The CIA couldn't provide actionable intelligence since its operations in Iran were limited by President Jimmy Carter in response to the agency's past actions. The Holloway Report primarily cited deficiencies in mission planning, command and control, and inter-service operability, and provided a catalyst to reorganize the Department of Defense, and the Goldwater–Nichols Act of 1986. The planning of Operation Eagle Claw was too complex and planners over looked military aviation doctrine to hastily get the hostages safe. The impending change of administration in the White House forced this project's abandonment. They can try again!

The sands did! In addition, RH-53 Bluebeard 4 needed additional fuel, requiring it be moved to the opposite side of the road. This was an extremely complex plan that required a lot of synergy among all the units involved because Tehran was a city well inside Iran’s airspace and far away from any friendly territory.

In the state-sanctioned act, the Iranian assailants demanded the return of Shah Reza, who had been taken to America for cancer treatment. Then, the remaining helicopters ran into an unexpected weather phenomenon known as a haboob [7] (fine particles of sand suspended to a milky consistency in the air following dissipation of a thunderstorm). Three aircraft were modified under a rushed secret program. To America, Operation Eagle Claw was a profound humiliation which exposed their flaws and vulnerabilities. [15], The Turkish government claimed that fighter jets destroyed caves in the Qandil Mountains used by the guerrillas.

Together, the CIA agents and ground forces would then drive from Desert Two into Tehran. Jimmy Carter was less than pleased by the event, and would succinctly declare that America would never yield to blackmail. Operation Eagle Claw Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery.

Its failure, and the humiliating public debacle that ensued, damaged American prestige worldwide. Because it would be close to morning, the helicopters and ground forces would hide during the day at Desert Two. Carney successfully surveyed the airstrip, installed remotely operated infrared lights and a strobe to outline a landing pattern for pilots, and took soil samples to determine the load-bearing properties of the desert surface. It had originally been positioned behind the EC-130 by a flight technique in which its nose gear was held off the ground while it rolled on its main gear. Senior helicopter pilot Seiffert refused to use unsafe Bluebeard 2 on the mission, while Beckwith refused to consider reducing his trained rescue team's size. In August 2020, Iraq canceled a ministerial meeting and summoned the Turkish ambassador as Iraq blamed Turkey for a drone strike that killed two high-ranking Iraqi military officers. The 3 US Marine casualties were Sgt John D. Harvey, Cpl George N. Holmes Jr., and SSgt Dewey L Johnson, the 3 of them were Marine Helicopter crewmen & riflemen. It revealed that training was usually conducted in a compartmentalized manner, taking place in scattered locations. The Joint Chiefs of Staff led an investigation which birthed the Holloway Report.

The RH-53 struck the EC-130's vertical stabilizer with its main rotor and crashed into the EC-130's wing root. (2000). The 5 US Airmen killed were Major Richard L. Bakke, Navigator; Major Harold L Lewis Jr., Pilot & Aircraft Commander; TSgt Joel C. Mayo, Flight Engineer; Major Lyn D. McIntosh, Co-Pilot; and Captain Charles T. McMillan, Navigator.

[24], The EC-130s carried the remaining forces back to the intermediate airfield at Masirah Island, where two C-141 medical evacuation aircraft from the staging base at Wadi Abu Shihat, Egypt (referred to as Wadi Kena by the US forces due to its location near Qena, 26°33′18″N 33°07′58″E / 26.555058°N 33.132877°E / 26.555058; 33.132877), picked up the injured personnel, helicopter crews, Rangers and Delta Force members, and returned to Wadi Kena.

The task force couldn't pinpoint the exact location of all the hostages. The first fully modified aircraft crashed during a demonstration at Duke Field at Eglin Air Force Base on 29 October 1980, when its landing braking rockets were fired too soon.


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