Infernal Affairs used organic space and visual cues to reveal the film’s political discourse. Overall, the review is an informative read, and provides in depth analysis on both the film and the industry. I also do agree with you on how the rooftop signifies the progress made by Hong Kong in the post-colonial era. The Departed improves on Infernal Affairs in a few respects, but it also changes a lot of things for the worse. Ehem, I do have to mention two serious and vital flaws in The Departed: 1)The choppiness in transition and cuts completely blank me out, I honestly don't know why each scene cut to the next has to jump off a diving board into space and then drill itself into the earth.…. hell, let's not even talk about actors you recognize and actors you don't. Your interpretation about the double lives of the protagonists reflecting Hong Kong as a whole was on point. Would love to hunt that down as I work in a Hifi shop here in the UK. Sounds like a nice AV show :-).I really like that idea of including the hybrid SACD with show admittance. Exactly what I was thinking when I watched both movies. I used to think that the film happened around the time the movie was released. From this little detail, I could tell you the original have done far more research than Hollywood. It has been about a decade since I was in HK last. If the circumstances were to be different, they might have been friends. Copyright © The ultimate goal in Buddhism is for one to reach enlightenment — Nirvana. The second Stereo Sound SACD compilation (below, center) was released last week and, surprisingly, was released on single layer SACD (in a smooth-sided jewel case, with a CD containing the same music). You don't need to understand Chinese to understand I.F. I saw Infernal Affairs on a whim while working at Blockbuster. I love when set decorators make the extra effort to remain true to a characters tastes. However, you also brought up the fact that the directors were surprised at the successful outcome of the film. Yes I am still living in Hong Kong.

They didnt before and many movies dont do it anymore so hopefully I can soon start to watch more american movies but not remakes. ( Log Out /  This might be my taste in cinema, but I feel that longer and more atmospheric shots is what made the original amazing, because it allows the audience to embrace the emotional pacing and dissection of characters in any given scene. Check. Not the movies, but on Friends, the guys appt used to have Martin Logins and for a short time had a pair of Blueroom Minipods, but I don,t remember seeing the electronics. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Someone behind the scenes knows they get to take this home when shooting is done so they get the nice "authentic" gear. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Join Date: Dec 2008. And no 蔡琴 for Mandarin audiophile ? Cookies help us deliver our Services. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Later in the movie, Lau benefits when he formulates a plan to take down Sam alongside Chan. A lot can be lost if one is watching it with subtitles and without the understanding of the cantonese language.

The you tube video below is describes how similar both movies are in terms of plot/event. However, as for representing Hong Kong as a very modernised and urban city I feel that it is a tactic that the director employed to promote the country! It’s true that the film was in a way portraying Hong Kong’s reality and issues at the time, searching for its identity as a country. Albeit subtle, one can see the effects that Chinese censorship has on the movie and the ultimate rhetoric that China seems to try to push across especially in media and film platforms.


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