do not work properly without it enabled. The House of Lords is the second chamber of UK Parliament. This House of Lords Library briefing presents a range of information on the membership of the House of Lords as at 17 January 2020.

Lords Spiritual. Many members continue to be active in their fields and have successful careers in business, culture, science, sports, academia, law, education, health and public service. Four staff networks for people to discuss and consider issues. Members of the House of Lords bring experience and knowledge from a wide range of occupations. Find out how you can understand and feel engaged with the work of the House.

Learn about their experience, knowledge and interests. The Burns committee set out a detailed plan to reduce the Lords’ size to 600, via a combination of retirements and voluntary constraints on the Prime Minister’s appointment power.

The Act reformed the House of Lords, one of the chambers of Parliament.For centuries, the House of Lords had included several hundred members who inherited their seats (hereditary peers); the Act removed such a right.

Track current bills, keep up with committees, watch live footage and follow topical issues. The House of Lords Act 1999 (c. 34) is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that was given Royal Assent on 11 November 1999. You may find some parts of this website It plays a crucial role in examining bills, questioning government action and investigating public policy. Live and archived coverage of questions, debates and committee meetings.

Northern Ireland Protocol in spotlight as Lords check of internal market bill continues, Members discuss UK's international law obligations under the Protocol, Family unity and claims for asylum under spotlight, Members discuss food standards and trade agreements, Sustainability and environmental performance in Parliament, Work placements and apprenticeship schemes, Vote in general elections and referendums, Connect with members on the Lords Digital Chamber, Telephone: 0800 223 0855 (Freephone) or020 7219 3107. Read transcripts of debates in both Houses. Track current bills, keep up with committees, watch live footage and follow topical issues. Find them by name/location, party, gender, current/former status, and membership status. Behind the scenes a busy administration supports the House in its day to day duties. Contact the House of Lords enquiry service with general questions about the Lords: You appear to have JavaScript disabled in your browser settings. The House of Lords is the second chamber of UK Parliament.

Parliament's second chamber's eventful history which has shaped today’s House. That’s a very difficult question to answer.

In England, there are basically three ways in which to have a title of nobility and became a Lord. MPs and Members of the Lords sit in the two Chambers of Parliament scrutinising the Government and debating legislation. Parliament examines what the Government is doing, makes new laws, holds the power to set taxes and debates the issues of the day. 26 bishops of the Church of England sit in the House of Lords: the … Sign up for the Your Parliament newsletter to find out how you can get involved. Find Members of the Lords, read their biographical details and find their contact information.

Visitors are welcome to take a tour or watch debates and committees at the Houses of Parliament in London. See what is happening on our social media channels below.

Celebrating people who have made Parliament a positive, inclusive working environment.

Contact your MP or a Member of the House of Lords about an issue that matters to you. Find Members of Parliament (MPs) by postcode and constituency, and Members of the House of Lords by name and party. Read about how to contact an MP or Lord, petition Parliament and find out details of events in your area. Enter a name or title to find details about a Member of the House of Lords. More information about the role of members of the House of Lords. Find out about legislative work in the Lords' chamber and the select committee agenda.

Produced by Commons Library, Lords Library, and Parliamentary Office Science and Technology. The House of Lords press office deals with enquiries from the press and media. Sign up for the House of Lords newsletter for the latest news, debates and business.

There are lots of ways you can connect with our work online. See some of the sights you'll encounter on a tour of Parliament.

Access videos, worksheets, lesson plans and games. Find out what’s on today at the House of Commons and House of Lords.

Book a school visit, classroom workshop or teacher-training session. All figures are for the membership as at this date unless otherwise stated. Search for Members by name, postcode, or constituency. How the Lords shares the task of making laws and questioning the government. Your UK Parliament offers free, flexible support for teachers, community groups, and home educators to spark engagement and active citizenship. House of Lords, the upper chamber of Great Britain’s bicameral legislature.Originated in the 11th century, when the Anglo-Saxon kings consulted witans (councils) composed of religious leaders and the monarch’s ministers, it emerged as a distinct element of Parliament in the 13th and 14th centuries.


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