Foggy hits upon a money making idea - Selling junk food to people from the local health club. Clegg finds himself having to model Howard's new wig after Pearl becomes suspicious.

A celebration of the world's longest-running comedy series. Compo, Clegg, and Blamire go around town, discussing life and death, watching their fellow townspeople with their problems. Marina finally gets fed up with Howard and swears off men entirely. Just what is the secret invention that Wesley has built? Foggy offers to help Digby catch his Donkey. Compo, Clegg and Truly run into a tired, gloomy old school chum, Coggy Duckworth. The trio train for a barrel rolling event. Adopted as a baby, former milkman and undercover secret agent Hobbo is determined to trace his natural mother. Shirley Anne Field gets typecast again. Truly investigates the curious case of 'The Phantom Number 14 Bus' which disappeared between stops. Clegg is in hiding, after Nora, Ivy and the rest of the ladies, want to fix him up with a timid woman who he knew at school. Clegg wants to celebrate his birthday with a quiet lunch with Truly at a posh hotel, but Marina invites herself on the way. Seymour invents a high-security door lock, which fails miserably. After helping Entwistle fix his truck, the trio are recruited to lay hands on Smiler's cart. They experiment with different methods to recover what treasure may yet be hiding in the depths.

Seymour builds an ejector seat, which Compo is persuaded to test. At the library, Blamire and Clegg turn Compo upside down to rid him of evil spirits and are thrown out by Mr. Wainright. Barry unwittingly becomes the friend of a lonely man whose wife has deserted him. Billy's expertise in all things outdoors is called into question, and Barry acquires the services of Tom and Smiler in an attempt to impress the Captain. Blamire decides to take up photography and Clegg suggests they camp out and photograph the sunrise. This includes the Comedy Playhouse pilot, twenty-four Christmas Specials, three New Year Specials and a Millennium Special (but not the short Christmas sketch, a comedy trial or the 25 Year and 30 Year Documentaries). Howard is deeply concerned when Pearl starts going out every day with Nelly, and she will not say where. He's going to adapt it for the purpose of cleaning windows. When Nora wants to see Compo on a horse, Foggy settles on a plan involving Smiler and a pair of coconuts. Who Made a Bit of a Splash in Wales Then? Clegg and Truly find out a few unexpected things about Compo as they take his ferrets to their new home. Eva, an old acquaintance of Alvin's makes an appearance, and proves to be just the woman to make Howard's life more complicated. They then just keep missing a returning Foggy. The trio finds they are involved in yet another of Howard's schemes to get a present to Marina-this time a cast iron bath! Foggy decides to start up a motorbike courier service. The trio latches on to the distraught Kevin, who in response to his being dumped by his girlfriend, wants to become a "Wise Man of the Woods". The trio find him dressed as Santa Claus, under a table in the local pub. Clegg wonders if this information should be trusted. Truly, Clegg and Billy meet a polar explorer with a domineering wife.

Smiler is selling security lights. Compo is searching for relief from a skin condition. Compo is short of money, but after a flash of inspiration (and a visit to Auntie Wainwrights), he becomes a one-man band. Bell. The ten series 30 episodes were released along with the six series 31, the 2008 New Year special and an extra feature of the Comedy Playhouse Pilot episode Of Funerals and Fish in a final boxset labelled series 31 & 32 on 15 August 2016. When Clegg and Truly tell Hobbo that local serial groom Norris Fairburn is free again, he decides that Norris would be an ideal husband for Stella. After being thrown out of the library by Mr. Wainwright, the trio go to the café to find Sid is in trouble with Ivy for not fixing the roof. Seymour, Compo and Norman dressed as Father Christmas go door to door collecting for church charity, but no one is interested.

Dewhirst's "Nature Tours" are launched by Foggy after he believes he's discovered the nesting place of a giant woodpecker. Barry wins a contest and receives more prize than Glenda can handle.

The lads visit Sam in hospital, and agree to help him spend one last night with his 'other woman', Lilly Bless'er. An old schoolmate's preparations for global warming are hampered by a drunk girlfriend and one very nervous driver. Pearl offers her video machine to watch the footage. Attempting to persuade Pearl to take her errant husband back, Howard's friends try to convince her he has become a tramp.   | 

This includes the Comedy Playhouse pilot, twenty-four Christmas Specials, three New Year Specials and a Millennium Special (but not the short Christmas sketch, a comedy trial or the 25 Year and 30 Year Documentaries). An old school teacher of the trio has died, so the lads are off to his funeral. Compo is convinced the hills are getting steeper, so Foggy invents a chair lift. Picking up "music" for Babs turns out to be a deceptively simple-sounding task for Clegg, Truly and Barry. Clegg, Truly, Alvin and Billy unite to help end a long running feud between Nora and Audrey Craig.

Barry looks for his Car engine, not knowing Wesley has put it in the boat. Howard seethes with jealousy when he becomes positive that Pearl is having an affair. As everyone mourns, Truly comes up with a way for them all to say farewell. While others unite in the effort to repair his tatty van, Tom does his best to avoid lifting a finger to help. Billy must spend the day with his brother-in-law Bradley, who can't stop spreading around his gloomy mood. Barry buys a new saxophone from Auntie Wainwright. Alvin flirts with Stella, Toby tries to smarten himself up in a bid to win back Monica, and Clegg worries that he's forgotten something important. In Which Romance Isn't Dead – Just Incompetent, Adventures of the Inventor of the Mother Stitch. After a fruitless search for oil, Seymour sets out to invent a drill. The trio visit Auntie Wainwright, to rent a bouncy castle for the Christmas parade. Seymour would love to go skiing, but in the absence of snow, he decides they should try sliding downhill on dinner trays. What are Sid and Wally doing in the woods?

Howard falls into a depression after Clegg devilishly convinces him that he's an orphan. Foggy upsets the others by denying the existence of the ancient Yorkshire gods. While out in the hills one day, Foggy sees a hole in the road that reminds him of a World War II slit trench. Seymour invents a new waste disposal unit for Edie. A new adventurer lands in town, eager to make a name for himself; luckily for him, the trio has in mind a heroic test of mettle. A "Do Not Disturb" sign on Clegg's door rouses curiosity and worry among his friends; Smiler finds himself yearning for a lost love. Mrs. Avery is flustered to drive the ladies on their outing.

Compo wonders why people do not feel blood rush to their feet when they stand up so Seymour sets up another one of his odd experiments. The trio finds a married couple stranded in a field trying to contact ancient civilizations with a Morris Minor hubcap. Compo wonders why blood rushes to your head when you're upside down.

The ten series 22 episodes were released along with the ten series 23 episodes and two specials in another boxset labelled series 23 & 24 on 23 April 2012. Programmes I would suit my kids for evening family viewing. Howard is cheerful and Pearl is suspicious. Foggy's Christmas present to himself, a bleeper, doesn't help matters when the ladies start following the signal. Nora, in "sexy" costume for a church pageant, takes a dare from Ivy to call Compo's bluff and present herself on his doorstep. Truly, Alvin, and Billy Hardcastle scheme to match the notoriously woman-shy Clegg up with a widow. Compo goes on a local TV program with his Maurice Chevalier impression. Retired milkman Luther 'Hobbo' Hobdyke calls upon his MI5 experience to form a band of reluctant volunteers, to react to any emergency. The first three episodes of series 1 were edited together on the DVD in what appeared to be a straight transfer from the video release in the 1980s. After Wesley almost runs over Billy Ingleton. The 31st (and final) series started broadcasting on 25 July 2010. As Barry frets to Glenda about wanting a mid-life crisis, the foursome attempts to break Howard out of his 24-hour house arrest. The trio relive some happy memories as a tribute. Christmas arrives and the trio visit a friend in hospital, before opening their presents. Compo is skint, but remembers that he's owed money from an old schoolfriend, so the trio set off to track him down. An unlucky chimney sweep is in town and Foggy finds him a good old fashioned chimney to sweep. Foggy volunteers the trio to help out at a church concert party, but Compo can't resist trying on a suit of armour. Hobbo enlists the services of his 'team' to help Toby win back the affections of his ex-wife.

Hobbo and his army of volunteers, namely Alvin and Entwistle, go and visit an old friend who needs help. The ten series 24 episodes were released along with the ten series 25 episodes and two specials in another boxset labelled series 25 & 26 on 29 September 2014. Compo uses his bed as a trampoline to get up to Nora Batty's window, but ends up getting stuck in the bed springs. Clegg and Foggy are determined to avoid Christmas joys and so pretend it is November, but Compo is reluctant and even brings three women around as a Christmas treat. Howard asks Clegg if he can return an earring to Marina. After knocking a bale of hay down the hill, how will they get it back into place? Directed by Alan J.W. Marina asks Clegg to deliver a birthday present to Howard. The trio come across Billy Hardcastle, a man who believes he is a direct descendant of Robin Hood. Compo takes up canoeing, with disastrous results. Seymour designs a kite for Compo, but doesn't count on Wesley mixing the measurements up. The trio ends up rolling down a hill but their age proves to speak louder than their will for adventure. Howard decides to disguise himself from Pearl but discovers it is not as easy as he thought. Apart from "Elegy for Fallen Wellies" there doesn't appear to be much editing on the later releases in region 2 so far. Pearl finds a single blonde hair on one of Howard's shirts. The trio are on the hunt for a green-fingered man whose reputation as a ladies' man has bred contempt among his old flames.


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