Test your knowledge on this miscellaneous quiz and compare your score to others. A fair wage to which every worker has a right depends on a good economy and demand for the product. sustainable (Adj) — able to continue without causing damage or failing, Julie Sevastopoulos (contact) — ESL / ELL / TEFL — English Grammar Reference / Resource – Practices & Exercises – Palo Alto, California USA — Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Test your knowledge below.

QUOTABLE WOMEN. Reese Witherspoon.

The price of a product that is affordable generally has a short supply chain. A clause that adds extra, nonidentifying information is set off with comma(s). What was her name? The Lucases have several children.

Which Harry Potter Hogwarts House Do You Belong To Quiz! Do you know the girl …………….. is waiting for the bus? //

They tie its price to fair labor practices.

The school, ________ teaches adults, is going to be closed. Compare your response to the feedback by clicking the "Check" or the "Check 1-10" button. 5 Questions. They are most often used to define or identify the noun that precedes them. Easter at Rosings Park was a family affair. This site is all about Astronomy and Genealogy, specifically: * Astrophotography * Solar Eclipses * Comets * Family History * Genetic Genealogy (DNA) A journey through space ), (N) – any small animal of the type that has long sharp front teeth, such as a rat or a rabbit, (Adj) – a vestigial part of the body has never developed completely or has almost disappeared, (N) – a serious disease in which there is too much sugar in the blood, (N) – someone who trains and participates in sports and activities requiring physical skill, (N) – of the category that hunts for food, using their keen senses, especially vision, Fair labor practices which look good on paper, A fair wage to which every worker has a right, The price of a product that is affordable, The price of a product which may vary from store to store, The price of a product which may vary from store to store, TRUE FOR ALL  (A GENERALIZATION W/ COMMENT). Mr. Wickham had no known living relatives, but he had assistance from a former acquaintance while hiding in London. Test your knowledge below. He is the best actor …………. I got a nice Christmas card from my friends ……….. live in Wales. Which or that is used. ), A kitchen […] raises the value of the house. People who are under the age of 18 may not smoke. The only thing ………….. you can do now is to work hard! 5 Questions. Test your knowledge on this entertainment quiz and compare your score to others. I told you about last week? II. Shirley MacLaine is this to Warren Beatty. The twelfth episode of the fourth season of Friends is technically called "The One With the Embryos." Complete the sentences using a relative pronoun. Candy, which is a sweet, is irresistible to children. This quiz is about familial connections in the novel Pride and Prejudice. She’s opening a store ________ sells different kinds of mushrooms. Only two of them are named in the book. Lunsford, Andrea A., and Robert J. Connors. Can you name the things shown here that all contain a term for a family relative in them? Answers are based soley on the book and not on any TV or movie renditions. (The logic of the sentence remains if the clause is removed. play quizzes ad-free . Relative clauses are clauses starting with the relative pronouns who*, that, which, whose, where, when. All images used on this website are copyright to Melissa Hulbert unless otherwise specified. Danielle Ofri (M.D., Ph.D.) is a physician at Bellevue Hospital. I have ever seen. Azar, Betty Schrampfer, and Stacy A. Hagen. The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language.

Which of Anne's cousins do we know did not spend the holiday with her? ), Cars, which are major purchases, can rapidly lose their value after an accident. Take the quiz! benefit (N) —something that is an advantage, a good thing or service; (V) — give advantage, do good to, define (V) — to determine or fix the boundaries or extent of, irresistible (Adj — not able to resist it; very appealing or desirable, enticing, delicious, Related page Comma–Comments  (aside comments), (Azar 13-11) (Swan 411.1-7) (Huddleston14 §9, 3 §1.4, 12 §4.1[7] ) (Lunsford 234, 355). This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will help you remember some of the Spanish words for members of your family. Christina Ricci. Do you remember the film …………. Consumers who drive the market need to check where a product comes from before buying it. I have three friends who are/is divorced.

I can’t stand movies which are /is scary. 40 Questions.

Choose the correct form of the verbs. Which (not that) is required in a non-identifying clause. It limits the general noun to a specific group or one.

… TRAVEL HAWAII. It adds extra, nondefining information to the noun before it. People having a "sweet tooth" consume too much sugar. supply chain (business term) — a system of organizations, people, technology, activities, information and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer. In this way, they can encourage producers to make products using fair labor practices. KEEP ON TRUCKIN' 17 Questions. All the best. You have to finish following quiz, to start this quiz: The boy …… bought my car is very rich. (not always true), Gum that is made with natural chicle doesn't have long-lasting flavor. Relative clauses are clauses starting with the relative pronouns who, that, which, whose, where, when. // ]]> Your result has been entered into leaderboard. Angelina Jolie. energy efficient (Adj) — saves, conserves energy. (True for a particular kind of kitchen.

My friends, ….. live in Montreal, sent us an e.mail this morning. The dress ………… you wore at the party last night fitted you very well. Answers are based soley on the book and not on any TV or movie renditions. You have already completed the quiz before. set off (V) — separate, show as different, such as an aside comment. View Answer. Questions in our database. How is Lady Catherine de Bourgh related to Mr. Darcy? Select commas or no commas depending on whether the clause requires puncutation.

), (Change "that" to "which" and add Commas (which). See Wikipedia–"Bubblegum". Would you like to go back and check your answers. It needs less packaging and transportation and it passes through fewer middlemen to get to the consumer. People who buy locally made goods (products) are making smart choices. ¹Some products labeled "chocolate" do not actually have cacao in them. Complete the sentences using a relative pronoun. ), Chocolate […]  is bitter. ), Gum […] doesn't have long-lasting flavor. Thank you for becoming a member. Huddleston, Rodney D., and Geoffrey K. Pullum. The comment does not limit the noun to a smaller group. I have a lot of friends ________ are interested in helping them. I saw the students ________ were really disappointed. 1. A good friend is someone who visit /visits you when you’re lonely. affordable — can be afforded; has enough money to buy, conscious — aware, sensitive to surroundings (caring), consumer — person who buys goods (products) and services, demand (N) — need or desire that people have for a product or service, drive (V) — influence, affect, cause change, look into (V) — inquire, investigate, research, looks good on paper — in plan, theoretically, the market (N) — the system in which all prices and wages depend on what goods people want to buy, how many they buy, middleman (N) — someone who buys things in order to sell them to someone else, or who helps to arrange business deals for other people, observe (V) — follow, to keep or maintain in one's action, conduct. (not always true), A nonrestrictive clause (nonidentifying) refers to all in general.

What are their names? a restrictive clause (identifying clause) narrows the group, kind or type. It's All Relative! © 2020, It’s All Relative. All these are used in the English language to relate two or more ideas. THE WORST PICTURE RAZZIE. What is her Christian name? ), Chocolate that is 90 per cent cacao is bitter. (Change "that" to "which" and add Commas (which). ¹An object relative pronoun can be omitted from an identifying clause. They are most often used to define or identify the noun that precedes them.

(true), A kitchen, in which a family gathers, is the "heart" of the house. The clause does not narrow the group to a specific kind.). (It assumes that all people are age 18.). (Remove the commas so that the clause identifies a specific group. A fair wage on which a person can live means that the person can support himself and afford the product he makes. People, who are under the age of 18, may not smoke. What is her name? This idea, …… changed the world, was great Everything that moves is scaring here. All these are used in the English language to relate two or more ideas. How is Mr. Collins related to Mr. Bennet? The dog ……… ran into my garden yesterday belongs to my neighbours. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The price of a product which may vary from store to store is generally lower if the product is made locally: it has a shorter trip to the market.


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