In 1970 he added a second window dedicated to his mother, Princess Dimitri of Russia who died in 1969. Appointed as ambassador to France, he was captured in the Battle of Dunbar in 1296 and died in the Tower of London in the following year.

an exciting and entertaining historical tapestry, every page bursting with surprising insights (DOMINIC SANDBROOK, SUNDAY TIMES HISTORY BOOK OF THE YEAR), A charming, absorbing and quietly feminist history that takes us on a journey from the silk roads to sportswear, from ruffs to spacesuits…I devoured this book (SUNDAY TIMES), A joyful commingling of text and textiles in 13 beautifully wrought stories (NATURE), The Golden Thread will make you rethink your relationship with fabric (ELLE DECORATION), Vivid tales spun with such style…utterly riveting history (IRISH TIMES). By this marriage he had one son William and four daughters. He was also made Warden of the Southern Marches with responsibility for defending Scotland’s border against the frequent attacks of the English, and on one of these expeditions he was killed. T H E  S E C R E T  L I V E S  O F  C O L O U R, Companionable, informative…A light and lively guide to sights so easily taken for granted (THE ECONOMIST), Well-researched and engaging (HOUSE & GARDEN), St. Clair’s rhetoric beautifies the form of the brief essay (PUBLISHERS WEEKLY), Beautifully written and thoughtfully produced…Full of anecdotes and fascinating research, this elegant compendium has all the answers  (NPR’s BEST BOOKS OF 2017), Inspiring, compelling and beautifully designed .

He gambled at the roulette tables of Cannes and Monte Carlo and recounted his exploits in his autobiography My Gamble With Life. It a tells the stories of 75 unusual colours, from amber to absinthe, puce to pitch black, and from shocking pink to acid yellow.

724 reviews The Secret Lives of Color tells the unusual stories of seventy-five fascinating shades, dyes, and hues. It a tells the stories of 75 unusual colours, from amber to absinthe, puce to pitch black, and from shocking pink to acid yellow. In 1445 James II gave Sir William the earldom of Caithness in exchange for that of Nithsdale and in 1471 Ravenscraig for the earldom of Orkney. The first St Clair to live at Rosslyn. Although twice married, he had no children and in 1795 he was created anew Baron Loughborough of Loughborough, this time in the county of Leicester and with provision for the title to be passed to his nephew. In January 2016 I became a full-time freelance writer. Married Isabella de Strathern, daughter of Malise, Earl of Caithness, Strathern, and Orkney. He was the author of a volume of Sonnets (1883) and Sonnets and Poems (1889), which included a Jubilee Lyric entitled ‘Love that lasts forever’. They had been genetically modified with spider DNA, so that their milk contained silk proteins that could potentially be spun into thread softer than the finest Egyptian cotton, and stronger than Kevlar. ….

He was also a brigadier of the Royal Company of Archers, the Queen’s Body Guard for Scotland. He added an apse to the Chapel to serve as a baptistery with an organ loft above. The carvings in the Lady Chapel were attended to and stones were relaid in the sacristy and an altar established there. Married Egida, daughter of Sir William Douglas, thus acquiring the lordships of Nithsdale, the wardenship of the three marches, and six further baronies. Six years after inheriting title, properties, estate, colleries at Dysart, assets of £50,000, and a steam yacht of great splendour, he had lost everything and was declared bankrupt. The marriage lasted two years, and in 1908 he married for a third time. At the treaty they signed at St Clair-sur-Epte, whence the family takes its name, Rollo was created 1st Duke of Normandy and he later married Gizelle, one of Charles’ daughters.

Was considered by Sir Walter Scott, who knew him well, to be a Scottish laird of the old school and he described him thus: ‘The last Rosslyn was a man considerably over six feet, with dark grey locks, erect and graceful, broad shouldered, athletic, for the business of war or chase, a noble eye of chastened pride and undoubted authority, and features handsome and striking in their general effect though somewhat harsh and exaggerated when considered in detail.

Harry’s sister Millicent married the heir to the Duke of Sutherland but his own marriage to Violet ended when he was discovered by his father-in-law to have presented a £2000 turquoise tiara to a lady friend. The Honourable Harry St Clair-Erskine.

Known as ‘the Seemly St Clair for his ‘fair deportment’ he was made cup-bearer to Queen Margaret and granted the Barony of Rosslyn in 1070. The Secret Lives of Colour is a 2016 non-fiction book by British writer Kassia St. Clair which explores the cultural and social history of colours.The book, which is based on a column St. Clair writes for British magazine Elle Decoration, is organized in a series of chapters by color, arranged from white to black. For more insight into what you will find between the covers, you can listen to the 99% Invisible episode about the book or hear Kassia talk to Monocle 24 about three colourful histories here.

He was one of the Scottish nobles who in 1320 signed the Declaration of Arbroath, which proclaimed to the Pope Scottish Independence from England. Fought with his two sons John and William at Bannockburn. .

He first married Margaret Douglas, daughter of Archibald, 4th Earl of Douglas and 1st Duke of Touraine, and widow of the Earl of Buchan. He fought at the Battle of Northallerton in 1138 and was rewarded with the gift of Cardain in 1153, thereafter being known as Cardain Saintclair.

Dreams of groundbreaking new textiles, however, are still very much alive, and very necessary.

But ‘being a writer’ involves a lot less writing and a lot more admin and juggling of revenue streams than I’d bargained for.

He was with the King when Malcolm was killed in 1093 during the siege of Alnwick in Northumberland.

Around the turn of this millennium, when everyone else was busy worrying about the Y2K bug, researchers at Nexia, a secretive biotechnology firm based in Montreal, had other, bigger critters on their minds. Janet was married to Sir Henry Erskine, 5th Baronet of Alva. The family silver, gold and silver plate was sold at a three-day auction in Edinburgh. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

Just to be clear: I love what I do. Jarl or Chief of the Orkneys and Earl of Moere and Romsdahal in Norway. He now drew on that experience and joined a touring company. It is available from Hive and Amazon. Thereafter the King referred to William as ‘the fighting Bishop’. Having no male heir, he resigned his office as hereditary Grand Master Mason of Scotland to the Scottish Lodges at their foundation in 1736. Kassia St. Clair: Thank you for having me, and thank you for your kind words about the book. Brother of the former Baron who made significant additions to Rosslyn Castle.

The Chapel was rededicated on Tuesday April 22nd 1862, by the Bishop of Edinburgh.

The king, Robert the Bruce, rewarded him for his bravery with the gift of Pentland Moor. Alexander Wedderburn St Clair did much towards the preservation of the Chapel. The Countess of Rosslyn chairs the Trustees’ Management Committee, which assists the Trustees with strategic management of the conservation and business plans, working with the Director who has day-to-day responsibility for the site. The Golden Thread: How Fabric Changed History was a Radio 4 Book of the Week, a Sunday Times Book of the Year and was shortlisted for the Somerset Maugham Award. The work is by Andrew Kerr. this will appeal to anyone (THE LADY), The history of colors, it turns out, is the story of science as well as art. ‘The Secret Lives of Colour’ was published in the UK by John Murray and in America by Penguin.

He was Ambassador Extraordinary to Madrid on the occasion of the marriage of Alfonso XII to Mercedes de Bourbon in January 1878, and when Alfonso’s eighteen-year-old bride died in June of the same year, he wrote an elegy in her memory.

Fabrics — manmade and natural — have advanced and shaped the world we live in and the cultures we have created. The Barony of Rosslyn passed to Oliver who married a daughter of Lord Borthwick and had four sons, George, Oliver, William, and John. Assisted King Alexander III in the capture of the Western Isles. They never reached their destination; during a fierce battle with the Moors at Teba in Spain in 1330, William, his brother John, and Douglas were killed.

From Viking woollen sails to Apollo 11 spacesuits, this book offers an unforgettable adventure through our past, present and future. Threads, spun from naturally occuring fibres or modern plastics, have allowed us to achieve extraordinary things and survive in unlikely places. He built the vaults, the great hall and the clocktower, as well as the great turnpike of Rosslyn – the large stone staircase, four feet wide, leading up from the basement to the top floor of the Castle.

Bylines in The Economist, TLS, Elle Deco, World of Interiors, here.

The Princess was a great animal lover and the window’s theme is St Francis of Assisi. From the woollen sails of the Vikings, via the linen wrappings beloved in Ancient Egypt, to the factories responsible for Michael Phelps’ swimsuit, ‘The Golden Thread’ shows you how and why fabric has changed history. Escorted King Malcolm’s bride, the Saxon princess Margaret, from the court of Hungary, where she was brought up, to Scotland. When he died in 1805 he was succeeded by his nephew, his sister Sarah’s son, Sir James St Clair-Erskine. On being made bankrupt he resigned his commission in the Fife Light Horse, and he was rebuffed when he attempted to rejoin the regiment at the outbreak of the Boer War.


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