Attacked by bees in her own home (possibly planted by Blunt inside an owl pot), she will stop at nothing to get to the bottom of this shit. Review by Kurt Russell Surfing on a Shitwave ★½. I can handle the truth.

It’s the basic recipe for any infidelity movie; happy rich family, wife is suddenly suspicious of husband’s new worker, wife is painted as psycho, husband is oblivious and dismissive, the other woman is a sociopath. Irresistible (2006) Irresistible. Sophie's life begins to fall apart. Susan Sarandon.

THE WEEK 21/01 - 28/01: LETTER Z. TAG REVIEWS & LISTS WITH AlphabetClub. More than 700 free-to-watch films on YouTube Movies channel, Every Movie Tagged In The Daily Horror Hunt. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. I refer to…, (Casi) todas las películas disponibles en Filmin. Australian thriller boasts an impressive cast but its an awfully cheap affair looking like a Lifetime TV movie much of the time.

This reminds me of Reddit's Am I The Asshole?

Commercial starring English actress Emily Blunt for Opium eau de parfum by Yves Saint Laurent. | I didn’t expect it to be so boring, despite the A-list actors that were cast.

| William McInnes. It's like watching a trashy Lifetime soap opera but with better actors and a bigger production budget. She played the psychopath very well . Was this review helpful to you? I can see how it would be confusing but I understood it. The end. Mara. Susan Sarandon and Emily Blunt find themselves at odds with each other after Sarandon's Sophie begins to believe that Blunt's Mara is attempting to seduce her husband (Sam Neill) and take over her life, in what everyone around her is convinced is a series of psychotic episodes. (Some slight Spoilers) Well acted and written story about the heart-breaking loneliness of being abandoned at a very young age and how it's shapes the mind to the point of conjuring up a twisted sort of pseudo-vengeance and false sense of justice on the part of the person effected.Sophie Hartley has been going through very hard and stressful times of late with her mothers unexpected death and having to look after her elderly father. I’ve been on a bit of a free Youtube movies binge, so might as well log some here.

Irresistible (2006) ← Back to main. I shoulda been a foley artist I tell you.

My interest admittedly peaked in the final third at the various reveals but fear that was partly relief that we were getting somewhere.

In this one Susan Sarandon plays a wife and mother that is consumed by the thought that her husband (Sam Neill)'s co-worker (Emily Blunt) is trying to win him away from her and their family.

Sarandon, Neal and Blunt keep your attention but end up coasting through this film. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, Australian #52FilmsByWomen #DirectedByWomen – In Progress, makeup artist: Ms. Sarandon (as Marilyn Carbone), personal hair stylist: Ms. Sarandon / personal makeup artist: Mr. Neill, Steadicam operator / first assistant camera, assistant: executive producer (pete maggi) (uncredited). The plot is wild and its full of twists and turns and some very over the top moments. i really enjoyed that fine young cannibals‘ song rip off.

Worth a watch?

Baker Street, Film Finance, Film Victoria.


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