A compilation of publicly available information can be found here. If you notice suspicious bags, behaviour or vehicles which pose an imminent threat, call 999 immediately. And they may also begin to appreciate how their emotions may by manipulated by others. However, Civico was also critical of traditional civil society, which ‘is not addressing radicalisation and countering extremist ideology, due to lack of the necessary expertise and fear of a backlash from society, which could see it as being soft on crime, and therefore a risk of losing their funding’. Statutory guidance for schools and colleges on safeguarding children and safer recruitment. Radicalisation by extremist groups or individuals can be perpetrated via a number of means: face-to-face by peers, in organised groups in the community and, increasingly, online. being quick to condemn those who disagree and ignoring views that contradict their own.

While radicalisation is not a new phenomenon, the trends, means and patterns of radicalisation evolved. She urged the adoption of a new strategy based on prevention. One way we do this for example, is by helping teachers to spot behaviour that could be a concern at school. Author. Extremism is vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.

Member States have also launched specific projects among like-minded Member States (so called Project Based Collaborations) to discuss specific topics: the reports issued can be found here. This involves training people and guidance so they know how to spot the signs of radicalisation and then supporting anyone showing concerning behaviour. If the concern meets threshold 4 of the Solihull multi-agency thresholds, a referral to MASH must be made in line with the school child protection policy. One of the ways we do this is through the government’s Prevent programme.

More counter-terrorism critical risk factors could include: (See FCO travel advice website for up to date guidance).

Schools should ensure that suitable filtering is in place.

There are a number of professionals – particularly in safeguarding roles – working within local authorities, police, health and higher and further education who are accredited WRAP trained facilitators. All information received by the hotline is thoroughly investigated by specialist officers before any police action is considered. This advice is one way of raising childcare providers’ awareness. Education is more than gathering facts and passing exams, it is also about learning how to grow into who you are as a person and learning to live together. Last updated on Wed, 29/08/2018 - 16:33, bg cs de el en es et fi fr hr hu it lv mt nl pl pt ro sk sl sv, Info for young people in the western balkans. She stressed the fact that volunteering builds community and resilience, and that it occupies the space where strategies for prevention can be implemented. Research by The Australian Policy Unit found three shared characteristics of young people who become violent Islamist extremists. Helping your child feel heard is one of the most important steps to prevent radicalisation. The prevention of radicalisation is primarily a responsibility of Member States. Children at risk of radicalisation may display different signs or seek to hide their views.

Training resources for Safeguarding Leads to use in team meetings; Reference documents for additional information; Handouts for school staff summarising each topic. Current Prevent activity now means that such an individual would be much more likely to come to the attention of the police and even have their radicalisation prevented. There are no policies tailored to children in the field of counter- terrorism in most EU Member States’. Terrorists need information – Do you know someone taking an interest in security, like CCTV cameras for no obvious reason? Just one piece of information could be vital in helping disrupt terrorist planning and, in turn, save lives. Addressing extremism and radicalisation lesson plans If you would like to give feedback on the resources, please do so via the feedback form. At the same time, schools and childcare providers should be aware of the increased risk of online radicalisation, as terrorist organisations seek to radicalise young people through the use of social media and the internet. Agree purpose for inviting a visiting speaker and guidelines on content, Where possible submit details of talk in advance, Speaker should be treated like any other visitor and appropriately supervised at all times, Concerned about someone travelling to or from Syria, or another conflict zone? This site uses Wordpress with the open-source Govintranettheme fromGovintranetters [link]. The internet and the use of social media in particular has become a major factor in the radicalisation of young people. Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Education, Western Sydney University. Schools should aim to identify positive values and strengths, and help children to understand the skills that are required to build healthy relationships – including the development of empathy. From 1 July 2015, all schools are subject to a duty under section 26 of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015, in the exercise of their functions to have “due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism”. Government guidance on promoting British values in schools. Briefing note for schools on how social media is used to encourage travel to Syria and Iraq.

We are required by law to work to protect people from radicalisation. The threat to the UK from terrorism remains real and serious, and public vigilance and awareness is crucial in helping to create a hostile environment for terrorists. School staff should be trained in Working to Raise Awareness of Prevent (WRAP 3), a Home Office workshop. And research suggests that young terrorists have a similar motivation – even though this is demonstrated in acts of destruction. How Games and Gamification Could Facilitate Radicalization Processes; Securitising education: an exploration of teachers’ attitudes and experiences regarding the implementation of the Prevent duty in sixth form colleges

He stressed the importance of having mixed schools, sports clubs, and youth clubs. If you find online material promoting terrorism, extremism or radicalisation, you can report it anonymously to the Home Office. It is important that schools and childcare providers understand these risks so that they can respond in an appropriate and proportionate way.


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