Not always. Her brother paid all her bills and got her off the hook.

Cited in Burns, Gary (1987).

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The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Most of these examples feature songs that have only one riff. The “I don’t care” attitude (in the parts with the riff) changes into an “I actually do care” sentiment. There are no rules of course, so not every song has one and in particularly catchy songs there can even be more than 1 hook. The song did an excellent job of combining both country and hip hop into a singable hook that everyone could recognize instantly and sing along too. A hook is a musical idea, a passage or phrase, that is believed a short, circular punch delivered with the elbow bent. As you listen to the song notice that because we expect to hear it, its absence makes an emotional impact. a stroke or line attached to the stem of eighth notes, sixteenth notes, etc. A lick is a simple, short and basic melody. There are 2 short moments where riff is not heard: just after the first chorus and at the very end. if (!window.AdButler){(function(){var s = document.createElement("script"); s.async = true; s.type = "text/javascript";s.src = '';var n = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; n.parentNode.insertBefore(s, n);}());} He hooked it when he saw the truant officer. Anything from a short tune to an entire chorus can be the hook. This song from 1969 is composed of 3 sections almost like a classical ABA form. So the structure of the song is simply the ‘conversation’ going on between the recurring guitar riff and the vocal line. Davidson, Miriam; Heartwood, Kiya (1996). a piece of material, usually metal, curved or bent and used to suspend, catch, hold, or pull something, something that attracts or is intended to be an attraction, something resembling a hook in design or use, a sharp bend or angle in a geological formation, esp a river, a short swinging blow delivered from the side with the elbow bent, a shot in which the ball is hit square on the leg side with the bat held horizontally, a shot that causes the ball to swerve sharply from right to left, a stroke added to the stem of a written or printed note to indicate time values shorter than a crotchet, out of danger; free from obligation or guilt, (of a telephone receiver) not on the support, so that incoming calls cannot be received, to fasten or be fastened with or as if with a hook or hooks, to catch (something, such as a fish) on a hook, to curve like or into the shape of a hook, (of bulls, elks, etc) to catch or gore with the horns, to make (a rug) by hooking yarn through a stiff fabric backing with a special instrument, to impede (an opposing player) by catching hold of him with the stick, to obtain and pass (the ball) backwards from a scrum to a member of one's team, using the feet, Small dishwashers that fit in almost any kitchen, When cell phones were a “hot new industry”, Scientists Found a Way to Turn Bricks Into Batteries. Sometimes it’s best to just throw all the rules out of the window and create something fresh that’s uniquely yours. It can be the entire chorus, just a part of it or something else altogether.

The term, of course, is a metaphor from fishing where the hook is meant to lure and catch fish. This is a lyrical hook because it very clearly depends on the lyrics. In music, the word "hook" refers to that part of a song that catches the ear of the listener. The hook is 'what you're selling'[5], and can be something as insubstantial as a 'sound' (such as da doo ron ron) but, ideally should contain one or more of the following: (a) a driving, danceable rhythm; (b) a melody that stays in people's minds; (c) a lyric that furthers the dramatic action, or defines a person or place.[5]. In fact, there’s plenty of examples of massively successful pop songs that used only two notes in the hook. For example, in the song "Be My Baby", performed by The Ronettes, the hook consists of the words "be my baby" over the conventional I–vi–IV–V chord progression of the chorus. In other words, it's a lyrical line or melodic phrase that makes the song memorable. But how do you write something catchy? 114, no. And they can also be quite new and original. Harmonically simple: normally beginning on tonic and ending on the dominant (creating a seamless cycle of tonic to dominant through the repetitions). These parts can be broken down further and further into shorter and shorter musical ideas. The package comes with everything you’ll need to hook it up and keep your kitchen clean every night. The hook is often found in a line in the chorus or a catchy chorus can be the hook. We have this really super simple whistle. It hooks us as a moment of high emotional intensity! The hook is any part of the song that is meant to grab the attention of its listeners. to catch hold of and draw (loops of yarn) through cloth with or as if with a hook. Some song hooks might even invent entirely new words or terms like Party Rocking or YOLO. Like the riff, it can be short but it can also be an entire verse or chorus. 2 : something curved or bent like a … Some hooks become popular without using any unusual elements. This 4-bar riff begins the song and keeps going as it becomes accompaniment for the verse. In this case a lick can be a hook if it grabs attention and it can be a riff if it becomes a notable element of the song. The term generally applies to popular music, especially rock music, R&B, hip hop, dance music, and pop. 5. Once again, it’s a short and catchy melodic idea and almost all the musical material of this section come from it. What’s really interesting is that since it’s so prominent, it’s practically also a riff for this section. Lyrical hooks: based on a catchy phrase or verse. Lyrics about our instinct to communicate, be loved, feel young, tap into spirituality, be afraid, be happy, celebrate holidays and life events, or be sad are time tested places to start. Put an instrumental hook first.

After "setting the hook" securely, Carol and Bill donned swim suits, dove overboard and swam lazily the 300 yards in to shore.

What hooks us (and what the song is known for) is this melody in the chorus. Very similar to the one above, the role of this riff is that of a ‘theme’ that serves as a refrain and a basis for improvisation. Your audience most likely won’t be able to remember a complicated modal jazz run! In this context you can say songwriting is somewhat like fishing; make your hook strong and appealing and you should be able to catch the fish and reel them in. catch the ear of the listener" (Covach 2005, p.71).


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