Often it is the wife and mother who insists upon change in the name of family unity. Additional restrictions apply. I have found compelling evidence that the uncle Bertha Levy Ochs lived with for several years in Natchez, Miss., before the Civil War owned at least five slaves. I doubt the issue of estate tax on the beneficial interests of these four is ever far from the trustees' minds.

In addition to the many links between the family that owns The New York Times and the Civil War Confederacy, new evidence shows that members of the extended family were slaveholders.

An article from the New York Post outlined how the family of the owners of the New York Times owned slaves. My tax practice centered on family owned business and I have always found the interpersonal dynamics fascinating. As much as I do not like the editorial policies of the NY Times, I do not envy these people the task of balancing far from coterminous duties to family, outside shareholders and employees.

We won't send you spam. A wise estate planner taught me that knowing how each family member sees the business is just as important as knowing the law. I don't think that sideway glances at cocktail parties will amount to much, either.

Is there any such a person in this extended family with its record of divorce? “His name was Abraham Mendes Seixas, and he was born in New York City in 1750.

The Palmieri Report is dedicated to giving people the truth so that they can form their own informed political opinions.

It is cash flow, not publicly traded share price or even reputation that is likely to matter most to the aunts, uncles and cousins of the extended family.

Although the New York Times Company is a public company, it is still very much a family business. My tax practice centered on family owned business and I have always found the interpersonal dynamics fascinating. The New York Times was founded as the New-York Daily Times on September 18, 1851. While it is human nature for all the family members to keep an eye on price of  traded shares as a measure of psychic well being,  it doesn't put any money in their pocket when there are transfer restrictions.

By .

This leads to an interesting observation.

Wow. It is published by A.G. Sulzberger, described by the newspaper upon his promotion in 2017 as “the sixth member of the Ochs-Sulzberger family to serve as publisher since its patriarch, Adolph S. Ochs, purchased the paper in a bankruptcy sale in 1896.” Since its founding, it has gotten over 1M pages views and over 20k followers. He was an officer in the Continental Army during the war, then stayed in South Carolina, where accounts describe him as a slave merchant and/or auctioneer.


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