: NOU 1998: 18. (Noyes 13), Noyes states, Research into folklore began to emerge as an independent discipline during the period of romantic nationalism in Europe.


Note: You’ll find a short URL by clicking “share document” in Lovdata.

an abbreviated heading (or the first few words of the heading) in quotation marks, in cases in which the heading is too unwieldy to cite in full. DOI/URL, Ex. Format:  All authors. New York, NY: Parkwood Records (August 16).

Guidelines for processing child welfare cases where children have ties to other countries. Note: If information on DOIor URLis missing exclude this form the reference. Fill in the fields: Author, Year, Title, Place published, Publisher. Ex. Ex.

Health behaviour among non-western immigrants with danish citizenship.

While this is the same idea as footnotes, APA calls for a specially-formatted footnotes page.

Title in italics [Conference presentation]. Fly [Television series episode].

50-95). Writer surname, initial(s) (Writer), & Director surname, initial(s) (Director). All I see in the manual is examples of references. A guide to citation. From Internet: Fill in the fields Author, Year, Title, Thesis type (include name of institution), Name of Database, URL. https://serialpodcast.org/season-one. If the author is unknown, the first few words of the reference should be used. Summary: APA (American Psychological Association) style is most commonly used to cite sources within the social sciences. (Ed.).

DOI/URL, Ex. The Alibi [Audio Podcast episode].

In (Ed. Note: Newspaper consisting of separate parts: include A before the page number for part 1,  B for part 2 etc: Fill in the fields: Reporter, Year, Title, Newspaper, Pages, Issue date. (2015). Format: Authors. However, sometimes it is … series: Format series: Writer / Director / Producer (Roles). (Year, month day).

: Habermas, J.

It’s not optional. (1987).

A guide to citation rules (2nd ed., pp. Format: Author.

A parametric framework for modelling of bioelectrical signals. Format:  Authors. (2017, May 21). Note: If the copyright date and recording date are different, use both dates in the text citation.

(Year). The impact of international influence on microbanks’ performance: A global survey. (Ed.). Note: If an encyclopedia does not have an editor, you do .not have to include this in your reference. (Year). (1972).

(Year of Release). :  Lave, J., & Wenger, E. (1991). General Chemistry with Qualitative Analysis (10th ed.). (Year). (Q-42/2015) [Circular]. (year).

Citation: Why is it so important. Retrieved from https://www.mendeley.com/reference-management/reference-manager, How to Cite a Journal Article in Print or Online in APA Format. , Research News, pp.9. EX series: Gervais, R. (Writer and Director), & Merchant, S. (Writer and Director).

The only use for footnotes in APA Style is to provide additional content that supplements the text (e.g., to briefly acknowledge a tangential idea that is nevertheless important to the discussion or to note copyright permission for reprinting a lengthy quote). : Bergan, M. A. APA Footnotes. City: Publisher.

(Producer), & Hitchcock, A. This differs from other source documentation styles that use a combination of footnotes or endnotes and a bibliography for that purpose. Home » Education » Difference Between Citation and Footnote. (Year). In the text of your paper, footnote numbers should be superscripted and should follow any punctuation (except a dash). They are not used for references in APA style.

Format:  The 19 first authors, … last author. Chapter title. Writer surname, initial(s) (Writer), & Director surname, initial(s) (Director). München: EMI.

Changes to citation formats shake the research world. Aquatic viruses and global climate change. APA citation rules. This follows the same structure as an edited book chapter reference except the publisher is exchanged for a URL. (Proposition number). Title. The basic structure is as follows: Edited book chapter example: In the following example, B.N. Publisher. Før tariffoppgjøret 2016: Adgangen til å opprette (brede) felles tjenestepensjonsordninger.

Note: If you only find the presentation abstract, write [Conference presentation abstract], Fill in the Fields: Author, Year, Title, Conference Name, Conference Location, date, Type, URL. (2017).

In J. Marxsen (Ed. (or Retrieved from URL).

Fill in the fields Author, Year, Title, Editor, Encyclopedia Title, Edition and URL.

URL, Ex: Huang, P., Yanchun, S., Zhu, R., & Wu, Y. The notes and bibliography style is one of two citation options provided by the Chicago Manual of Style.Each time a source is quoted or paraphrased, a superscript number is placed in the text, which corresponds to a footnote or endnote containing details of the … 2: Bernard, F. & Smith, R. B. « How to Cite an Annual Report in APA Style | Either way, it’s important to know how to use footnotes properly. Fill in the Fields: Author (press enter between the authors to separate them) Year, Title, Place published and Publisher. https://www.regjeringen.no/en/dokumenter/q-422015-guidelines-for-processing-child-welfare-cases-where-children-have-ties-to-other-countries/id2467847/, Note:If you do not have an URL, omit the information, Fill in the fields Author (write the name of the ministry), Year, Title of work, Number, Institution, URL. Ex. Publisher. year: page. : The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training. How citation changed the research world. Helping families build neighborhood libraries [Conference presentation]. : Chivvis, D. (Producer).

Format: Producer / Writer / Director, Year / Yearspan, Note: For online media, such as streaming video, the upload date should be added.

), URL. Ex. The daily telegraph. URL, Ex.

Publisher. (Year).

Title of film [Motion Picture]. (Year). A, last name), Name of encyclopedia in italics (edition, volume, page).

The basic format is as follows: Williams, S.T. In S.T, Williams (Ed.). (year). City, State of original channel: Network, Studio or Distributor, Catlin, M., and Walley-Beckett, Moire (Writers), & Johnson, R (Director).

Format: Author’s last name, A. B.

http://www.udir.no. Elements of a reference ... A footnote is a brief note that provides additional content or copyright attribution. thesis, University]. (2017).

50-95). Format: Author’s last name year: page number, Format: Author’s last name, A.A/Institution. This is a complete guide to APA (American Psychological Association) in-text and reference list citations. The equivalent resource for the older APA 6 style can be found here. Beacon press. Note: If the online version refers to a print edition, include the edition number after the title. (1984-1987).

: Archibald, J. D. (2017). Audiovisual media In-text citations.

Title in italics. Retrieved from https://www.mendeley.com/reference-management/reference-manager. Title in italics (edition). (2017).

To reference a single chapter, a different format is needed. Format: Author. This resource, revised according to the 6 th edition, second printing of the APA manual, offers examples for the general format of APA research papers, in-text citations, endnotes/footnotes, and the reference page. For more information about referencing sources in APA: Formatting In-text Citations (APA) Formatting the References Page (APA) In Executive producer surname, initial(s) (Executive Producer), TV series name. Format: Producer (Roles). APA Referencing Basics: In-Text Citation. Note: If you have a print version, add Publisher. & Paice, I. Subsequently this can be shortened. Personal notes, e-mails, conversations, lecture notes etc.

Format: Author’s/Composer’s last name, A.A. (copyright year). How and when to reference. What is the Difference Between Tyler and Wheeler... What is the Difference Between Article and Journal.

Troy is the author of the chapter and S.T. 2: Juha, T. M., Mirva, P., & Petri, M. T. P. (2010). (2016) Hold up [Recorded by Beyonce]. Vi benytter informasjonskapsler (cookies) for å gi deg en best mulig opplevelse. To register more than one author, press enter between each author. (2010).

The theory of communicative action (vol. URL, Ex: Radic, A.

ed.). Format:  Editor’s last name, A.

The structure of this changes depending on whether a direct quote or parenthetical used: Direct Quote: The citation must follow the quote directly and contain a page number after the date, for example (Mitchell, 2017, p.104). Retrieved from https://www.mendeley.com/reference-management/reference-manager. Although it is not in the main text, a content footnote is relevant and important.

Ex: Koenig, S. (Author). Revised on July 8, 2020. 50-95). Check out our other citation guides on MLA 8 and Harvard referencing. In-text references must be included following the use of a quote or paraphrase taken from another piece of work. 26-28, Millais, J.E.

Note: List the primary contributors in the author position.

A reference list is a complete list of references used in a piece of writing including the author name, date of publication, title and more. Episode title [Television series episode]. The result might be delicious, but it wouldn’t be blueberry pancakes, would it? On Have yourself a merry little Christmas  [CD]. DOI/URL: Ex. This differs from other source documentation styles that use a combination of footnotes or endnotes and a bibliography for that purpose. Start the Footnotes section on its own page and center the word ‘Footnotes’ on the top of the page. Name the person cited and if necessary working place.


(2010). Dr Nadine Muller. (2017). (2017). When you have finished inserting references, first choose Convert to plain text, then delete authors from the list and add … before the last author name.

APA details the use of two types of footnotes: content and copyright. Place published: publisher. Note: Conference presentations may be published in books and journals, in such cases follow the templates for Chapter in edited book or journal article .

APA Style, endnotes, footnotes. URL. Oslo: Sosial- og helsedepartementet.

https://serialpodcast.org/season-one/1/the-alibi, Author (+ role in Label), Year, Title of podcast (in Italics), Type, URL. Ex. APA footnotes and APA endnotes may appear on the page after references.

Note: If volume or issue number is missing, this information is excluded. Note: When DOI or URL is missing, this information is excluded.

Fill in the fields: Author, Title, Year, URL. For a summary of all the references for each source type along with examples take a look at our Ultimate Citation Cheat Sheet. (Year). Producer (Executive producers) Title of series. Retrieved from www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/millais-ophelia-n01506. Type of Information If there is insufficient information, try to find the original source.

Artist if different from writer].


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