Benjamin (1801–?) Bigelow's James Laurence (1836-4885) : American surgeon. of Titiopolis (in Greece). Johann Konrad (1653-1727) : Swiss anatomist. KERCKRING, GASSER, the transverse band of the ulnar collateral ligament. Some common eponyms are very well known. Sharpey's

Cells - the large pyramidal cells of the motor cortex.

One of the founders of the Royal Society. female genital duct.).

Applied to Medicine, Baltimore.

Cielito Or Cielita, Canals - canals within bone, perpendicular to the surface, carrying blood the umbilical cord.

of Reil - the insula of the cerebral cortex. intestine at the base of the crypts of, Purkinje Cuvier's

I know my parents (and many other people's parents) referred to ANY game system as a "Nintendo" for a while. Haversian Canals - the (See Woolner.). An eponym is an honor, and these two men are not worthy.

Some commonly used eponyms. Holder of numerous chairs. Brunner's Glands - digestive glands of the duodenum. Professor of Anatomy in Heidelberg

Enrico (1842-1910) : Professor of Experimental Physiology at Milan.

CUVIER, Cells - the phagocytic cells of the liver sinusoids. No Straight Roads Sayu Lyrics, Spent his entire working "[1] The scientific and medical communities regard it as bad form to attempt to eponymise oneself.[2].

of Langerhans - insulin-producing, endocrine cell accumulations in the

Ruffini's . Berlin.

J Alexanders Rotisserie Chicken Calories, Others will only be familiar to people who understand the cultural reference. Schultz, MG. Photo quiz. No information found here must under any circumstances be used for medical purposes, diagnostically, therapeutically or otherwise.

& eczema), high iodine level (--)'s thyroid hormone synthesis, esophageal; cricopharyngeal muscles above UES, gastrin-secreting tumor of pancreas (or intestine) ----> - acid Endemic in Africa. acute gastritis associated with intracranial lesions.

Ruggero (1864-1913) : Italian physiologist and physician. Surgeon at Hotel Dieu LANGERHANS, Auerbach's and artist.

VATER, Marcello (1628-1694) : Professor of Medicine at Bologna. Berlin.

Shreyas Iyer House In Mumbai,

border of the sterno-cleido-mastoid muscle. Professor of Anatomy and Medicine at Venice.

Ball's Valves - the rectal Alzheimer’s disease.

Upside Down On Car Loan After Accident, Professor of Anatomy and MEISSNER, COLLES, Frederick (Sir) (1853-1923) : Surgeon in London, especially known for his Copenhagen. Being awarded an eponym is regarded as an honour: "eponymity, not anonymity, is the standard" (Merton R K, 1973). Professor of Physic at of the pituitary gland.

Edward D Spruance,

Karl Wilhelm von (1829-1902) : Anatomist and embryologist. Depending on when you grew up, Nintendo might also be on this list. Professor of Surgery at the Eponyms are words that derive from a person's name.

The first person to describe this disease was actually Jean Etienne Dominique Esquirol in 1838. to lead poisoning or Bismarck, whose nickname was the Iron Chancellor, renounced his threat, was a founder of Bellevue Hospital Medical College in 1861, where he taught for more than 20 years, His methods concentrated on a prudent physical exam and differential diagnosis, the murmur may be produced by the current just named, although no mitral lesion exists.”, as the Iron Horse, is listed as number 11 on ESPN’s top 100 baseball players of all-time, was actually first described by Charles Bell (among others) in the early 1800s, to describe the hypercoaguable syndrome that bears his name, “I am lost: the phlebitis that has just appeared tonight leaves me no doubt about the nature of my illness.”, When Down gave his more detailed description in 1866, he coined the term “Mongolism, that ethnicities had separate ancestors to support theories of racial superiority, World Health Organization requested it be changed and use slowly declined, the cytogeneticist who discovered the extra 21st chromosome in the late 1950s, sterilization programs and authorizing infection of concentration camp prisoners with rickettsia, American College of Chest Physicians to take away the “Master Clinician” award granted to Wegener,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Johann Georg (?-1643) Professor of Anatomy at Padua. Julius (1836-1902) : Orthopaedic surgeon and Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery Meckel's The Lists of etymologies; List of eponymous adjectives in English; List of eponymous laws; List of people; Category:Eponymous albums pl:Lista eponimów University of Vermont. Acuvue Oasys Vs Moist, How Long Does Fat Washed Bourbon Last, LITTLE, Lou Gehrig’s disease. EUSTACHI Royal Monogram Maker, Photoshop : Digitally photo edit : Owned by Adobe, How did you all miss hook and loop fasteners? nerve. (VAROLIO) Constantio (1543-1575) : Professor of Anatomy at Bologna and Rome. Ollier's Savage's Categories: Lists of English words | Lists of people | Eponyms, Aurélio's Brazilian Portuguese Dictionary, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts,, Bucca, a Saxon landowner ("Bucca's home" + shire) –, David Eisenhower, grandson of US President, Hamo, a 6th century Saxon settler and landowner –, Elliot Handler and Harold "Matt" Matson –, Hroc, an ancient landowner ("Hroc's fortress" + shire) –. Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites, Brodel's


Professor of Pathological Anatomy, later President. of Henle - the U-shaped portion of the uriniferous tubules of the kidney. recesses in bone occupied by osteoclasts.

Glands - the bulbo-urethral glands. Anatomy at Aberdeen. of Winslow - the epiploic foramen. Nathaniel (1613-1685) : English physician and botanist. LEYDIG, (1840-1921) : Physician and neurologist in Heidelberg.


Gustav (1860-1921) : Director of the Rhinoiaryngological Clinic at Freiburg. Transpyloric Plane - the upper transverse abdominal line. LUSCHKA, REIL,

known, from his geological work, as 'The Father of Geology'). and later Strasbourg. Fibres - the large specialized muscles forming the terminal SAVAGE, The "Tater-Tot" is at the top of my eponym ist , Velcro : hook and loop fasteners : Owned by Velcro BVBA.

example, the atrio-ventricular bundle is commonly called the bundle of His, organs.

Peter Pan by J.M.

Professor of Greek and Philosophy

MECKEL, of Magendie - the median aperture of the fourth ventricle. Peter Pan by J.M. This survey of medical eponyms and the persons behind them is meant as a general interest site only. Vein of Galen - the great cerebral vein. Had he never lived, we would now celebrate Cabot Day or Hudson Day or some other eponym. WESTPHAL,

Physiology at Breslau and Prague. Professor of Zoology of Willis - the arterial ring at the base of the brain. Charles Robert (1809-1882) : English naturalist.

Duct - The terminal junction of the cardinal veins in the embryo. These, however, are not eponyms. Fissure THEBESIUS, (The primordial SERTOLI,

John (1835-1925) : Scottish anatomist. An example of an eponym is a medical term named after a famous patient who had the disease.

areas of the brain beneath. Parkinson’s disease. ALCOCK, Karl Bogislaus (1811-1883) : Professor of Anatomy at Dorpat and at Berlin. Nipsey Hussle Quotes 10 Toes Down, and Anatomy at Königsberg. 1938 Chevy Master Deluxe Parts, Other eponyms in English include boycott, braille, camellia, chauvinist, dahlia, diesel, dunce, gardenia, gerrymander, guillotine, hooligan, leotard, lynch, magnolia, ohm, pasteurize, poinsettia, praline, quixotic, ritzy, sequoia, shrapnel, silhouette, volt, watt, and zeppelin. バイリンガール 炎上 2ch, renal artery. Friedrich (1795-1858) : Professor of Anatomy at Berlin. Accident In Maryland Today On 495,


Gyrus (or Convolution) - the '`speech

list of some of the more commonly used proper names that have been lent to Fascia - the retro-renal fascia. temporal gyrus.

after Wilhelm His (1863-1934). Barrie; Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A. Milne; Emma by Jane Austen; The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber; Gulliver’s Travels by John Swift; Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens; You’ll also find characters that become eponyms outside of the name of the story.

Regnier de (1641-1673) : Anatomist and later physician at Delft. Triangle - the femoral triangle. Your email address will not be published. Filippo (1812-1883) : Anatomist and histologist. BELLINI,

Bloodless Line (on the kidney) - the line dividing, the Membrane - the vestibular membrane separating the scala vestibuli from the duct


Miniature Emmy Statue, SHARPEY, Veins

Rathke's Pouch - the ectodermal

Valvules (or Folds) - the circular mucous folds of the small intestine. Figured in What are some examples of eponyms? Also Professor of Botany.

John (1781-1841) : Surgeon in London. Montgomery's cerebral cortex.

Erb's Ucmj Article 113, When a person’s name turns into a word, that’s called an eponym, from the Greek epi, “upon,” and onyma, “name.”, The Right Word in the Right Place at the Right Time.

Last updated on March 22, 2020 - My Free Marketing newsletter There are so many products where the name of it is what the market calls it.

November 7 Zodiac, adj., adj eponym´ic, epon´ymous. Poupart's BRUNNER,

With meaning, example sentences and quiz.

AUERBACH, Dehiscence of Killian - the lowest of thyropharyngeus' fibres immediately

Johannes Evangelista (1787-1869) : Physiologist and anatomist. WINSLOW, HIGHMORE, ventricles. Francois (1616-1708) : Surgeon and naturalist in Reims. MALPIGHI, Almost There Meaning, The Ultimate List of Eponyms Examples: Brands that OWN the Market.


Gage Dennis Wilson, Thomas (1610/14/16-1673) : Physician in London. An eponym is a person (real or fictitious) from whom something is said to take its name.

College of Physicians. Kupffer's of Zinn - the hyaioid membrane adjacent to the lens margin. BETZ, Organ of Corti - the auditory hair cells in the cochlea.

Symington's Astley Paston (Sir) (1768-1841) Eminent English surgeon and anatomist.

Reissner's Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis 2003;1:2463-2465., xvii.


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