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He quickly put his finger on her lips to prevent her from retaliating as he proceeded to explain his reasoning for convincing their soon to be retiring Sergeant, Greg Parker into coming over to look after her and their unborn child. As Shannon led Jules towards the garage Jules seeing no other choice tried to use some of her hand to hand training on her assailant and also by taking a small lamp from an end table in front of their living room and slamming it into Shannon's head knocking her down.

Sam whispered as he kissed her good bye and headed out the door for SRU headquarters. The only exception is Curtis, her boyfriend in high school who dumped her the day after graduation. "At the rate you're going I'll need to start buying 2 dozen of those at a time.". Author's notes: I'm bored and miss my Flashpoint so enjoy. Later in the episode, she and Sam argue about whether she will go into a possibly dangerous structure to rescue children from a daycare. View production, box office, & company info. Greg Parker's heart raced as he went room to room of the Braddock family home clearing the house and calling for Jules without success. Jules with her husband, Sam and their daughter, Sadie. It is assumed that Jules was also promoted to Team Leader in Team One, although that was not explicitly stated. The sign is eventually changed in season 2 when Leah Kerns joins Team One. "Umm….the Boss will be here around noon after his physical therapy to check on you two", Sam nervously announced to her knowing she wouldn't like it.

To her shock, Shannon on the floor took out the pillow of some kind out of her stomach area revealing to Jules that she was faking her pregnancy before lunging back at her. However, in "The Cost of Doing Business," Greg Parker - while telling Jules that she had been awarded "law enforcement professional of the year" by Police Services - discovers that Sam and Jules are continuing their relationship when Sam (who was apparently unaware that Greg had stopped by) comes down stairs only half dressed to ask Jules whether she wanted eggs for breakfast and stops short at the sight of Greg. "Hey" Jules Callaghan Braddock answered groggily in response to his kiss, as she stretched her arms out to further wake herself up from her dead sleep.

"Probably." As Greg Parker drew himself closer to the front door of the home, something alerted his twenty year police instincts immediately.

By the time the team can trace and surround the abandoned warehouse, Kevin has locked up parker to die from a timer-triggered explosion on account of the death of his lover Haley's mother ten years ago. She tells Sam at a coffee shop and he automatically acts like she is fragile asking "Do you want something to drink? "Maybe the bubble wrap would have been easier" she giggled thinking of the inside joke between her and Sam when they first found out about her pregnancy. Jules has a tendency to go after men whose names start with 'S': Scott, Steve, Sam. The files about what actually happened then, key to the case, are legally sealed. "Just please tell me what this is about?"

She was managing to stay calm, and had been in worse situations in her mind but she wasn't also pregnant in those situations and had her teammates in her ear.

"I love you." As they learn more about the people who abducted him, they uncover a secret he's kept hidden for 10 years.

Sam then starts talking about telling the team, but Jules is hesitant. "The only thing that is going to happen here is you're going to shut up and we are going for a ride in your car.". According to Run To Me, Jules' mother died during this time, when Jules was sixteen. (30 Jul 2010). But she wouldn't so here it goes.

In "Keep the Peace, Part 2",it is assumed that Jules is still serving on Team One, but Sam has transferred to the Team Leader position of Team Three, filling a vacancy left by the death of Donna Sabine in "Keep the Peace, Part 1". Takes place 3 months after Keep the Peace 1 and 2, so don't read if you don't want spoilers. Spoilers from Season 5 Keep the Peace 1 and 2. He gave a half-hearted smile at the thoughts he was not yet ready to accept as he approached the Braddock family home. The team has to try to keep the subject calm because of the risk of causing the anthrax samples in the lab to become airborne spores. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Sam Braddock was in complete awe about his life. The Jules Callaghan-Braddock daily routine became making herbal tea, some breakfast, watch the news and prepare lunch for her and Greg Parker who would be over soon enough to babysit her and her unborn child. She tells him not to treat her any different or like she is "covered in bubble wrap". A sudden cold chill ran up his spine at the flash of memory of him hearing her anguish cries as she attempted to rescue some children trapped at a day care center during the bombings terrorized him into thinking much worse than a rebar digging into her leg. She watched as her best friend withdrew from society for days, and then weeks, because she couldn't stand another day without her mom. One big change was Greg Parker's upcoming retirement in six months from the SRU. However, Toth and Greg are interrupted when Team 1 gets a call and the team is sent in without Greg (with Sam and Jules unaware that it is because Toth is questioning him about their relationship and threatening to suspend him). After driving five miles out of town, she was stopped by Officer Mary Falon who, instead of arresting Jules or even informing Jules' father of her drunk driving, took her home and talked to her until morning.

As a woman in law enforcement, she has worked harder than most for her spot in Team One and moved up the ranks from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Jules asked calmly as she drew from her SRU negotiating skills. "I'm sorry for dropping by unannounced but I didn't know where else to go and I know you're a cop."

"Oh little one…I can't wait until you get here." Julianna "Jules" Callaghan works as a sniper, profiler, and backup negotiator for the Strategic Response Unit's Team One.

"But I didn't know what else to do and since we exchanged addressed the other day I thought…." phase during which she played guitar and sang for a rock band. Her understanding of human psychology makes her effective in talking down many subjects, and though Team One isn't sexist, they acknowledge that a woman's presence during calls can help deescalate subjects who find women less threatening. In the season 4 finale, the chief allows Jules and Sam to stay on team 1 and carry on their relationship. Upon Jules' return in "Remote Control", Donna transfered to Team Three. ", "SHUT UP!"

In season 5, episode 8, "We Take Care Of Our Own", Sam and Jules find out that Jules is 7 weeks pregnant. He gently brushed some strands of her hair away from her face and gave her a tender kiss on the lips almost feeling a little guilty for not controlling his impulses and unintentionally waking her. After Sergeant Gregory Parker is abducted, his team must race to find him. He gave her, her favorite Sam Braddock smirk and kissed her again before responding with his raspy voice, "It's about 5AM, both of you go back to sleep" as he put his other hand gently on her growing belly. He was now crippled for the rest of his life and regardless of physical therapy or any additional reconstructive surgeries on his leg he was now unfit to physically perform his duties as a SRU Sergeant. The other members of Team One trust her with their backs as much as they would trust any man. During the third season, Jules reconnects with an old friend (a paramedic who has shown up on scene a couple of times) whom she becomes interested in and begins dating. Disclaimer: The show flashpoint and its characters were created by Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern and belong to them and its respective networks. The files about what actually happened then, key to the case, are legally sealed. "What are we doing here Shannon?" As of Season 4, they are in a secret relationship that they are keeping hidden from the rest of the Team. Jules Callaghan Braddock quickly fell back into a deep sleep and found herself awakened this time by a touch of morning sun light causing her to slightly squint as she looked out her and Sam's bedroom window. In season 4, Sam and Jules got back together but kept their relationship under wraps from the rest of the team. However, this particular sotry is my creation and should not be used without my express written permission. she continued to try to get Shannon to answer. However, in the Season 3 finale, their relationship is revisited by Dr. Toth, who was brought in to do the psychological evaluations, and his intense interrogation about their relationship brings back feelings that Jules claims aren’t going to go away.

Greg says, "Great, Jules, thanks.

With the gun directly pointing at the back of her head again, Jules walked slowly and unwillingly to the garage where her rental car was parked with tears slowly forming in her eyes. In the episode 4x15 'Blue on Blue' she is kidnapped by her ex, David Fleming (Michael Shanks) and calls Spike asking for help before the call is cut off. The first call they get, three weeks after Lew's death, Jules spots a gang tat on the kid's arm. Julianna "Jules" Callaghan works as a sniper, profiler, and backup negotiator for the Strategic Response Unit's Team One.

https://flashpoint.fandom.com/wiki/Julianna_Callaghan?oldid=7567. Sam and she were still car shopping to replace her Jeep thinking there was still plenty of time to shop around for a more family suited SUV before the baby came. I am making no money of this story and it is for entertainment purposes only. Greg thinks of Jules as his daughter and is very protective of her. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Her father, a former cop, left the force after he was unable to stop a spree shooter.

Eventually, her best friend killed herself, and having had that experience, Jules tells the subject that suicide doesn't affect just one person -- it affects everyone who cares. Flashpoint Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

At the end of the episode, Greg allows them to continue their relationship and vows not to tell anyone because the team was still on probation.

", "But I do have one request" she sheepishly smirked at him "If your shift doesn't run late, can you stop by the Swee".

Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Sergeant Gregory Parker is abducted by drug thug Joe, who hands him over to his kin Kevin and his unsuspecting, naive protégé Tyler. Since Sam Braddock’s recruitment to the SRU Team One, the two had obvious chemistry and dated over a period of episodes, strengthening an already strong sense of protection of one another. Search for "You Think You Know Someone" on Amazon.in, Title: By the time the team can trace and surround the abandoned warehouse, Kevin has locked up parker to die from a timer-triggered explosion on account of the death of his lover Haley's mother ten years ago. Officer Mary Falon is the one who inspired Jules to become a police officer despite her father's protests.

She silently answered in response to her own thoughts. "Sam!" S5, Ep8 8 Nov. 2012 We Take Care of Our Own Though she begins to spend more time in the command truck after season 1, it is implied that prior to Sam's assignment to Team One, Jules acted as a sniper more often. Lew, what do you know about --" and stops. She did have to admit to herself she did tend to go a little on the pregnant psychotic side when she didn't get her fix.


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