Adam is not sure who he is, but knows he is an important clue. Adam's spying yields more concrete clues to the mystery of the Farmers' past. Adam was waiting for a call from Amy, who was planning to pull a Number at a church wedding that Sunday. Adam's mother explained that they were surviving and not living. He hangs up on the man and makes a quick getaway on his bike, feeling even less brave than before. Brint brings up Paul Delmonte. Achetez neuf ou d'occasion SparkNotes is brought to you by Barnes & Noble. Brint defends himself, repeating that he is only the guide, and that the information has led to great memory recovery. Adam's father comes in and, in case of a wiretap in the living room, enthusiastically talks about their upcoming vacation and suggests they find a motel. I Am the Cheese was his most difficult book in terms of style. Adam narrates as he spies on the Varney house in the town of Hookset. Back in the session, Adam asks Brint why he can remember only so much, and not everything. When Whipper finds out that Adam left his bike at the police station for "safekeeping," he takes offense that Adam does not trust his town. "Gray pants. In the transcriptions of the tapes, on which his name is “T” instead of Brint, he often asks leading questions and Adam mentions aloud that he does not seem like a doctor. Adam still does not know why he is here. Adam starts to miss his own mother.

In a dialogue with Brint, Adam explains that he now suspects that his father saw him spying on him.

Unlike most detectives, Adam is afraid of finding out the truth. Adam decides to find a drugstore and buy something to settle his nauseated stomach. Adam observes Junior Varney turn his back on his mother, which angers Adam. Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Adam remembers his frightened mother's telling him that they have to leave town for a few days. Adam wondered briefly if Mr. Grey could be his uncle.

Like the wind, Grey/Thomspon is an invisible, capricious presence, and his meetings with Adam's father are shrouded in secrecy. He hears himself moaning.

I Am the Cheese. Adam asks if he is the gray man, and says that when he was brought up earlier, he was bluffing when he told Brint he did not want to talk about him. What sets I Am the Cheese apart from most mystery stories is the emotional component of Adam's discovery. This, of course, is likely Grey (why else would Cormier comment on his GREY pants? Junior Varney steps furtively out of the house and inspects the bike. Brint presses Adam, but his aggression only disrupts Adam, who is on the brink of remembering.

Unlike most detectives, Adam is afraid of finding out the truth. He is sort of a grey character in that his motivations and affiliations are unclear both to Adam and to the reader. Toward Rutterburg. Adam's mother is less willing to embrace Grey than his father, which probably accounts for her sadness and stagnant life. Mr. Grey rang the doorbell and breezed past Adam, having long since stopped giving him gifts, and he retreated to the cellar with Adam's father. A third-person narrator describes Adam's memory of one Saturday. Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. He is fearful of what it may tell him about himself, both in the past, and in his present sessions with Brint. SparkNotes is brought to you by Barnes & Noble. In a taped dialogue between Adam and Brint, Adam tells Brint that his arm and body hurt from shots at the hospital. He suggests that Adam withdrew because he was close to remembering the gray man. His face, however, expresses sadness and fatigue. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of I Am the Cheese and what it means. Brint asks if he ever talked about his secret past with her, and Adam says no. A woman comes out and they fight out of earshot. Usually he writes with a more realstic style. Millions of books are just a click away on and through our FREE NOOK reading apps. In a dialogue between Brint and Adam, Brint asks what is wrong, as Adam has summoned him at 2:15 A.M. Adam finally speaks and asks him to fill in the rest of the blanks, if Brint knows them. Adam leaves the diner, holding the package. Adam takes the bike and his package and rides away. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of I Am the Cheese and what it means.

He agrees to take one pill to help him fall asleep. Adam explains that he does not know whether to trust him—he is not even sure if Brint is a doctor, and wonders why Brint seems more concerned with certain information than with Adam's well-being. Join the discussion about I Am the Cheese. The gray man came to the Farmer's house once or twice a month, on Saturdays, to talk with his father in the cellar while his mother shut herself in her room. His name seemed like merely an arbitrary combination of words.

Adam realizes he has dialed the wrong number. Junior pushes Adam down, but Adam trips him and Junior lands on the concrete. It is almost as if the rest of this popular children's song, one that most people only know the first verse of, contains some information relevant to Adam's identity. SparkNotes is brought to you by Barnes & Noble. Adam says he remembers who the gray man is now—a mysterious figure who always visited his family.

Adam explains that he calls him the "gray man" because his father called him Grey, but also because he was such a gray, hazy figure. Adam says he is grateful for Brint's help, but that there are still many blank spots. One of Grey's men had overheard a conversation on a wiretap in which Monument and tomorrow's date were mentioned. The narration returns to the dialogue on the tape and Brint asks if Amy ever brought up the subject again, to which Adam replies no. Adam felt guilty for spying and then returned to apologize to his father. Adam wants to know why and for how long he has been here, and he says he hates the people at this place and thinks they hate him. In the last tapes Brint tries desperately to coax a name out of Adam. He decides to talk about Amy. Adam's parents have lied about not having any relatives and have fled for some reason, and have possibly altered their identities. He rules out going to the police to recover the bike, as it is too risky. Noté /5.

Adam narrates that he is about to leave Carver when he spots a telephone booth.

The story alternates with transcripts of tapes between a "subject" and Brint. He drops his package and the two wrestle.

A third-person narrator reveals how Adam desperately wanted to tell Amy the Farmers' secret past and how it made him sad that he could not tell her anything. He has left his bike at the police station, and watches the only other customers—three unsavory diners who are eating popcorn. A man answers and says there is no Amy who lives there.

Even a minor character like Edna, with her obsessive fear of strangers, adds to the air of paranoia over mysterious, changeable identities. Brint tells Adam that the sessions are important because they reveal blank spots like the one about the family emergency. Brint says that Adam cannot withhold these memories any longer—he must remember it all. Adam's body aches, but he is all right, as is his bike.

One day, after returning from a failed "Number" at a church wedding, Adam comes home to his mother, who tells him that Grey called about an emergency. Adam's parents were worried that Adam was suspicious. Brint suggests that a part of Adam does not want to remember, because the truth is so terrible. What sets I Am the Cheese apart from most mystery stories is the emotional component of Adam's discovery. The elderly couple is headed to Hookset, a town near Belton Falls, and offer to give him a lift. He sees an old lady with a red hat on her head, and they mutually smile at each other's hat. Without any words, Whipper finally backs off, and the counterman interrupts. Adam actually does not know who Paul is, and Adam and Brint end the session. Retrouvez I Am the Cheese et des millions de livres en stock sur Brint apologizes but says the shots were necessary. Adam and Brint speak to each other, and Adam brings up someone called the "gray man" to Brint, whom he says he remembered after taking a pill the previous night. Adam narrates and describes eating clam chowder in a diner in the small town of Carver. The couple wakes Adam when they all reach Hookset. One of the popcorn-throwers, a teenager named Whipper, comes over and hassles Adam with questions about where he is from and where he is headed.

The novel opens with protagonist Adam Farmer biking from his home in the fictional town of Monument, Massachusetts (based on Cormier's home town of Leominster, Massachusetts) to visit his father in Rutterburg, Vermont. A third-person narration describes how Adam remembers waking up in a sweat in his room at home, unsure of his identity. Adam was never suspicious of Grey's presence until after finding out about his aunt, but he was afraid to confront his parents. Adam gets another male operator on the phone and places a call to Amy. Millions of books are just a click away on and through our FREE NOOK reading apps. Junior's mother goes inside and Junior rides the bike around to the back of the house. Similarly, Grey/Thompson has a number of identities, which he easily changes to survive. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. Ask and answer questions about the novel or view Study Guides, Literature Essays and more. A summary of Part X (Section5) in Robert Cormier's I Am the Cheese. He did not hear what they said because his father had made the recreation room in the basement soundproof. Adam is grateful that his headache is gone—he took some aspirin at the drugstore, but he fears it may not have been aspirin, since pills often look alike. Arnold is with his somewhat paranoid wife, Edna.

The counterman had dropped a huge chunk of butter in his chowder, which Adam only pretends to like because the counterman smiles. Junior says he bought it that day, so Adam tries to grab it from him. ), and that is the information that Brint is trying to uncover. Adam's father mentioned that Adam eavesdropped on the phone conversation with Martha, and said this was an example of Adam's growing suspicion. He says he wants to see what is in the package Adam is carrying to bring to his father. Adam confronts him and demands his bike back. Inspired by Amy's capacity for mischief, Adam decided to spy on his father and Mr. Grey. His father said that they had to do something about Adam now that he was no longer a child, despite what Gray said.


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