We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. With only a shoestring budget, Welles was able to complete shooting on the film in just over three weeks —the final product still looks timeless and priceless. Shakespeare is eternal —his inspired turns of phrase have permeated common vernacular so deeply that we allude to the Bard every day without even realizing it. Honestly, “Macbeth” can pretty much be transposed onto any context in which killing isn’t seen as too out of the ordinary. The master filmmaker had admitted to modeling his samurai after the cowboys of Westerns in previous films, but here they provide an analog for the military royals of yore. The strange thing is that Macbeth was filled with extreme guilt and sadness. With its emphasis on honor, its shifting dynamics of power, and a culture of violent ruthlessness, feudal Japan perfectly matched the original play in Akira Kurosawa’s immortal remix. Kurosawa was the first filmmaker to turn Western audiences on to the fascinating developments taking place in Asian cinema, and no film encapsulates the satisfying international exchange better than “Throne of Blood”.

The concept doesn’t move far beyond its central mashup conceit, and seeing made men maintain a straight face while intoning thee’s and thou’s can sometimes make for an awkward sight, not to mention the hopeless pseudo-cleverness of naming the Banquo avatar Bankie Como. Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. The Bad Sleep Well is a noir about corporate corruption, but it was inspired by Hamlet. “Macbeth” starts at that point of total paranoia and descends deeper, as our ostensible hero tries to get the jump on everyone gunning for his crown. “Maqbool” sees both enacting a strong, assured view on Shakespeare that manages to feel both fresh and respectful of tradition. But in the case of this little-seen project, that’s a simple statement of fact; the Phillip Casson-directed “Macbeth” lived on the stage and was videotaped in full for broadcast on the BBC. In Get Over It, the high school students are putting on a musical production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, making the connection between the two works overt. Previous film versions of Romeo and Juliet starred 35-year-old Paul Panzer and 22-year-old Florence Lawrence (in 1908) and 43-year-old Leslie Howard and 34-year-old Norma Shearer (in 1936). As in the original story, the daughter falls in love with one of the outsiders despite her father's objections. Both Bhardwaj and leading man Irrfan Khan were destined for success, though the filmmaker remained in India while Khan moved on to major roles in Hollywood films.


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