By contrast, O’ Grady, who writes all the copy in Thoughtful Human’s eco-friendly cards, which are printed on seed paper and plantable, doesn’t want “to tell people how they’re going to feel or how it’s going to be — I don’t want to prescribe feelings,” she said. Thoughtful Human But it’s the authentic voice of the sentiments expressed in the cards, not just O’Grady’s, but also now the crowdsourced sentiments she’s culling from everyday people, that hint at Thoughtful Human’s potential to become a household name in the greeting-card industry, she said. It’s also where she learned the ropes of consumer products goods.

“What I see in the market now are a lot of one-off sentiments telling you how it’s going to be or how to feel, and trying to put a nice little bow on things that, in reality, might not get better soon — or ever.” Indeed, “not everyone is living these sugary sweet love lives and parent-child relationships,” she says. The timely fulfillment of orders is an important part of building a successful card making business. Entrepreneurs and industry leaders share their best advice on how to take your company to the next level. WHOLE MILK Greeting Card, WFPB Revolution... A HAPEALO Design Greeting Cards, WFPB It's What's For Dinner Greeting Cards, Avocado guacamole guy C41j6 Greeting Cards, Hunter, meat eater, carnivore Greeting Card, ...but I couldn't manage a whole one Greeting Card, Vegan Design for Animal Lovers Vege Greeting Cards, Avocado Green and Healthy Cc318 Greeting Cards, Real Food This Is My Jam Jelly Greeting Cards, Real Food Powered By Real Food Corn Greeting Cards, bliss is eating maize Greeting Cards (Pk of 10, bliss is eating dates Greeting Cards (Pk of 10, bliss is eating eggplant Greeting Cards (Package o, bliss is eating pears Greeting Cards (Pk of 10, bliss is eating beechnuts Greeting Cards (Package, bliss is eating blueberries Greeting Cards (Packag, bliss is eating berries Greeting Cards (Package of, Real Food Powered By Real Food Greeting Cards, bliss is eating sprouts Greeting Cards (Package of, bliss is eating corn Greeting Cards (Pk of 10), Real Food Diet Soda Die Soda Greeting Cards, Real Food Organic is the New Black Greeting Cards, Real Food Powered By Real Food Broc Greeting Cards, Real Food Diet Soda Will Kill You Greeting Cards, Real Food Powered by Real Food Radi Greeting Cards, bliss is eating cabbage Greeting Cards (Package of, bliss is eating kohlrabi Greeting Cards (Package o, bliss is eating elderberries Greeting Cards (Packa, bliss is eating raspberries Greeting Cards (Packag, bliss is eating muskmelon Greeting Cards (Package, bliss is eating mushrooms Greeting Cards (Package, bliss is eating lemons Greeting Cards (Package of, bliss is eating grapefruit Greeting Cards (Package, bliss is eating lettuce Greeting Cards (Package of, bliss is eating chard Greeting Cards (Pk of 10, bliss is eating plums Greeting Cards (Pk of 10, bliss is eating artichokes Greeting Cards (Package, bliss is eating hazelnuts Greeting Cards (Package, bliss is eating beans Greeting Cards (Pk of 10, bliss is eating watercress Greeting Cards (Package, bliss is eating cantaloupe Greeting Cards (Package, bliss is eating tomatoes Greeting Cards (Package o, bliss is eating mangos Greeting Cards (Package of, bliss is eating lime Greeting Cards (Pk of 10), bliss is eating pineapple Greeting Cards (Package, bliss is eating scallions Greeting Cards (Package, bliss is eating melon Greeting Cards (Pk of 10, Password must be less than 128 characters, This password is not valid for this email. If you know who this demographic is, you are much more likely to be able to reach out to them directly with your marketing efforts. Making and selling handmade greeting cards provides the opportunity to simply earn a few extra dollars or to build a significant income. Social media is a great place to get the word out about your handmade cards. What makes you unique? Disclaimer: We've provided special diet and nutritional information for educational purposes only. *Discount applies to one or more qualifying products (excluding shipping and taxes), subject to availability. In many areas, the market is swamped with handmade cards. We can handwrite and post your card directly to the recipient.

Fortuitously, she was able to connect with that buyer via a former colleague; just as serendipitously, another Whole Food’s executive happened to have received a Thoughtful Human card and reached out. Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast, 1 lb.

Personalized gift cards and unique delivery options. Keyword Greeting Cards Shop Create Sell Discover. Another great option is online training and workshops. Presenting cards in some form of packaging stops cards from becoming dirty or dog-eared and it also gives the ideal opportunity for further marketing. Setting this up is not as difficult as it may seem. “I wanted to create spaces for conversations over time about a difficult subject.”, That’s when she sensed an unmet need in the greeting card aisles. In 2017, O’Grady officially transitioned from “mushroom marketer to cardpreneur,” when Thoughtful Human launched online. and in Whole Foods’ grocery store aisles. Find eCards for any holiday, tone, or occasion with the quality you expect from Hallmark.

Where will you sell? Thoughtful Human aims to fill the vacuum of emotional intelligence that underscores the U.S. greeting card market, dominated by giants like Hallmark and American Greetings, founder Ali O’Grady told CO—. When you are thinking about a niche, a great place to start is to think about the things that inspire you or make you smile. a curated selection of fine and artisanal papers, invitations, gifts, Breaking into was an entirely different process that required working with a certified broker organization to secure a meeting with the retailer. Order before 1pm for 1st Class dispatch today. A label on the back with your phone number or website address could help you solicit further orders. O’Grady sees the cards as an “actionable tool” to deliver “radical empathy in the face of adversity,” while destigmatizing struggles with mental health, addiction and the like. Login or create an account to easily access your purchases, custom products, recently viewed items, and more! Seasonal offerings range from tech toys to gifts that give back to Up to 35% off T-shirts, Mugs, Tote bags and More.


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