It was during this repair that the husband stitch would be added. This is one example of the many gender biases which exist in our world today.

This practice is yet another example of how women are treated as property of the men in their lives, although often their significant others are unaware. Because even if you are a woman, you are not immune. What I Don’t Tell My Students About ‘The Husband Stitch.’, “The Husband Stitch Isn’t Just a Horrifying Childbirth Myth”, Who’s Afraid of the ‘Husband Stitch’? Known as the “daddy stitch” or “husband’s knot,” the “husband stitch” was given its stickiest name by Sheila Kitzinger in her 1994 book The Year After Childbirth: Surviving and Enjoying the First Year of Motherhood.

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A procedure to “preserve the size and shape of the vagina, either to enhance a man’s pleasure in intercourse, or to increase the frequency of female orgasm.” Was what she described a common occurrence? Just today, while discussing it in a private Facebook group, I found out a friend of mine had the procedure done without her consent," Rivers told INSIDER. When in fact it’s less likely that anything unethical has happened, and more likely that they happened to overhear the phrase “husband stitch” thrown around by inconsiderate bystanders during a messy birth. Why would they consider any differently? These procedures seem to carry the same mystery as in Machado’s story. We are not always to be believed, especially about our bodies. The husband stitch, also referred to as the "daddy stitch" or a "tight episiotomy," is essentially when a doctor sews the vaginal entrance further than necessary after a vaginal birth.

Many women even report stitching so tight, that they could no longer use tampons as they had before. Neja Hrovat/Shutterstock, "I hope others know it does happen and more than it should. Online, many like to say that the “Husband Stitch” is like the Slender Man of childbirth, in that it is just a scary story myth.

The extra stitch actually doesn't enhance pleasure.

The theory is that the surgery makes the opening of the woman's vagina "tighter," with … There is so much to unpack in just that small paragraph, so I would encourage you to read it twice. You may want to get a glass of water as you continue reading.

How did the world react when Dr. Ford came forward about Brett Kavanaugh? Still the joke persists, men asking doctors for that extra stitch, and doctors winking back at them with a knowing smirk. Still, women share stories of their reported suffering on many forums and social media platforms; some to simply share their story, others to warn expecting mothers. Still, cases of this happening in our area could not be found. Recall the way Machado’s main character’s husband laughed with the doctor and imagine her horror as she slipped into anesthesia.

The vaginal opening, or the introitus, has little impact on a woman’s (or man’s sexual) experience. The total disregard for the current and future comfort of women after they create the miracle of life is appalling. Here’s How Biden Can Do Better. Those two stories, which allude to the same uncomfortable situation, are both credible but also alarmist and likely confusing to both would-be mothers and would-be fathers.

“It’s an approximation.”.

Due to the widespread nature of this issue, it wouldn’t be a surprise if there were undisclosed cases, as most women are unaware it was even done to them. As early as the 1920s, doctors believed episiotomies would prevent extreme perineal tears and allow the vagina to heal faster, Healthline reported. “If you are reading this story out loud, give a paring knife to the listener and ask them to cut the tender flap of skin between your index finger and thumb. That was almost 19 years ago. Reddit is a place where people can nearly anonymously post in forums on just about anything.

Das soll entweder in Absprache mit dem Vater oder ganz ohne Einwilligung geschehen.

Another fact of interest is that in certain cases, forced or coerced sterilization is a form of modern day genocide.


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