There are seven sections, ranging from Combat, Tailoring, Cooking, and more. • Tamed Islands are private personal islands where pioneers build their own camp. It is with our heavy hearts that we inform you of our grim news on this developer’s note. There is only a handful of them out there worth your time and effort. • Login Rewards: don’t miss out on these special rewards that are delivered daily to your character. You can also pick up special event rewards on login or login on weekends for different items. Mail Rewards: located at the top of the menus, this is where you’ll find some of the Pre-Registration rewards.

Iv started the can “indego” and looking for good active members. In fact, it is one of the most popular genres of games on the mobile platform these days. Clan level 2: EXP Gain +5%. It is simple, intuitive, and very catchy to say the least. Just started it today, but hoping to get other players to join and level together. • One of the best perks of completing a Guide is a special in-game title. As mentioned before, everything in the game sounds crisp and that applies to the sound as well. It’s a new clan, ComeAtMe Bro You will also unlock all the items and weapons. Clan level 3: Clan can have a maximum of 15 members. We are the clan of the untamed, if this is you, please join us. Active everyday we have 3 chiefs developing a great community with active allies. They have stated that the game has reached its final destination, and they want to thank all the players who played the game and are part of Durango: Wild Lands journey. But even only until level 20 you still have work to do. Small clan, growing quickly, dedicated players. Instagram: * Official Forum/Community Closure Rewards can range from T-Stones, Experience, and even some Warp Gems as you complete enough of them. Clan level 18: Increase number of Enclaves to 51. These non-official communities feature some of the most diehard players who regularly provide expert level knowledge of the game. We would love to work together.

* In-app purchases NO longer available. As you can guess, it has quickly become very saturated. My Clans name Is Uniforce, we just reached level 10, and were looking for people who want to be like a family and be there for everyone! Infinite Health, Energy & Fatigue. Also, don’t forget to check out our other Durango: Wild Lands guides, such as the general beginner’s guide or our guide to taming animals. Twitter: You can get T-stones by selling on the market. Clan level 23: Maximum players for the clan increased to 53 and maximum number of Enclaves to 66. My motto in life and in the game is “if iv got it, then you’ve got it, as long as you dont cross me!” I like to help out but I dont take crap. Playing on West server, active clan with several lvl 60 members, lvl 10 clan, always willing to help our members. But just after a few months of its release, the game is shutting down. Hello! Clan level 22: Maximum players for the clan increased to 52 and maximum number of Enclaves to 63. And finally, in summer 2019, Durango Wildlands became globally available. Come and join VoodooChild, To Join Message: Catalina

Simply having active members is enough for a clan to quickly grow and gain experience. While the islands are permanent, they’ll cost you “T-Stones” (Durango’s currency) to maintain. Clan level 5: This is the key level, where your clan can declare an Enclave and claim Outposts. Now that you know the basics of Durango (if not here is the first beginners guide) we … This island takes you back to the prehistoric age, which means you’ll have to live off the land and work alongside other survivors. • Health is the amount of Life you have. Yeah …brand new clan In the 30-50 level range. Well, the adventures of these prehistoric islands are ending pretty soon as the game developers have confirmed that the game service will be terminated on December 18, 2019 (UTC +9). Join.. CasualStoners, got sick of joining clans, donating loads and then being ‘banned for no reason so just made my own easy going, stoner paced clan, everyone welcome :) x. Used Stamina is shown as a light blue, but will regenerate fairly quickly over time. In Durango: Wild Lands Android game, your characters need some resources which determine their power and resistance.

We are based in the USA but, welcome people from all over. * Reinstallation will NOT be available once you delete the game after December 18, 2019. currently lvl 6, Just started a New game just made a clan so if you wanna hellp out the names TeamRavvnzZz it will be a great hellp Daily player, Looking for an active clan?

Join us we are the “Ulfhednar.” Level 5 clan looking for more members, we are a multi language group, but mostly English speaking.


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