their way home, Marjane's family is stopped by the Guardians of the Revolution. It was easier to get an Austrian Visa, and they had a friend in Vienna with whom she could stay. What it means: That forgiveness is key in certain circumstances. Do I agree; Yes, I mean just look at our involvement in the Middle East in the past few years. What is says: Now I get why I feel so ashamed riding in my father’s Cadillac. They leave for Turkey, and when they return, they bring Marjane many presents of Western culture. “His father did it. Marjane has a maid named Mehri. They are just afraid of the changes being made. Marjane was upset with God. One day, Marjane goes out of the house to buy a pair of jeans. I also agree with you Jailene, that her uncle had to face his fate and there was no way to prevent it. Marjane goes to see her uncle and he tells her that she is the daughter he wished he could have had. Pictures: In these pictures they are showing kids that are cleaning windshields for the higher class to make a living and there is another frame where she is writing in her diary angrily and expressing her feelings about the lower class and how bad of life they live. Persepolis Rising is the seventh novel in The Expanse series. Marjane finds out that her Uncle Anoosh has been arrested and is being held in captivity. She was trying to comfort Merhi because she couldn’t talk to the neighbor anymore. I feel like she shouldn’t have blamed God for the tragedy. America has long been known to poke its interest into the minds of foreign powers, such as the Middle East for the sake of benefiting from a material gain or some profiting agreement. The keys, they are told, represent their ticket into heaven once they are martyred during the war. Most of his stories are about working-class children forced into labor at a young age, which makes Marjane feel guilty about everything her family has, most notably her father's nice car and their live-in maid, Mehri. Being in different social class doesn’t define you as a person. A week later her parents told Marji that they decided to send her to Austria. What it Says: Do I Agree: What it Means:

His expressions shows that he feels his comment is very obvious to him, as if every person already knows this already. The British had learned of Reza Shah's desire to overthrow the king and, seeing an opportunity to profit from the country's rich oil fields, the British had supported Reza Shah's plans. During a party to celebrate the birth of a new cousin, a bombing raid begins. Mehri's parents had given Mehri to the Satrapi's as a child because they had too many children to feed. They sneak in a poster of the rock band Iron Maiden and the rock star Kim Wilde.

However, that must suck to have to do that. She sees the arm of her Jewish friend, Neda Baba-Levy, sticking out from the wreckage. One night, while talking to God, she overhears her parents talking about a fire at a local theater in which 400 people died.


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