It's clingy and controlling behavior and it's not healthy at all. Thanks for A to A. How much does does a 100 dollar roblox gift card get you in robhx? likes:1.affection 2.listening to them and them listening to you 4.spending time with them if you can 5.them making you smile you making them smile 6.happiness. The truth is that most guys think it's really attractive when you've got an amazing career going on and when you care about working hard. You totally want the same thing, right?

You always hear that compromise is a big deal in a relationship. No way. Most guys are going to agree that girls look their most beautiful first thing in the morning -- you know before you've gotten a chance to put on tons of makeup and straighten your hair so it looks perfect. Everyone will be super jealous of you because you've found relationship paradise. They love so unconditionally. But if there's one thing that all guys hate in a relationship, it's a girlfriend that nags them constantly about not leaving dirty socks lying around on the living room floor and someone who tells them to clean up all the time. 4) Great Conversations. It's awesome to see that someone cares about themselves and wants to feel good and have energy all the time, and let's face it, when someone works out, they look really good too. You probably don't want to date a guy who is super insecure and has zero confidence, so you can see how a guy would feel the same way about the girl that he's looking for. Dogs, cats, birds . 5.getting hurt.

Being happy with who you are and accepting yourself is really the only way to go. Guys are not mind readers.

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