lee kwang soo please, Kanchan Jan 18 2019 6:31 am And out of other korean drama the romantic scene here is very good!

Lizhas May 05 2019 6:44 am Really love this drama ... How?? Niki411 Apr 03 2019 2:36 pm They even look like a real couple ?? Hi everyone...does anyone here know the song title being played in the last part of ep.9...please letme know...? W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; xx, lovely May 17 2019 1:19 am Btw, the ost in ep 9 is from ha sungwoon - think about you.

The duo Park Min-Young and Kim Jae-Wook is obviously fantastic, but the one that impresses me even more is Park Min-Young and Park Jin-Joo. The comedy part of it was pretty funny. [2] However, as July 2016, according to the Library of Congress, the film was found in an Italian archive. Of course, I will support the casts as well, especially my love Kim Jae Wook.

They were able to successfully pull off a great plot diagram that wasn't emotionally dragging and quirky enough to give the right emotions to their audience. yes...PMY and KJW... Novi Jan 27 2019 7:14 am | Privacy Policy | Contact, First script reading took place February 25, 2019, http://asianwiki.com/index.php?title=Her_Private_Life&oldid=1186379, "Her Private Life" takes over tvN's Wed. & Thu. HPL May 31 2019 7:43 am T Jun 11 2020 8:02 pm Love This Drama!!!!! plss help,,, what was the song they sang when they were busking?? They introduce different job descriptions and this is what makes this Korean Drama valuable compared to other story lines. [3], For the South Korean television series, see, Walter Pidgeon, Montagu Love and Billie Dove, List of early Warner Bros. sound and talking features. How about cringy scenes? Also Park Min Young does an great job in my opinion. story line is common, but i love seeing them together.. hope they work together again in another drama, Cath123 Oct 02 2020 9:26 am Guess what! Ika FtIslandLover May 09 2019 7:55 am I like the acting, I like the characters and actors here but, the story ugh doesn't have to be dragging, too many filler scenes. Kim Bo-ra also does a good job of making her character Cindy grow over the 16 episodes from that of an unbearable, spoiled, ignorant rich brat into a girl who finds herself and relates increasingly well with her co-workers and her community. Seong Deok Mi is working in the Cheum Museum of Art as a head curator. The plot concerns an English aristocrat who causes a scandal when she divorces her husband and runs off with a young American. A breath of fresh air for K-Drama! For people who dropped this drama because they "think" it's no longer interesting when they're together and can guess what happen, well you miss out. Profile. But the love story come too fast. it is lightweight, but it's fun to watch especially with all the handsome and beautiful actors from PMY, KJW, ABH to One. Long-awaited drama He could be that boy in white in Episode 1. its a nice watch but not wow, I could rewatch the love moments the 2 spent but not rewatch the drama. Nana Oct 16 2019 1:13 am Just Watch It! i really enjoyed the first two episodes and i'm impatient for the next ones! The best thing about the drama is the perfect chemistry between Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young. Ep 1-10 is okay but the presiding episodes were boring and can't focus to what the story goes. Her works speak for themselves. This is a drama that I am fangirling for. Seen better dramas out there, storyline was average. Dosheyan Apr 12 2019 6:56 am Life is not easy, and a hobby can help you get past the difficult times. Deok Mi and Ryan both goes to visit Si An because of an exhibition in the museum - due to misunderstanding rumors spread that Si An and Deok Mi are dating.

The Broadway version Gentlemen Prefer Blondes starring Carol Channing as Lorelei Lee was mounted in 1949. Her Private Life is a light drama. NNA May 08 2019 6:34 am Jungyi Mar 29 2019 11:57 am

Sally Mar 24 2019 5:29 pm He used to be an artist but now he can't even draw due to Stendhal syndrome. maybe they are not interested korean people with the story mostly common about fangirling. I love this drama, park min young so cute. Love the cast and the drama cant wait fir the next chapters z?? Breezee Mar 19 2019 5:46 am

Alvina Nov 30 2019 9:59 am Seems like they are running out of ideas to develop. In this drama I didn't feel any chemistry between the main leads. I and many watch this drama even more than once each episode. She is a huge fan of idol group member Shi-An and secretly runs a fan website about him. 21:30 time slot previously occupied by ". But sometimes in a drama he played, I like his character more than the main leads, for example in Temperature of Love. If it wasn't for Park Min Young, i wouldn't finished it. The story is very light and simple but enjoyable. Her Private Life 2019 (South Korea), also known as Her Personal Life, Geunyeoui Sasaenghwal is South Korea drama premiere on Apr 3, 2019 on tvN, A romantic comedy about a talented gallery curator named Sung Duk Mi, who is an idol fangirl underneath her professional veneer. ?? The director and writer focuses more on the romance which i hope shouldn’t be as they are selling this as a fangirling series.

Haha! I can find the title of the song played in episode 8 when Deok-Mi and Ryan Gold doing some carpentry works (working table of Cho Da In). Nonetheless, "Her Private Life" was objectively the best drama during all of its airing, and its bright side maybe wouldn't have been as bright without its dark shadows. Minyon Sep 20 2020 12:14 am Her Private Life Episode 16. This drama is definitely promising, and relatable to any closed fangirls out there XD. Título: 그녀의 사생활 / Geunyeoeui Sasaenghwal Título en ingles: Her Private Life Género: Drama, Comedia, Romance Episodios: 16 Cadena: tvN Periodo de emisión: 10-Abril-2019 al 30-Mayo-2019 Horario: Miércoles y Jueves 21:30 Banda sonora: Her Private Life OST Sinopsis. I think from a girl band but it was not official soundtrack:( i mean not (g)i_dle song yes. Fall in love with this... bbbahn Apr 18 2019 5:40 pm Eunki is somehow not Deokmi's blood-related sibling because of the surname he has.....I hope that he's not having any crush on her tho:( bcs it will be super hurts:( "Stop watching all other dramas and start watching Her private life".Love it. Also Kim Mi-Kyung, always, is the best in her portray of the role. He possesses a fantastic repertoire of acting skills - from murderer to priest to romantic lead. This is not a bad drama, also not a perfect one either. I also have to agree with @Jay below. Ep10’s kiss is to dieeeee for.

I love the story, not just the romance but also the life of an artist! Night Watch is a 1928 American drama film directed by Alexander Korda and starring Billie Dove, Paul Lukas and Donald Reed. Kim Jae Wook knows how to let ladies swoon over him... and Park Min Young is looking stunningly Gorgeous.

Can't wait for this rom-com drama. These two are really stealing all the show in the role of two girls whose friendship was born through their common passion for the same singer. 8.2/10 from 11 users. I'm so excited to watch this drama ! Not a fan of Slapstick comedy. + I sure do like twists and for this, I didn't really expect something complicated and I was okay with that. First kiss after lots of moment they've share together... luvvvss. So funny and refreshing. But i definitely gnna watch this one.

Kim Jae-Wook and Park Min-Young are great together. Oh My Hearteu! But it talks about more on Family, Friendship, Career, being a professional and understanding in relationships and the character itself.. 8 out of 10.

<3, Loraine May 02 2019 5:26 am The film had been considered a lost film. Kana May 02 2019 6:13 am It has a lot of morals I can't put in one emotion and this is exactly what the whole series made me feel. *, JungJaewonIsLife Apr 28 2019 9:02 pm *. I love this drama ? Full of romance. I liked "Her private life" the most maybe because this also shows realism and it is more likely the type of living I would attain in the near future. Besides the acting, I think the plot/script has an amazing balance of romance and comedy but not cringe at all, sure some details of the fangirl life may seem cringe but overall on romance level there are no awkward/cringe moments that makes the watcher wanna look away/have second-hand embarrassment. Ganda May 02 2019 1:19 pm Kim Jae Wook handsome face with awesome acting is a bonus! Boy, was I right! This is what i called a bad drama.

Simply told us how people could fall in love. I feel like this could be done by ep 12.

I already watched this drama.. And it's so awesome!!

lolaloli Jun 02 2019 10:27 pm The stars of the film were Anna Q. Nilsson and Walter Pidgeon, then in a very early role in his career. At first i didnt notice that he dont share family name with deok mi despite they are family until i open this page, but i noticed his glare at deok mi from the first ep, it’s not like brother-sister look, more likely man-woman. Really really love this drama.. Love the chemistry between Kim Jae-Wook and Park Min-Young!! The artists who are part of the filming crew deliver. Director: Hong Jong Chan. omg how i looooove this drama so far ... great chemistry... great acting..awesome plot...cant believe i have to wait till next week for epi 6. Title: Her Private Life/Geunyeoui Sasaenghwal/그녀의 사생활. am Thankful they give the role of Ryan Gold to Kim Jae Wook he really deserves it & I don't know if its just me there is a lot of times when he kinda looks like Gong Yoo. But then as i keep on watching i can see that he's a really adorable guy and i started to stan him. I think the best chemistry is in this drama. I love Kim Jae Wook, especially. other actors are good too and i like the plot. The fangirling part is quite hilarious. Un modeste admirateur May 31 2019 10:12 pm This drama transforms itself to something more far reaching than a fangirl!! A perfect 10 for me!!! It's a fun drama with good actors, one thing that bug me is the representation of the fans, from one side they're representing very correctly but on the other they're making it seem like toxic fan traits are normal in their industry, wich might be the case for many but it's disgusting and sad for many fans who aren't like that yet they're being representing in that light. It's her who spread the rumors about Deok Mi and Si An dating. But whatever boring things you imagine, this drama break it down for you and deliver everything that surpass your expectation. Gotta admit, the 1st two episodes or so did seem slow, but Don't U Worry 'cause after that it gets So. Fangirls like me can definitely relate.

Chemistry? -Ryan. the dog in beauty inside.. Asianwiki_user Apr 19 2019 1:08 am The film had been considered a lost film. It wasn’t revolutionary, but all the characters were fully fleshed out, there were no “bad guys”, and everyone had a resolution to their storyline. Main Role. Everything is indeed amazing, from the cast, storyline, the chemistry between the leads, the production staff and others! Really Love this story and it will be one of my favorite story of all the time. I think Jung Je Won (One) also joined the cast as an idol ^^. Usually don't leave reviews on kdramas, but I just had to for this one because its so.


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