That, however, isn’t the real story. Melinda lost her mum and inherited $350,000, which she practically squandered on her exhausting and bleak relationship/marriage to Robert. She did not foresee how much Robert was going to derail her even more.

Friendship is as Powerful and Important in Life as Romantic Love.

Young Melinda displayed how much she wanted to pass her test, which young Robert offered to assist her. Later on, Robert met with the new CEO of PRESCOTT & HOWARD INDUSTRIES, which happens to be Diana. Acrimony represents a distinct break from Perry's late career.

Just look at the way she was mean, at least for a while, towards young Robert when he brought back her papers. She then realized she could help him. Young Melinda’s relationship with her mother was her only source of meaning, thus, when she died, it made her life utterly meaningless. Watch the clip titled "You Lie and Cheat" for the film Acrimony (2018).

Why I’m No Longer Interested in Having a Circle: Commentary on Outgrowing & Branching Out, “Love Is Blind” And Other Sayings About Relationships That We Should Throw In The Garbage, Stop making first dates feel like interviews.

Advertise with Newsday | Few directors have been able to pull this off (Akira Kurosawa, in 1950’s “Rashomon,” is the go-to example), and Perry is not one of them. When Robert realized she couldn’t get her to consider his Research, he asked if he could talk to her over coffee or something.

About Us | He became the source from which she draws out all meaning to her life. Part of the reason may have been Melinda’s but I think Robert should have lived up to his promise. “Tyler Perry’s Acrimony” begins with the sight of a woman having a bad day. Trailer Addict has setup TA, Trailers Anonymous. Terms of service | But he didn’t. Every time a black woman gets out of hand she’s a … This might have been the same word his mother spoke to him some years back, but failed to keep. Initially, the dissonance is intriguing: We feel a mystery building. How Does ‘Flash Gordon’ Stack Up To Other Classic Superhero Films? I see no reason why he should promise a lasting relationship when he didn’t have the provision to sustain it. Also, he couldn’t provide for the relationship he wanted to have with Melinda, because his dreams and vision had not yet come true.

Robert’s good looks, charm and intellegence reeled her in. Young Diana, when she first met young Melinda, didn’t know young Robert was in a relationship with her. Do you know the last thing a woman wants to hear about her man is that he’s cheating on her. When she got to know, she said, “you didn’t tell me you were in a relationship.” This made me at least believe that she wouldn’t have slept with young Robert had she known she was with young Melinda. “Acrimony” wraps everything up with a violent ending a la “Fatal Attraction.” It only leaves us with one last question: What movie have we been watching, exactly? You’d later find in the movie that Robert didn’t give her that lasting relationship he promised. Each time she’s doubtful, life makes no meaning to her; she could do anything, just anyhow.

When someone promised young Robert something he never had in his past life, he fell for it. “Acrimony” is an attempt by writer-director Tyler Perry to build a thriller around an unreliable narrator, a fairly daring experiment from a filmmaker best known for self-help dramas like “Why Did I Get Married?” and for dressing up as a large-breasted grandmother in his “Madea” comedies. Diana does not owe mel anything not even how she chose to live her life, point of correction or @least according to the movie, mel was the one trolling diana .. she was the going on google & facebook to troll. Privacy Policy |

Over the next two hours, Melinda will tell a therapist — and us — all about Robert (Lyriq Bent), the husband she describes as a “con man,” “a lowlife maggot” and worse. So her purse in his truck was really a bad feeling for her as much as it was for Robert.


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