Crowley smirked, leaning forward over the table, pulling down his glasses so the barest hint of his eyes was visible to Aziraphale. That need for everything to happen at once and being forced to wait as the process sloughed along unhurriedly at its own pace. This is inspired by some plurk conversations I had with a plurk friend (Thanks Skree!) Their color wasn't entirely black, glistening in a rainbow of dark hues in places as Crowley's wings shimmered in the overhead light.

Crowley notices how unkempt Aziraphale's wings are and offers to help. From experience, he knew to have it all preened, the molting process finally completed, always felt good, something of a relief. Community. Follow/Fav Wings. he asked, slightly disappointed and at least sixty percent sure that his wings were at least partially bald. "Feel free to give me all the assistance you desire," Crowley said in a low tone, making Aziraphale's offer sound scandalous when it was anything but. "Love to.". He made sure to put them in proper alignment when they released, fingers rubbing them to the end. "Besides, not everyone has as much time as you do to spend on their appearance. He experimentally sank his other hand deep into Crowley's wing, massaging the skin below the feathers, the demon's groan not going unnoticed. He reveled in their delicateness, fingertips stroking them as they quickly warmed in his hand. Aziraphale doubted Crowley had allowed anyone to lay hands on him in such a vulnerable state before, the trust on Crowley's part saying much. Good Omens - crowley/aziraphale - gen any character Harry Potter- drarry, wolfstar, lily/james - gen most characters The Losers - cougar/jensen Ratings I am willing to do: G, Teen, Mature. You have time to take care of your wings," Crowley shifted a few inches away from the angel, looking at the wings as if he were some kind of hairstylist. "Your place or mine?". Eventually, it comes out in the present day and Aziraphale finds out that Crowley can’t help but consider them mates, and very thoroughly agrees because he is NOT offended by the possessiveness in the slightest, in fact, he encourages it. He dragged his fingertips down the angel's back, careful not to scratch him as he worked the muscles in his back. Original Audio: Please leave a LIKE! "Dear, nobody except you sees the wings anyways, so why is it necessary to spend time preening them?" fics where Aziraphale has to look after Crowley, including, protecting him from other angels, or other demons, Crowley being ill, or Crowley being the one to have doubts about their relationship. And then Crowley moved to the left, starting again at the tip and turning over every feather, combing his fingers through them, massaging his way down, back up and back down again. Can someone do the translation sub for me :') thanks!

Crowley absolutely was.

"Did you really have to take out so many?" Aziraphale asked quietly, lightly gripping another loose feather. Clamp 1. Good Omens crossover fanfiction archive. He put it down to Crowley's bad influence, which considering how long they'd known each other, was rather substantial.


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