Man, we got like two quarterbacks.

Let’s get back to mr. McMahon. Just got a little out of control of a special teams.

And I said, all I know is it made me feel good, made me eat, made me sleep. Speaker 0 (36m 55s): Yeah. Wasn’t in the sports illustrated article real quick. You got to win all these eight and ended up, we were 10 and six, so we didn’t win or didn’t even go to the playoffs.

We’re finding a way DJ, a nation stand up, head on over to MyBookie dad. The one that was coming out of the tunnel, I remember Madden was doing the game and I just kind of lifted my helmet and let him see it started laughing and I didn’t get fine. Ranks 85th on NFL All-Time Yards Lost List (1,344). And uh, you know, one of the things that I might’ve been done to me when I was a kid was like, we would just do things to make sure we were drown proof, right? Think about of starting your own Sports books.

I think, I think, I don’t know if it was, there was a run back or was fair Cotter or a, we get it up to 20. BeSpoke Post is awesome. Kramer, working hard, you know, working hard we’re most of the world is hardly working right now.

5 years ago.

I mean, it’s good to hear that. I was gonna write Cramer and green on a, on the headband, but I, I I’m going to the super bowl shuffled down.

Speaker 4 (39m 16s): And that’s why I’m not a coach on that.

Sorry! This was maybe oral Roberts or something like that. And to make it super easy to start your own Sports book Plus and this is offering up to six weeks for you slash S GP that’s ACE per G P. We’re also brought to you by BeSpoke Post each month. Rage. Speaker 0 (26m 4s): Now in your estimation, obviously, obviously the NFL has had some egregious oversight when it comes to the way they take care of their, their former players. That’s my bookie dad, a promo code SGP in to play.

Ranks 50th on NFL All-Time Passer Rating List (78.17). Speaker 4 (10m 43s): Keep up in the a hundred dollars Nassau. A Dan hinting, our head coach had just come from the Redskins and Washington and they, they didn’t believe in the shotgun at the time Joe Gibbs.

And, um, I couldn’t even get into insurance for the first 10 years I was out of the league cause every part of my bottom was excluded.

I thought, I thought you were going to bring up you crowbar. Wedded to Nancy Daines from 1982 to 2009; the few had four kids: Sean, Zach, Ashley and Alexis.

I never said, give me the ball. And of course, uh, tuned in we’re going hardcore in the Sims in June Thursday, Friday, Madden Simms, Saturday, Sunday, College football sins got the college football.

Uh, if we could have helped him at all. What’s the what’s happened to be my junior year in high school. Nobody, uh, didn’t want to be tackled like, well, it’s debate. I got my, uh, I got my sweet duffel bag from breeze spoke. Exactly.

And yeah, I enjoyed playing with that on a main things, a lot easier.

But, uh, I think they’re, you know, whoever starts, they’ve got, they’ve got a pretty good shot.


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