The production is crystal clear and brings out the best in it. However, while its positives definitely outweigh its negatives, Part II just has issues, really. Speaking of which, we're left with two decent but unnecessary instrumental fillers, and "A Little Time", which doesn't do much for me. Sadly for them, another major impediment stands in their way: Noise refuses such a work, considered as way too ambitious and prem for the age of the band, being afraid that the album would sell very badly. I love Helloween. Thereafter, they suffered a lot his absence and sadly, their compositions became worse and more uninspired than ever thought, even turning their songwriting into a self-parody game, and any single attempt on regaining respectability became such a failure. Letters must be adjacent and longer words score better. Keeper of the Seven Keys – The Legacy World Tour 2005/2006 is a live album by Helloween, released in February 2007, recorded in São Paulo (Brazil), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Tokyo (Japan). The lyrics on this track are also not quite as comical, which is a bit uncharacteristic as much of Weikath's work with Helloween is full of satire. So yeah, there's not much material left here to call this an album. But aside from its somewhat poppy lyrics ("I'm Alive", "A Little Time"), this album is one of their more straight faced. 'I Want Out' and 'Rise and Fall' also have jokey themes, the former Hansen's resignation from the band (really, only Helloween would release that as a single) and the latter about all fucking sorts, including erectile dysfunction. 2006, 2CD, Sanctuary Records (Remastered). The rest of the song fortunately makes up for it. The little touches like the alarm clock ringing before the final chorus add to the song in cool ways.

"Save Us'" and "March of Time" were written by founder Kai Hansen. “Rise and Fall” and the amusing classic “Dr. Yes, Peanuts characters play a prominent role in this song. Recommended songs: 20 different solos in it? In fact, I love the song quite a big deal. I've seen many say that this is the best power metal record of all time, surpassing all others. With that out of the way, I am now free to trumpet this album's virtues. When choosing songs to review I often like to discuss songs that no one I know in my social life are talking about. They were the first capture of genuine power metal atmosphere whose source of vast richness have had an unparalleled influence on the domain of metal music, becoming symbols of musical transition and marking the advent of a new distinctive direction in heavy metal music. The guitarwork is inventive and excellent, and Markus and Ingo are no slouches either. I’m very picky about my music, and I always find at least one tiny thing I don’t like. After all, albums like Pantera's 'Vulgar Display of Power' and Machine Head's 'Burn My Eyes' are either essential or excrement depending on who you ask. Michael Weiktah and Kai Hansen were at the peak of their compositional creativity here, and in fact Kai Hansen would keep remaking this album for the next few decades in his later vehicle Gamma Ray. So Helloween began looking for a new vocalist and stumbled upon a 19 year old Michael Kiske, who quickly jumped aboard. And considering 1988 was a breakthrough year for thrash (each of the big 4 would put out a classic this year), black and death metal, that's a massive accomplishment when you're sticking to basics. The other songs are also unnoffensive, but they just seem bland; the vocal melodies don't grab me, the riffs aren't very exciting, and it all just smacks of pointlessness - not on the side of the band, who after all were genuine innovators in the eighties, but on the side of the modern observer for not listening to Angra instead. This is easily one of my favorite songs of all time. Anyway, rather than try to trim it down and release one regular album, they instead decided to split it into two relatively small amounts of material and pump them up. Queensryche: Geoff Tate. Excluding the intro and outro, there are only real six songs in this album, and one of them is a ridiculous, dragging 13 minutes holy boredom fest that goes straight to nowhere. The highlight of this album, however, is the 3rd track "A little time". The solos are virtuosic and are put together to form an epic and catchy sound. [citation needed] The title track is the longest song of the album. It has great pace, chorus and a superb vocal performance by Kiske. Well, you know what they say about opinions... The Moody Blues - Have Your Heard Part 1, The Voyage, and Have You Heard Part 2, Modest Mussorgsky - The Great Gate of Kiev, MC Chris and the Star Wars Bounty Hunters. Perhaps it’s not fair to the Hansen-penned tunes to rob “Keeper of the Seven Keys Part One” of a ‘masterpiece’ declaration on the demerit of these two, but it’s difficult to give the album the commendation when half of the album’s first side consists of relative mediocrity. It WORKS. Rise and Fall is where the humor begins; it lets the listener take a humorous look at a multitude of things like Romeo and Juliet and politicians. When I finally also bought the CD version next to my LP I got my hands on the bonustrack “Save Us” which I believe is a Hansen composition?


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