Firstly drill a 10mm hole through the existing holes on the ribbon plate, and into the cladding. If the width of your beam is skinnier than your posts then place this measurement on the top of the posts, and cut a 45° degree on this mark. To transfer the rebate mark onto the other posts, knock in a nail on the rebate mark, place a straight piece of timber on the nail, use your spirit level to establish level, and transfer the mark to the next posts. Drill through the beam. Measure the diagonals to ensure your pergola is square. Drill a 13mm hole to accommodate 12mm coach screws. Contact customer support. 2020-01-06T04:32:22+00:00.

Using 14g x 50mm guage polycarbonate fasteners will mean you don’t need to pre-drill any holes, and will drastically cut your installation time down. Wait until you’ve installed the ribbon plate to the house, from here you’ll be able to determine its exact height.

This design is for a free standing pergola measuring 3.5m x 3m and 2m high, but it’s easy to modify it to suit your site.

How to Build a Pergola Attached to Your House - DIY Guides | Mitre 10 How to build a pergola on to a house A pergola that is attached to your house can be a great addition; it’s a good way to create a useful sheltered outdoor area and give you shade from the sun. This design is for a free standing pergola measuring 3.5m x 3m and 2m high, but it’s easy to modify it to suit your site. Lift beam into place, fill the holes in the beams with the glue, and insert rods through the beams, into the posts.

Measure the length of your beam. Now measure down the height of your beam – this will be the height of your posts.

If you pre-drill the holes in each end you will stop the timber splitting. Metal corrosion: Some environments in New Zealand are quite corrosive to metals. Clamp the beam into place, and allow the glue to set overnight. Nail the 12KN metal straps onto the top of the rafters using at least 6 product nails. In this case we’ll be attaching them to the ribbon plate using a rebate – this will create a stronger, tidier looking join.

If any of the rafter positions are exactly the same as your stud positions, you may need to adjust the position of your rafters to accommodate the fixings that will attach the ribbon plate to the studs on the house. Lay the rafters on the bearers in their pre marked positions. Place these at least half a metre back from your outside corners. Determine this by measuring the distance from the outside of your posts.

Ensure all the dust is removed from the hole. Mould the soft edge of the flashing into the corrugated roofing. Before you get stuck in, you need to be mindful of a few things: Building regulations only permit you to put a roof that’s 20 square metres or under onto your pergola, so make sure you measure it up properly and are under the limit. Come in 300mm from the end and down 35mm. This will make for a tidy job and will prevent water from sitting on it. When you get to the end sheet, you may need to cut it to width – if this is the case, make sure the non-cut side is on the outside. Drill through the overlap, and continue fixing the sheet as per the steps above. It’s always a good idea to check with your council for any updated building regulations, just in case.

When drilling the holes through the flashing and polycarbonate roofing, use a standard roofing screw.


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