This PaceAce formulation awards points to a horse that consistently runs faster than par at various fractions for that class of animal, and penalizes horses who run slower than par for that class. A ‘Performance Rating’ measures overall performance and projects how a horse will likely run against today’s competition. The slide rule itself, plus the instruction manual, are in superb condition. We have found that keeping track of what PER's are winning certain types of races is invaluable in the selection process.Finally, although the PRO version still lets you enter data manually, it also lets you load a single-file format data file from either BRIS or TSN. If the horse is the leader, the small number indicates how many lengths the horse is in front of the horse running in second. He paid a nice $14.80 for the victory. Speed figures.

That's why we do not rely on these horses to predict the pace of the race. The inner nerd in me loves the old fashioned calculator layout. Why bother? We need to emphasize that we can not always predict the pace just by looking at the pace numbers and running styles of individual horses in the race. Pricing & History. By using "AMER-VAL," accurate comparison figs may be easily determined . We absolutely, positively guarantee that the Raw Pace Leader Box will lead you to win, place and exotic payoffs that you never, ever would have come up with on your own.

RACING ANGLES By TAULBOT Horse Racing Handicapping, RARE!! Pace is the name of the game, believe it or not and it gets lost sometimes in the hype of the event, whether it is the Kentucky Derby or Breeders’ Cup Day. Okay, then We’re off to the races! Horse Racing Questions Everyone Is Embarrassed To Ask. Handicapping: The Sartin Modeler - A PRN TOP TEN ! Though created decades the brilliant mind of Ray Taulbot [it remains] as current as tomorrow's racing card." Articles, How Sports Cards Became a Tangible Asset Class and a Legitimate Alternative Investment, Rinker on Collectibles Q/A: A Teddy Bear, a Slot Machine, an Upholstered Couch, and a Red Mill Figurine, By continuing to use the site, you are consenting to the use of cookies as explained in our. Are you loking for horse handicapping?

I wanted a rating that would encompass final time, along with pace, track variant, track bias, etc. Note that ‘Couple also had one of the ‘Best Early’ pace numbers, as well as one of the ‘Best Late’ pace numbers —.

The calculator ( slide rule, in perfect working order ) rates horses that finished within a certain lengths prerequisite. The Pitlak Energy Ratio (PER) differs from the numbers used in the Sartin Method in two ways. Those who master this process are called handicappers. Introducing the BLCO Pocket Handicapper No race fan should be without it ! Top odds, super live streaming, close to instant withdrawals and a state-of-the-art mobile app.. Handicapping Tools & Where To Get Them For Free. The pace ratings come from several representative races, not just one pace line, which most other pace methodologies and programs rely upon. This graph will clearly show which runner(s) have an advantage at the various calls as well as the finish.

The early pace (measured at 4f) and the late pace (measured for the remainder of the race after the ½ mile time) can be directly compared against each other. Based on the Sartin Method's concept of measuring energy distribution, it calculates a number which represents the ratio of energy expenditure during the early and last parts of the race. -. The eventual result was what I believe to be the most consistently accurate ratings available to the horseplayer. Check out the 4th at Evangeline on June 13: Payoffs of $475.80 for a $2 Exacta  $3,005.30  for a $1 Trifecta and $3,716.10 for a $1 Superfecta. The process of using available information to identify and find a winning horse is called handicapping. Pace handicapping helps the bettor determine what horse is likely to go early and which will stay fast late. While this horse did not qualify as a Raw Pace Leader, or Best Early or Best Late, PaceAce arrived at this runner based on both pace and Automator criteria. Handicapping can tell you if the horse is fast enough to outrun its rivals, whether or not it is racing in an appropriate race for its skill level, and even reveal any possible physical problems the horse may have. Like our original Sartin Method Calculator, the "PRO" takes all the data juggling out of calculating the running velocities between calls used in the Sartin Method, but it does so much more!

The ‘Plus’ Play is a very consistent and high average win mutuel selector. A horse could have great pace numbers, but if his recent activity (races & workouts) is spotty, those numbers could be rendered meaningless.

‘Most pace programs I’ve seen emphasize either the actual times the horse records at each fraction, or the actual fractions of each race (and the horse receives numbers generated by the race, regardless of where the horse ran early or finished). Included with the calculator is what is called the "AMER-VAL" daily variant . Maybe even be the best horse handicapper. Click below to begin your paid subscription. Join a Racebook for Handicapping Tournaments, Mastering The Fundamentals Of Handicapping, The Mathematical Horse Racing Betting System, The Pace Makes the Race – Understanding Running Styles, How To Bet Blinkers On And Off In Horseracing, Try Picking Losers In Horse Racing To Win Big Money, The Paulick Report Review :, 2020 Kentucky Derby Becomes A Victim Of Covid-19. It's practical and usable, it's collectable , and, oh yes . © 2020 - WorthPoint Corporation | 5 Concourse Parkway NE, Suite 2850. Anaheim Ducks Hat, Snapback. And, it is presented as the ratio of these two squares. Class. At first most races will run different from what you expected but will soon have a better handle on the numbers and better payoffs. Many handicappers wanted a program by which they could measure ‘true’ pace, like in the old ‘Sartin’ tradition. It rates sprints from 5-7 furlongs and routes from 1-70 to 10 furlongs (Kentucky Derby!) This way you don’t have to look at every race if you don’t have the time or inclination. What is the best-selling Pace Software of all time? We began the Summary Page Feature a couple of Software packages ago and it has quickly become one of the most popular features. Computabet is a handicapping tool.

How is this done? a 47% Discount off the retail Price!! Select a bet amount in the left column. This is the factor that separates the ‘pace-men’ from the ‘pace-boys’.

another clue to the likely wire-to-wire running style this horse exhibited. you will often spot a horse who is likely to reach the 1/2 or 3/4 pole much quicker than is obvious. Follow these simple steps to figure out how much to bet. Atlanta, Georgia 30328 | 877.481.5750, Up for auction is the original 1982 version of the classic Ray Taulbot Pace Calculator. Note also that one of the Best Early horses, #6, finished 2nd and the Exacta paid $62.

The beauty of PaceAce is that is does not rely on pace ratings alone (although as you can see from the above, they can put a smile on your face often). This figure means that the horse has been racing between third and Unreliable trainers. Handicapping requires an ability to analyze data found in what are known as the past performances. So, in summary, PACE-ACE, Plus©  is a uniquely formulated software powerhouse that measures feet-per-second at every call and then crunches current par times to uncover ‘hidden’ pace factors that will often put you on horses you previously never would have given a second look to.

Form. All of our software is fully guaranteed – 30-Day Full Money Back Guarantee, Pace Ace Plus, Randy’s Discount Offer  $110.70, Horse Racing Software Archives - RPM Handicapping Giant, Latest Handicapping Horse Racing Software - RPM. Handicapping can tell you if the horse is fast enough to outrun its rivals, whether or not it is racing in an appropriate race for its skill level, and even reveal any possible physical problems the horse may have. Horses with running style that does not match the pace numbers.

First thing we look and mark on the detail report is any horse that has any positive or negative Marks. And while either method provides you with reasonably good pace figures, ‘reasonably good’ is about as far as they go. I wanted to look at a more ‘complete’ picture, in other words, so I decided to pursue this avenue.


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